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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Quotes of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 8)

Last updated: November 3, 2016
A collection of related quotes and comments from Mightyful13

1101) Ideology is meaningless without Jah.
Philosophy is dead by being silent.
Religion becomes a myth if disconnected from divine spirituality.
Wo/manity is the source of reproduction.
Metaphysical, we are the life's force of Iration. {FRF}

1102) Don't find yourself wanted that when the right reasons come along you mistrust and make the opportunity presented slip away.{FRF}

1103) I see them all becoming nervous and rattled by the atrocities implemented by their ancestors predecessors while not adhering to fulfillment of prophecy. As Ras Tafari has told them in literature, Art and Music, that the fire which they started and lighted in Africa and Ethiopia will one day burned and spread like wildfire throughout Europe and the rest of the World.
So much millions of African loose their life daily and it never make the International News!{FRF}

1104) In your sexcitement be cautious when sexercising your sexual desire because the pleasure of sex are so sexsational you can be deceive by thinking it's love.{FRF}

1105) I love you unconditionally as a person, definitely not everything you choose to do or say. So do likewise.{FRF}

1106) Let the notion of confidence be the winds that propel you toward your objective in the race for progress. And remember, finishing first doesn't mean complete victory, unless you compete fairly or honestly. {FRF}

1107) We all say We love God, We love ourselves and We love one another.Tell me when is the last time you call or talk to an elderly person including your blood family to find out how they are doing or even invite them to dinner so they can wear one of their best suit which haven't been worn in a long time and give them a treat?
Think about it!!!{FRF}

1108) *To desecrate the ignoble and honorable character of self,it is dafamation of the image of the living Jah.{FRF}

1109) *Disunity has been an epidemic among us that can only be cure by death.{FRF}

1110) *Let no one treat you like ninnyhammer, else they use you as a sledgehammer.{FRF}

1111) *One's namby-pamby way of living is more of a destruction to them than prosperity.{FRF}

1112) *Music and Poetry with brevity will help palliate the suffering minds.{FRF}

1113) *To indulge in idle reasoning can be a demise to the uplifting thoughts.{FRF}

1114) Not all things have to be broken down to be built up, and there are many things that need to be built up from that which are broken.
Exhibit that which is good to improve the quality of life and never inhibit the opportunity presented.{FRF}

1115) "IF' is a doubt of good,
"WHEN"is restrictions to life, and "WHY" is questioning the Ivine Authority.
On the mission to retrieve what's truly yours, confidentiality is a "Master of Time".{FRF}

1116) Just like those who wish to have all the profits from money and the material wealth of life, so are they who selfishly profiting from knowledge.{FRF}

1117) The "Law of Man" granted many the right to do wrong and defy the "Law of Life and Nature". The "Law of Jah" guide you from doing wrong unto the right direction of righteousness so be careful in your choice of belief.{FRF}

1118) Death subtract from life and add misery to a divided nation, but love and appreciation of one's good work and livity multiple time and remembrance to the fullest possible.{FRF}

1119) Never let what others think of you shackle your rights of choosing. The choice you choose maybe not be chosen by others, and what others chosen may never be a good choice for you.{FRF}

1120) Life is everything without nothing, and from nothing life created everything, so in all your doings remember that the circumferential cycle of living is an energy and synergy compact with birth, growth, age, pain, death and transmigration.{FRF}

1121) What's beauty to your eyes, can be a pain in life for others.{FRF}

1122) The continuance of anything in existence is great.
To bear into existence something that never existed before is creation.{FRF}

1123) We all speak and love everything of the "Self", yet debased "Self-praised" saying it have no recommendations and constantly putting ourselves in damage control.{FRF}

1124) *The inheritance of our ancestor's problems are much more greater than their success stories.{FRF}

1125) *Don't be the vehicle transporting anger and fear.{FRF}

1126) In any business transactions, never let anyone agreement bring you close to how they values you.
Instead, make your agreement take them nearest to where you know your worth.{FRF}

1127) Love is the purest expression of all human efforts and attributes that must be distributed among Us.{FRF}

1128) Some people want to save the world from doom, yet if an ant crawl on them, they kill it out of fear..{FRF}

1129) Love and care are virtues as kindness, and even when they take it for weakness, it give a just feelings to those who do it from the heart.{FRF}

1130) The power of the crowd will never have an impact unless each individual can make a difference. Just as an election, a single vote can shift the authority. {FRF}

1131) Blessings to who lived there, where death and destruction reigns. The moment of being alive is a happy state to cherish.{FRF}

1132) Love is the core of I Race!
Integrity. Righteousness. Advancement. Creativity. Excellence.{FRF}

1133) Unhappiness is a deadly crime, so don't be imprisoned by thinking the thought you can't find time to be happy.{FRF}

1134) Tragic occurrence will always be unless We take preventive measures to assure that the value of all and every life matters.{FRF}

1135) *Furphy will cause topsy turfy.{FRF}

1136) *Failure is not determined by the obstacles you face. It;s by the decisions and choice of one belief they choose.{FRF}

