Saturday, March 26, 2016

Seal'd In Vain set to release self-titled debut EP

 Seal'd In Vain set to release self-titled debut EP

The project "Seal'd In Vain", was born by two Italian friends David "Shiny D" Assuntino e Giampietro "Jump" Pica, respectively keyboardist and guitarist well-known in the Italian indie music scene. The rhythm section is composed by Pietro Sinatra on drums and Davide Ambrogio on bass.

The idea of the project is to propose an original musical style contaminated by Jamaican atmosphere with a touch of folk and American soul. In October 2015, the  band released their first single "Too Many Rivers" while their debut EP is ready and will be titled "Seal’d In Vain".

The entire EP was recorded at Studio 24 Gradi in Rome where the band played the riddims only with vintage instruments, from original guitars of the 50s, the Hammond organ to the Wurlitzer electric piano.

In mid-March, the band released their first official video "Passo al Passo". The video was shot between Lazio and Abruzzo in Italy, on it there are spectacular landscapes and the starring actor is Matteo Quinzi. The video was filmed by M. Montagna and is live on YouTube.

Their debut EP, called Seal'd In Vain,  is scheduled for release on April, 9, 2016 and will be released digitally through the record label 'Red Gold Green'.

Seal'd in Vain "Passo Al Passo" - (Official Video)


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