Thursday, May 26, 2016

#WANT #MORE RIDDIM by Rising Time Production

#WANT #MORE RIDDIM by Rising Time Production

Mr T.O, Kayaman feat. Maura, Ronnie Mc Adoo, NukleoSoulGang, Mr Bobcat are the artists who have contributing to the new track released by Rising Time production, it recalls the magnificent Bob Marley's masterpiece but in a digital/electro style.
This project is thought to make people think about the insatiability and the greed that mark some men.

The interpretation of the singers expresses some of the original Marley's theme, but this time they are enriched with new issues more pertinent to our times.
Mr. T.O with his "Dignity"  stresses the importance and value of the dignity  for every and each persons, no first and second class human beings just children of one large planet.
NukleoSoulGang sings: "what we need is more peace and less inequality."

Mr. Bobcat traces the themes accentuating a more political view of the matter; for too many years politicians continue to violate our planet and our hopes, but the value of life give us the strength to make our contribution for a change.
Ronnie Mc Adoo and the Neapolitan poet Pasquale Rea try to identify themselves with the long journeys undertaken by fathers with their children to escape hunger and wars for a better future ... so words become poetry in notes.

And finally Mistah Kayaman and Maura, in a introspective song, are wondering how long it can the hypocrisy last, false smiles of men, imbued with evil forces and slaves of a sick system.
This reggae wants to let people think, and it is bearer of the principles that have always pervaded this kind music.
The production was edited by Andrea Dima, and mastered by Francesco "pizzetto" Guadalupi at the OM studios.

1) Dignity (feat. Mr. T.O)
2) The Truth (feat. Mistah Kayaman & Maura)
3) Fuga dall'odio (feat. Ronnie MC Adoo)
4) Want More (feat. Nukleosoulgang)
5) More Dust (feat. Mr. Bobcat)
6) Want More Riddim
Label: Rising Time Production (Digital Release: 2016)

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