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Voicemail & DancehallRulerz - #Gamechanger - EP

Voicemail & DancehallRulerz - #Gamechanger - EP 

»Dancehall« is the first single and video by Jamaican dancehall duo Voicemail from their latest EP release »#GAMECHANGER«. Voicemail started their recording career as a trio in 2003 and after several hit singles they released their debut album »Hey« in 2007.

The album was a huge success in Japan, with more than 100.000 copies sold. Three years, one album and several hit singles later the third member O'Neil Edwards got robbed and shot several times. He passed away two weeks later.

After they took a break, Voicemail teamed up with the german producer team DancehallRulerz their latest project – an EP called #GAMECHANGER. After Voicemail and DancehallRulerz worked together on a single and a one riddim sampler called „WayUp Riddim“ in 2015, they decided to work together on an EP.

This EP has six songs, of which DancehallRulerz produced five. The 6th single called “Don’t Stop Dance” was produced by hit producer ZJ Chrome. Whether party tunes, gyal tunes, or dancing tunes, Voicemail proves with this EP again their versatility, as well as their unique style and flow.

Voicemail & DancehallRulerz - #Gamechanger - EP 
1) Dancehall
2) Dance If You Wanna Dance
3) Feel Like Friday
4) Pon You
5) Hold On Pon Him
6) Don't Stop Dance (feat. ZJ Chrome)
Label: DancehallRulerz & Voicemail (Digital Release: 2016)

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Voicemail & DancehallRulerz - "Dancehall" (Official Video)

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