Friday, December 18, 2015

Listen to MagaDog's new song "Ask me for more" ft. Moreena

Listen to MagaDog's new song "Ask me for more" ft. Moreena

MagaDog presenting their last single "Ask me for more" before the release of their third studio album "Inna Di Town" end of january. The soft love song is sung by the young singer Moreena, who usually signs responsible for the backing vocals with MagaDog.

MagaDog are an Italian reggae band formed in 2005 in Pescara. Their debut release called MagaDog was mixed and mastered by the veteran producer and dub specialist Madaski. It was released in 2008 on the independent label Bizzarri Records, same as the following album Il nostro stile in 2011.

MagaDog have worked with a number of reggae and non-reggae artists, including Jah Sun, Africa Unite, Lion D, Modena City Ramblers, Jamafrica, Raphael, Miss Linda, Ras Hobo, Gioman & Killacat, Ras Tewelde and many others.

MagaDog are also a production team centered on Pietro Di Domizio, Claudio Bollini and Don Tino. Their style is strongly influenced by their militant and spiritual roots, which you can hear in their latest releases like Inna Di Town, Call It Weed, and Time To Stand Up.

The upcoming album will be released in january 2016 and will represent a big step forward both musically and because of the use of English as the main language, to spread their message to a wider audience.

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MagaDog feat. Moreena "Ask Me For More" - [Official Video 2015]

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