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Singer: PeppaHot
Job: Singer & Songwriter
Location: Birmingham, ABE, UK
Genre: Reggae - Dancehall
Influences: Tanya Stephens, J. C. Lodge, Lady G

I was born in the West Indies on the Island of Jamaica in the parish of ST Thomas where since I was a very young age I have been singing, I started to sing in the Church choir where I was noticed by someone called worm base who motivated me to join a band called The Pace Band whose members names were worm base, Nigel, Plucko, Jaffo, Carl Baliston, Simple Simon, Ritchie Redhot, Gary, Winston Slickers, and Bushman.peppa recently singe with ang uk entertainments ltd

I have performed at many events over the Island of Jamaica which are as follows Border Clash (Kingston & St catherine) where I performed for Kingston
I have also performed at the Roots Bamboo Hotel and at the Paradise Hotel In Negril
The Bus in Negril
I have also performed at the Ghetto Splash in St Thomas in every district
I have performed at Several School Concerts and Graduations weddings & Funerals and many Church Concerts in the Parish

Over the years I have ben involved in singing with different recording studios for example
G G's Recording Studio
Jack Scorpion Studio
Jammy's Studio
Arrow's Studio
I also had a 5 Year Recording Contract with Jungle lion recording Studios
I have also performed in antiqua in 2001 before leaving to come to the UK in 2002

Ever Since I have been residing in the UK I have become a self made buisness woman and have a well known Carribean Franchise in the West Midland Called the DUTCHPOT and through my drive to be succesful in buisness I gave up my aspirations of becoming a recording artist as my family and the business was my main focus.

This year I am taking steps to get back into the recording studio and back onto stage and am releasing my New Song entitled "WHAT IT FEELS LIKE" Which is currently top ten in Jamaica right now on the irie fm charts and has been available on I tunes since the 2/4/2012

I am currently working on an my new album which will be full of cultural issues the key themes being peace love and harmony the album will be released on my own production house called HOT PEPPA MUSIC In conjunction with elusiv Records & Licensing

To date in the UK I have been doing the rounds on the circuit which are listed below being a suppporting act for UK and Jamaican most influential and current artists

Twins Of Twins Club Indulgence
I Octane Club Indulgence
Tony Matterhorne Ruskin Hall
Giggs , Shola Amma Club Indulgence
My Life Elbow Room
Wet Wet Club Indulgence
Tony Matterhorne Club Indulgence
Reggae Showcase OBE TV
Reggae Showcase

Artists that I have performed with in Jamaica
Tony Rebel
General Trees
General Degree
Snagga Puss
Queen Paula
Lady Mackerel
Tony curtis
Jigsy King
Sugar Minott
Ken Boothe
Juniour Holt

And there are many more that I have performed with on the same stage with I was also encouraged by Garnet Silk to keep singing
All this was done right up to 2001 when i performed in antigua and migrated to england in 2002 took a ten years break and decided to take it back up cos its my life


1) Albums:
.2015 - Peppahot Music
.2016 - Peppahot Music 002

2) EPs:
.2016 - Peppahot Music 001 - [PeppaHot Music]

2) Singles:
.2012 - What It Feels Like - [Gem Gem Entertainment]
.2013 - Juss A Knock - [Ditto Music]
.2013 - My Forever Babe - [Gem Gem Entertainment]
.2013 - Cum Wid It (Ft. Nymron) - [Ditto Music]
.2013 - True Love - (Ft. Patexx) - [Ditto Music]
.2013 - Bring In The Summer (Ft. Scartah & Twisted Rev) - [Ditto Music]
.2013 - Aww Bwoy - [Gem Gem Entertainment]
.2013 - Block Off Di Road (Ft.Scartah) - [Gem Gem Entertainment/Ditto Music]
.2013 - Big Up My Man (Gem Gem Riddim) - [Gem Gem Entertainment]
.2016 - Good Man (Lova Lova Riddim) - [Rebel Sound Records]

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PeppaHot - Discography:


.2015 - Peppahot Music
(Original Press):
"Peppahot Music" 2015
1) HeadAche. 2) Brace Pon It. 3) Block of Di Road. 4) Keep Your Head Up. 5) Nothing To Something. 6) Nu Gaal To Mi Man. 7) Peppa Cheater Anthony Records. 8) Love Was So Blind. 9) Tek It Off. 10) Spend Some Time. 11) Swear Down. 12) Climb Pon Pole. 13) Jo Grine. 14) Peppahot Lap Up Naturally Hot Mixtape Raw 18.
[Label :PeppaHot Music (Digital Release: 2015)]

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.2016 - Peppahot Music 002
(Original Press):
"Peppahot Music 002" 2016
1) Baby Mother Drama. 2) Love Was so Blind. 3) True Love [feat. Pattexx]. 4) Victory Is Minep [feat. Scartah Dem DJ]. 5) Call Mi Boo [feat. Gaddis Di Maddis]. 6) God Vex. 7) Shake Up. 8) I Wanna Rocke Paul [feat. Frankie Paul]. 9) Wine with It [feat. Nymron]. 10) Tribute. 11) Eyes On You. 12) Caribbean Girl. 13) How She Duh It [feat. Jakhal]. 14) Cheater. 15) Wine up Mi Body.
[Label :PeppaHot Music  (Digital Release: 2016)]

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PeppaHot "I Can Be Ya" - [Official Video]

PeppaHot "Come With It" - [Official Video]

PeppaHot " Big Up My Man" [Gem Riddim]

PeppaHot "True Love" ft Patexx


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