1137) *Avoid being among the unripe hype.It's imminent failure.{FRF}

1138) *Amusement and entertainment can be deceitful, even the conscious in mind can be found wanted.{FRF}

1139) One's sense of responsibility can or will create changes for self, and many others. It's a revelation of their attitudes and tolerance towards circumstances, and appreciating daily living.{FRF}

1140) Be the best, do your best, give all the best amongst the best, and ultimately, you will be one of the best of the best with great finesse.{FRF}

1141) Serving others through honesty, loyalty, commitment, integrity and due diligence, is the greatest of all human services.{FRF}

1142) Parents are not just being biological, it's administering spiritual guidance to obviate life's risk and develop one's own intelligence through self discipline.{FRF}

1143) Unselfishness is great leadership that will guide you from submission when you're being led by your intuition. Accepting the realities of life becomes simplicity, and the realization that your truth can mean nothing to those who have never seen or heard it before.{FRF}

1144) Don't reflect on the rejects and feel dejected, as only fools neglect Jah's elected who are already accepted and protected by His grace.{FRF}

1145) Many are running into things or trying to be someone that you have no interest in or wanted to be.{FRF}

1146) Never criticize the works of others, especially if you don't or can't produced a better product t justify your stance.{FRF}

1147) They that travels on the right path of their choice, knows it's wrong and will avoid reaching r find themselves in cul-de-sac.{FRF}

1148) It's not good to be dissuade by people's failure, instead be persuade and learn from the experience.{FRF}

1149) Know this,you are a precious gem and joy to heart of your love ones. A priceless being, because Jah never create you as a bitch, so let no one brand, call, treat or tell you so.{FRF}

1150) Death or life, we all wishes to live. Life cannot continue without color, and when all colors is blended in harmony its express love and light. When we rise or ascended above anger, fear, hatred and worrying, then we will be assured that all life matters.{FRF}

1151) Good music is fair, just and give what's due. Unlike some people who are so hypocritical, that it is easier for them to share a condolence than a congratulatory speech.{FRF}

1152) One's motivation could be a dissuasion to others, and what makes others intelligently great, is a total disregard for one's character and moral integrity.{FRF}

1153) They condemned every which way we learned to earned, yet they would have no problem earning from us for their benefits in every way and taken it all. Still hates the ideology, spirituality and philosophy from which it came into being.{FRF}

1154) Jah is the Master of time, every second of it is in your authority. Use it wisely as like the winds. Because no one knows from whence it cometh and where it goeth.{FRF}

1155) What life's lessons have they learned?
Did they done all things with perfection?
Is the language they speak is of their origin?
Aren't the words they wrote comes from the various literature they listen and read?
Didn't they born as a baby and grow to be educated from their environment and experience?
If they are so righteous and know it all, why isn't there a place that they can find the best of living instead of this imperfect world in which we live? {FRF}

1156) Care not too much what people think or say. It won't pay your expenses or sustained your life. Even those who are trying to direct people's daily basis living are in more disarray and problems than the ones whom they are correcting.{FRF}

1157) Happy are they that makes themselves happy because life offers all there is. The chief principles of life is nothing but harmony, and with good health, peace of mind, life reveal all the happiness completely.{FRF}

1158) I'm not led by my penis, 100% my pen is, and I brain. The way I was gotten, I cannot be taken. All my poetry, quotes and post, are just an inspiration from the host, not to seek attraction or to gain personal attention, but to give motivation to those who are in denial, and are put on a trial as the world's accused.{FRF}

1159) The destructive elements and adversities confront us daily isn't as strong or devastating as the people or the media make it seems. Let us all stop doing good for a day, and you would be surprised at the very low percentage of negative impact that's holding our minds in hostage and fear.{FRF}

1160) The price of unhappiness is a valueless treasure in anyone vault, so I screw if the vibes is not right but it has nothing to do with you.
Whenever I smiled or laughed, it's because of joy, happiness and feeling the goodness of life.{FRF}

1161) Never live a life of insecurity, not everyone will do things genuinely. And don't feel bad about not fulfilling the ulterior motives of others. Showing gratitude and acceptance through love with a clear conscience will give one a peaceful mind and liberal attitudes.{FRF}

1162) The physical beauty of a person will fade like the dwindling sunset, but their radiance soul will appears as a constellation of stars when the moon arises. It's just like a Day passes by and become yesterday in thinking but the conscience has great contentedness.{FRF}

1163) Most of us adult are filled with pride and shame that if a child tell us what's truthful, accepting it is heartbreaking, yet we work assiduously coaching them in becoming our future.{FRF}

1164) Tolerance for what others think or do doesn't mean one condoned or accepted it. Just as the animals, plants, and every living things, appreci-love the fact that life is precious to all is most important.{FRF}

1165) *Discouragement is an unpleasant virtue with a closed door. Accepting it is a great defeat, but to reject it makes you a clear winner.{FRF}

1166) The rules of law and nature will allow us to do that which is favorable in whatever capacity of our choice, but the same rules of law and nature will judge us for the actions that we do, irrespective of status, fame or personality. {FRF}

1167) No matter how rich or famous one may be or become, their guilty conscience will frightened them into thinking that everyone is talking about the wrong they have done, while their good work is forgotten.{FRF}

