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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Pitastro have just released a new acoustic song “Face The Truth”

The Pitastro have just released a new acoustic song “Face The Truth” 

The Pitastro are the ultimate rock/reggae band.
These 4 guys from the small village of Skinnskatteberg in northern Västmanland, Sweden want to give a message to humankind with their new song “Face The Truth”...

There's a lot happening in the world (refugee, disasters,...) right now. Everything that happens everywhere on this planet affect us. We feel that, somehow, we want to help, we want to convey the message of a better world. All people have the same right to live, regardless of religion, color or background.

So we just recorded the video of our new acoustic song "Face The Truth" - which is just about that. We hope that you will share it far and wide and do anything else that could help us to convey these important words to other people. Now is the right time to move beyond prejudices and cliché. The right time to focus on the people in need. We believe in the song and its message.

The band will record a new EP in the studio in early October. it will come out for Christmas. We will keep you posted because here at RDG, We support good music with a conscious message!

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The Pitastro "Face the truth" (Acoustic song 2015)

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