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BLAK MEXXIAH - DISCOGRAPHY: (Reggae/Dancehall Artist)

Last updated: January 2017


Singer: Blak Mexxiah
Job: Singer & Songwriter
Location: Accra, Ghana
Genre: Reggae / Dancehall / Afro Beat
Influences: Black Consciousness Social Issues, Liberation And Political

Hailing from the Volta Region of Ghana, Messiah Aguze (Da Hardcore Gavana) at the tender age of nine was recognised among his classmates as a talented musician at Jericho Road Preparatory School. He was a member of the school's singing group which helped him to appreciate music and develop as a musician. He continued during his education to pursue his dream of becoming a recognised and talented musician.

In 1994 Messiah Aguze had his first stage performance with Black Prophet and Commander Messiah as part of the Shabba Ranks African tour in Ghana. In 1995 he was selected to act as a host on the former national children's television program, Fun World, which was held and broadcast from the National Theatre in central Accra. Messiah Aguze was instrumental in helping now well established stars such as Tic Tac, Borax, Tinny and many others find the fame they have today through auditioning them to perform at the National Theatre on the Fun World program.

Later in 1995 Mac Tontoh of Osibisa fame took Messiah Aguze under his wing like a son and tutored him in live band music for fifteen years. Again in the same year 1995 was Messiah Aguze's first performance at the Pan-African Festival held in Cape Coast, performing alongside Mutabaruka of Jamaica and many others.

1996 saw Messiah Aguze perform on the same bill as the late reggae legend Joseph Hills and the Culture Band, Ghanaian living legend and hi-life supreme Amekye Dede among others. 1998 came and he was again thrust into the limelight as he was called upon to support King Yellowman performed live at the Trade Fair grounds in Accra alongside Preacher Man and Mutabaruka.
The following year 1999 saw Mexxiah Aguze sharing the stage with the legendary Rita Marley at the Reggae Festival in the Volta Region at Ho Stadium. Other greats on the bill were Daddy Lumba, Mac Tontoh and the Kete Warriors Band. 2000 Mac Tontoh invited Messiah Aguze on tour with the Kete Warriors band where he performed in front of thousands of people at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, held on Princess Street. He also perfomed at the Glasgow Festival, African Night at Band on the Wall welcomed Mac Tontoh and the Kete Warriors as well as performing at Black History Month in St. George's Hall and at St. Anne's Cathedral with the Grand Union Orchestra.

Sadly the traditional hi-life and afro-pop rhythms which had brought Messiah so much rich understanding and afforded him so many unique opportunities were found upon his arrival in Ghana to no longer be the music of choice. So faced with this reality he made his decision to follow his love of Reggae Dancehall music. In 2006 he met Jahta Man and Jahta Dreddluv after he had collaborated on a project with Ronnie Coches of Buk Bak fame in 2005. Jahta Man and Jahta Dreddluv helped him hone his talent as a Dancehall artist and the fruits of this began in 2009 when they hosted a show in neighbouring Togo AIDS Awareness Sound Splash alongside guest artists, Amen Hah Cisse, Pon Di Cisse, Beguy Star and Kizita, all of Togo fame.

2010 once more saw this musical maestro, Messiah Aguze, performing alongside great musicians such as Sizzla Kolanji and many others. This was not to dampened as 2011 hit he was seen on stage at the Bob Marley Memorial in Togo. Also in 2011 he won a feature on the Coast to Coast International Mix Tape Vol 183 hosted by Wyclef Jean. Messiah Aguze's released a single entitled, Lorlor (which in English is translated My Love) was accompanied by bonus track Trotro Driver, (which roughly means bus driver in English) both of which received extensive airplay across West Africa.

Messiah Aguse is currently signed to Judgement Yard in Kingston Jamaica under Chop Chop Productions and is working on his new album as well performing at various shows across West Africa. His music available in over 300 Electronic Record Shops globally are continuing to sell well.


1) Albums:
.2014 - Da Hardcore Gavana
.2014 - Universal Souljah
.2014 - Mama

2) Singles:
.2010 - Adwenfi (Real Badmind) - [Jahta Yard Records]
.2012 - Cyaan Test Jah (Blak Mexxiah & Zebulun De Counselor) - [Jahta Yard Records]
.2014 - Virteous One (Blak Mexxiah Feat. Touch a Gold) - [Cd Run]
.2016 - Nakala (Blak Mexxiah & Linguakat) - [Chop-chop Music Gh]

See Photos and Music Videos:

Blak Mexxiah - Discography:

1) Albums:

.2014 - Da Hardcore Gavana
(Original Press):
"Da Hardcore Gavana" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Dem a Fight [Feat. Empress Isheba]. 2) Out of My Head [Feat. Curtis Melody]. 3) Vivi [Feat. Togbe Ghana]. 4) Adwuma Ne Ho (Remix) [Feat. GeeOrionzo]. 5) Sexy Girl [Feat. Tikaf]. 6) Cyaan Test Jah [Feat. Zebulun]. 7) Virteous One [Feat. Touch a Gold]. 8) Up Up Up [Feat. Tikaf]. 9) Yut Employment. 10) Yard and Foryn Krew Dubplate. 11) Uprising. 12) Undercover Lover.
[Label: Asasease Records/Cd Run (Digital Release: 2014)]

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.2014 - Universal Souljah
(Original Press):
"Universal Souljah" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Broni. 2) Wha Gwan. 3) Universal Souljah. 4) Run Come Baby. 5) Repatriation. 6) No One (Ghana Mix). 7) Mark 11. 8) Born Stars [Feat. Slim Souljah]. 9) Rock Dem Down. 10) Am in Love [Feat. Prinze Kay]. 11) Maaad Afro Dancehall Tune. 12) Sun of Jah [Feat. Daddy Sizzla]. 13) Gun Culture.
[Label: Asasease Records/Cd Run (Digital Release: 2014)]

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.2014 - Mama
(Original Press):
"Mama" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Right Now. 2) Nima. 3) Mama. 4) Love Talk. 5) Girls Girls. 6) Genesis Radio Dubplate. 7) Ganja Cure. 8) Dey Pon Mi Mind. 9) Demma Hyper. 10) Blak Santino Dubplate. 11) Tell Dem. 12) Run Come Baby. 13) Rootbwoy Dubplate.
[Label: Asasease Records/Cd Run (Digital Release: 2014)]

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2) New Singles:

.2016 - Nakala (Blak Mexxiah & Linguakat)
(Original Press):
Singer: Blak Mexxiah & Linguakat
Song: Nakala
Format: Digiatl Single
Label: Chop-chop Music Gh

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Blak Mexxiah & Linguakat "Nakala"

Blak Mexxiah "Love Talk"

Blak Mexxiah "Wha Gwan"

Blak Mexxiah "Undercover Lover"

Blak Mexxiah ft. Tikaf "Sexy Girl"

Mac Tontoh: One Last Song (trailer)


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