1168) Society repressive believe system is a continuous endurance to stultify our Africaness and Spirituality so their hatred and devious activities seem like reality, but they are not.{FRF}

1169) The tireless efforts which brings that desire of success from the co-relative divine concept,and bears fruits so most, if not all can basked in, also has jealousy that there are those who will sow discord and defeat just because of a simple life experience.{FRF}

1170) Always keep connected to the struggles and your Will power, the accomplishments can cause complacency and self defeat, whenever a new phenomenon arise.{FRF}

1171) Modernization has it bad and good, it destruction and progress, it security and insecurity, etc. Make use of the best of it without abusing the people.{FRF}

1172) So many rights are being convicted, while most wrong never become criminals. We need a new word for justice,because the 'ice' makes it just too cold! {FRF}

1173) Don't cheat good production with unmastered music.{FRF}

1174) Kings and Kweens will gathered in the presence of great music, it is the spheres for the mighty, the radiance of the pure thoughts and give happiness to make sure the feelings of love are kept within.{FRF}

1175) Let find the way to communicate with each other instead of hating one another, this is one of life's sacred virtue.{FRF}

1176) Let not the atrocities of our bitter history breed hatred and anger your mind. Psychological it may seems repetitive, historical it's not, because nothing occurs exactly at the same time and place by the same person or people.{FRF}

1177) We all talked about being positive and doing positive thing, but in the case of health, none of us would like a positive doctor's record saying we are positive.

1178) So in some cases, positive results have negative impact and negative impact are positive results.{FRF}

1179) Facts will always conquer illusions and fictional believe.{FRF}

1180) Lead by setting example in all your doings, and not by precept, giving others instructions or rules that you won't abide by.{FRF}

1181) Not because of the unconditional love you have for a person or persons, never turn a blind eye on the reality of their judgment and the consequential occurrence from the err because of their's decision.{FRF}

1182) Many will never ever see what you have saw, and what you have saw, can be so bright it will blind them from the great insight of life's realities because they lack foresight. {FRF}

1183) Some are using the social media to amplify evil more than good, but at last, good is most durable and steadfast in every way.{FRF}

1184) Whenever their religious belief system collapse, it causes psychological ruin and disturbance to the so-call intellectual thinkers, but never to the spiritual and divine minds.{FRF}

1185) Running a race with no objective of finishing is like the quest for idleness.
This is inexcusable and a absolute human failure.{FRF}

1186) Once you become subjugated by ideology, theology and foreign beliefs, instantly you lose yourself and spirituality to rituals, religious dogma and fall a victim of psychological abuse. Negative changes are natural as life and nature so be true to who you are.{FRF}

1187) Let Righteousness of Family-hood be our Laws and Commandments, and Love the Governance to guide us in all what we do.{FRF}

1188) Some people are so vocal about making changes and defending people's right, yet they prescribed to the various solutions without having facts about the problems and make no collective participation in resolving them.{FRF}

1189) What is Our Ideal? A paradox invoking questions, opening the mind and spirit for the revelation of life experience.
We see and hear of the high titles of Wo/manity, Morality, Ways of Life, Logics and Ideas.
Many of Our perceptions and Beliefs proliferate, yet there are great uncertainties, insecurities, as to what is Our IDEAL.{FRF}

1190) They can try to fabric the truth, yet the fact is something that we all live with, just like the colours of the rainbow, knowing that the sea is a reflection of the sky and the water is wet.{FRF}

1191) In this information age, illiteracy is a major crime that will condemn you into the prison of arrogance.{FRF}

1192) Physical beauty will fade like the dwindling sunset, but the radiance of your being will appear like the constellation of stars when the night arises. {FRF}

1193) Judgment and condemnation is so quick to be done by many, while forgiveness seems to be reserved for the few. The spiritual ones who yes love is conscious that we all err, and it's human to accept it with a clear conscience and move forward.{FRF}

1194) We all talked about positivity and doing positive things, but in the case of one's health, none of us would like a positive doctor's results whenever we get tested. So in some cases positive results have negative impact and negative results have positive impact.{FRF}

1195) They that avail themselves in the public to serve, are workers of their community.{FRF}

1196) Some root are seen, most are unseen, but they are the essence of the fruits we fuljoy. So is the yesledge, wiseness and the innerstanding that cometh from the word of Life, the desire which chooses its form and manifest through ageless, deathless, and endless force of righteousness.{FRF}

1197) Various human experiment have resulted in death and destruction, sacrifice of freedom so others can have a learnt experience which will fulable them to achieve yesledge of that living life plusperience.{FRF}

1198) Children, be your parents best of friend, parents do likewise.Don't get stuck in the that mind set as to who is the head because they are a product of our fulvironment.{FRF}

1199) The light of Fiction can be as bright as Truth and Fact. So use your Brain power to think and Will power to act, they far exceed what the natural eye see, the ears hear and much more than what the lips can tell.{FRF}

1200) Don't be an hostage of the evildoers factual inaccuracy, instead use love to submerge it into the eternal furnace of nothingness.{FRF}

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