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Sunday, January 17, 2016

MIGHTYFUL13 - POETRY: (July 2016)

Last updated: July 2016

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


July 2016


The words I spoke and written are not mines
Yet I every single one is of the Ivine
I am not your teacher
I am just a reveal-er of what life has taught.

I learn from I healthy fulvironment
What's in I head will never decay
As a child
Like a sponge I be
Absorbing the plusperience of truth.

I'm filter by the pure being
Seeing through the clairvoyance realms
Residing in the metaphysical
Humanity is at the helm.

I was never born of the womb
Only to be bury in a tomb
Or to think that when I die
I will ascend into the sky.

I n I are here on Earth Wo/manifesting life's worth
Exhaling the impossible
Inhaling the invincibility of happiness

June 2016

I POETIC SOUL by Fitzroy Francis

I poetic soul
Express the complexity of life's depth
The power of ivinity
Is a forceful action that speaks
More than words
It opened the hearts and minds of humanity
I poetic soul
Is an expression of liversity
It repudiated sorrows, grief, sufferation
Into victory of laughter
It determine what's good
And free the Nation from the bondage of slavery.

I LOVE YOU by Fitzroy Francis

To say "I Love You" is not insinuating that I want sexual intercourse.
To say "I Love You" doesn't mean I desire you intimately.
To say "I Love You" is an indication of how much I cared.
To say "I Love You" is bless-cerity of the mind.
To say "I Love You" is a divine conception of the heart.
To say "I Love You" must never be misinterpreted or translated into life's experience of wrong.
To say "I Love You" is to make you mightyful and strong.

May 2016

by Fitzroy Francis

Fly Away Home

When man on earth lives and die
We all wonder and cry
As absence rain
From the sky
Heated sun
Parched the grass lies beneath
Isn't there a reason why
Man on earth should know their worth
That when death comes
It brings sorrows and pain
A terrible enemy for us to overcome
Let rejoice in the life one share
Because ever-living love
Like great music,will never disappears

HAVE NO DOUBT by Fitzroy Francis

Acts,deeds,thoughts, and words are real
To many they have no appeal
From the ink or pen some ascribes to learn
While deny and forgot the Authors of this Earth
Through divinity cometh humanity
Arising like day out of night
Just as the soils of the mundane sphere

Life's depths can never be compared
Are you in doubt, that's why you asked
Not yesing the beauty of Jah depths and path
Man on earth should look within
Use your brain and you will see
Transient authority will soon disappear

April 2016

I AM THE BLACKBOARD by Fitzroy Francis

I am the blackboard of life
On which many draw or write
Using various colour of chalks
To illustrate problems
And solving subjective solutions

I am the blackboard of life
So make sure you take all notes
Of all the quotes
Because once that which was written erase
It will only be in your mind

March 2016

AN ALPENGLOW by Fitzroy Francis

Paint a portrait that's just
A reflective Art of Life
Write beautiful poems for the soul
Share all the love there is
Sing songs of praise
Dance where no eyes see
To be the light that leads
Speak to the mind impaired
Where dark insecurity exist
That when hopelessness cry
Your wo/manifestation of Jah
Will be like an alpenglow
And make jejune behaviour disappear

LIFE HAS NO COLOUR by Fitzroy Francis

Life and love have no colour
Only our skin
And once we realize it
Humanity will win
For the indiscipline
Who imposed this sin
Is truly lacking spirituality
And divinity within
Some live in denial
Others turned a blind eye
Many run away
While looking into the sky
Cowardly they acted
To keep racism intact
Denigration and discrimination
Will be defeated with true grit and determination
And that's a fact.

February 2016

AFRICA by Doreen Charlton

It’s a mystical land, a part of creation
Out of it came you and I and many other nations
Brained wash into thinking the worst
This land seemed like it had a curse
Not knowing what treasure lies
Beneath the naked eyes.

The pyramids are an alluring work of art
Just one look at it and it captures your heart
From Uganda to Egypt runs the River Nile
It is as beautiful as the innocence of Child

History is his story and victory is my glory
We were taught freedom was for a price, that nothing in life is free
Even though I was shackled and scarred
It didn’t take away the strength that lies within me

Kilimanjaro; have you seen its peak?
You are defeated only if your mind is weak
Climbing to the top takes skills and time
Equate it to your life and let your light shine.

Fifty-four countries and standing strong
You thought you were defeated, but you have won
Feed upon her breast and let her milk flow
The nutrients will let your heart glow

A land that was born free and corrupted by the mischief of humanity
This is not a mirage; it is reality
The truth was never been told
All along you were you were mining fake gold

Dignity should be your liberty
Aspiration your creation
The land that holds the key to your success
Should never let you feel at all depressed.

℗  by Mightyful13 Records & Reggaediscography

January 2016

JAMAICA by Fitzroy Francis

Jamaica, the island I know
There I was born and grow
Surrounded by the Caribbean sea
Beautiful people
So warm hearted and free
A realm of the Commonwealth
Men and women of great talent
And gift Gems
Through Literature, Art, Music, Education, Film and Sport
We write our name in the book of life

Jamaica, the land of Wood and Water
Out of many; We are one
Independent and Democratic
We stand strong
Guide by the Almighty God
With prayers as the foundation.
Seven National heroes
Who fought for this land
Fourteen parishes
2.8 Millions living along

Jamaica, the land of my birth
Black, Green and Gold flag celebrates
All over the the world
We fly it proudly
When the Anthem is sings
National pride and good feelings within
National symbols of Motto, fruit, tree, flower and bird
Beautiful resorts, beaches, caves, mountain and plains
Attracts lot of foreigners
Just because of the name

Jamaica, is a God given land
To leave and go away
Is not in my plan
With all the struggles that we face
We are happy to be amongst the human race.

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