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Balkan Reggae Connection by Ammonite Records

Balkan Reggae Connection is a compilation CD published as a joint release of Ammonite Records from (Serbia), and Positive Reality Records (Slovenia). It includes 16 performers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. It gives an insight into the core of the vibrant roots reggae scene from Balkans. It outlines the current production, up to two years old songs, chosen solely upon the song quality criteria by Igor Shon A.K.A. Haris Pilton.

Reggae music has a long and vivid tradition of presence, appreciation and production in Balkans - since the early 1970's. There is a spiritual bond between reggae and the Balkan civilization, which is a reason why the seed of reggae turned so fruitful in this part of the world.

The message of uncompromised social justice and brotherhood of men, essential to reggae music, is also the core of all Balkan cultures. Reggae in Balkans still has it's specific, local flavors, and these 16 bands and performers from 8 Balkan countries, give us a very good insight of what Balkan reggae sounds like.

The aim of this publication is to create a vivid community of Balkan reggae people, which will hopefully spawn a regional reggae festival. Another aim is to show the rest of the world how good and creative local reggae musicians are, just as the musical editor of the release, Igor Šon a.k.a. Haris Pilton certified.

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Performers (in order of appearance on the album):

One Lion is a new-roots reggae singer from Timisoara, Romania, who started his musical activity in 2009. He released 3 EPs so far and performed as an opening act for international reggae artists such as Julian Marley, Omar Perry, etc. He collaborated with many reggae artists in Romania and international ones like: Volodia (France), Jahmmi Youth (Bulgaria), Dub Dove Sound (Poland) and Panda Dub (France).

The Ladánybene 27 (LB27) is a roots reggae band from Budapest, Hungary. Formed in 1985, they released 12 albums so far. They created the first reggae club in Budapest, and they are the creators and organizers of the biggest Hungarian reggae event (Reggae Camp). Throughout their musical career they shared the stage with several world famous artists and bands such as Carlos Santana, The Wailers, King Yellowman.

Sitihlapci are a reggae band formed in Maribor, Slovenia, in 1998 by the singer and multiinstrumentalistTadejTratnikTadiman. Their name means “Satiated Serfs”. They were pioneers of reggae music in Slovenia. They released three albums so far:Tukaj in zdaj (2003), Si tihlapec? (2005). In 2013, Sitihlapci launched a new album called Under Jah Sun and a video for the song Plamen. The single reached MTV Balkan charts, where it stayed for quite a time.

Smoke’n’Soul are a reggae band formed in 2002. from Belgrade, Serbia, which released one album so far. The band leaders and key authors, the keyboard player Vladimir Krkljuš, the trombone player VukašinMarković and singer/guitaristMilošIvković gained their reputation partially through playing with other bands and artists such as Soulcraft, and sharing stage with Prince Alla, Asher Selector, Julian Marley, etc.

Balkan Riddims are a reggae band formed in 2011 in the small town of Arta in Greece by PS.K and Mister Kentro (producers / djs). Their music is a blend of the brass sounds of the Caribbean islands, among monochord sounds of African tribes, sounds from the Balkans and the outer space. They released 2 EPs and several singles so far.

Conquering Lion is a reggae band from Tetovo, Macedonia, formed in 2007. They released two albums so far, and cooperated with Jamaican reggae artistJah Clarity on their second album. Besides Macedonia, they performed also in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Germany. They shared stage with artists like Manu Chao, Gentleman, RasZacharri, DonaldMinott.

Darka is a reggae singer from Kruševac, Serbia, who started her career in 2001. She sang with various reggae bands and musical projects as a main vocal or back vocal, as well as sound systems as MC. She released two albums as a main vocalist with the band Zaa. Melody Keepers are Darka’s band made of selected reggae musicians from Serbian scene, taking part in her upcoming solo album.

KilloKillo Banda is one of a few musical projects formed in 2007 by Vojislav Malešev, a musician, singer-songwriter and MC from Novi Sad, Serbia. They released two albums so far, and one of their songs was included into and influential reagional reggae compilation “Balkanfarraj”. They shared stage with Manu Chao.

Rebelites are a roots reggae band from Sofia, Bulgaria, formed in 2011 as a spin off from the first Bulgarian reggae band Root Souljah. They are an 8-piece band, which besides their common love for roots reggae makes occasional crossovers into other musical genres. They have socially engaged lyrics.

Hornsman Coyote and Soulcraft were formed in 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia, by a singer-songwriter, multiinstrumentalist and MC NemanjaKojić, aka Hornsman Coyote. He already made a remarkable regional and international career as a singer-guitar player with dubcore band Eyesburn, as well as a trombone player and arranger for Lee Scratch Perry, LutanFyah, Max Romeo… Soulcraft are a roots reggae 7 piece band made of selected musicians from Serbian scene, which released two albums so far.

FC Apatride UTD (meaning “Stateles Football Club”) are a 4-piece reggae band formed in Belgrade, Serbia in 2005 by Abdelraheem, a reggae vocalist who was born in Sudan. They released two albums and two EP’s through Parisian reggae label Makasound. Their third album was released by two labels - Urban Sedated Records (UK) and Wagon Music Works (USA). They have socially engaged lyrics marked by their unique blend of identities – Muslim, Marxist, Serbian and Rasta.

Brooka Band (Disgrace Band) are a reggae raggaska rap band formed in Skopje, Macedonia in 2014. They are a 10-piece band, including brass section and a turntable DJ. They have humorous lyrics in Macedonian. Their greatest success so far is their single “Do pregje” (“Until Recently”).

MeggaDillah is a singer-songwriter from Romania, who started his career in 2005 as a hip-hop artist. Soon he switched to reggae as a musical genre closer to his heart. His debut album “Back into the Music" is scheduled to be released in June 2016, including the single of "No Money" along side Omar Perry.

Raggalution are a reggae band formed in Kranj, Slovenia in 2011. They released their first album “Mask of Liberty” in 2013. They performed in European countries from Czech Republic to Greece so far, and appeared on significant music festivals such as Sziget, Seasplash, Skaville, Overjam, Cultural Reggae Vibez, etc. They have socially engaged lyrics.

Antenat are a reggae band formed in 1997 in Zagreb, Croatia. They started as a typical rock band and evolved towards reggae and dub, ska and punk with elements of world music – the blend they called subreggae. They released three albums so far: Subing (2006, Kingston Records), Karavana (2008, Dirty Old Label) and Izlet (2013, Dirty Old Label). They performed in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Slovenia, Germany, France and Italy. They opened for Brit reggae band King Prawn in Zagreb.

Igor Vince is a singer-songwriter and multiinstrumentalist from Zemun, Serbia. He studied music in Senegal, Benin, Mali, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cuba, France, Germany and Serbia. He performed as a percussionist with Femi Kuti, Keziah Jones, CheickTidianeSeck, FatoumataDiawara, Dean Bowman and Cheick Lo.
In 2015 he gathered his 8-piece afrojazz band and released his first album “Let’s Do It”. “Sve je u redu, draga” (“It’s All Right, Dear”) is a reggae song from that album.

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