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Artist: Tuffy Radikal aka Bitter Roots
Job: Singer, Musician, Producer, SongWriter
Location: Jamaica
Genre: Reggae
Influences: Bob Marley, Nyabinghi music, Otis Redding

Othis ‘Tuffy Radikal’ Newton is a singer of unique caliber. His special tone and expression are used to bridge culture and roots with dancehall. This mellow singer has a history in Reggae Music Fraternity, being half of the duo Ruffy and Tuffy, twin brothers. Both were born to a Rastafari Empress in the inner city of Kingston, Jamaica. His mother named him Otis after the great soul singer Otis Redding. He started his musical journey at the age of seven, singing in Nyabinghi choir, and made his first stage appearance dancing on stage with Bob Marley, and the I-Threes at age 13.

Ruffy and Tuffy gained popularity with a song dating back to 1985 called ‘Take One Step’, which was released by Rockers International Label. This was followed by an album titled ‘Climax’ which was released in Europe two years later, consisting of four songs with the version on the flip side. Sales from the album was very encouraging, especially in Europe, and this helped spark another release in 1992 called ‘Harm no One’ and ‘Danger Zone’ produced by Augustus Pablo also on Rockers International Label.

Together Ruffy and Tuffy worked on stage with some of the best in Reggae music Don Carlos, Garth Dennis, Augustus Pablo and Grammy Award Black Uhuru. Subsequently, Tuffy became a solo singer and adopted a new name ‘Bitter Roots’. The ace singer has thrilled audiences not only in Jamaica, but also in the U. S. working with Artist such as Freddie Mcgregor, Coco Tea, Earl6, and Luciano to name some. Bitter Roots had performances in Texas, and various cities in California that became an unforgettable inspiration to the true lovers of Reggae music. As Bitter Roots, he was featured on the popular hit single ‘Crazy Look’, with Moses-I and Capelton, Yami Bolo’s ‘Up Life Street’ album, and Junior Reid’s ‘Anthem’ album. But the name Bitter Roots only lasted a short time.

Once again a new name adapted ‘Tuffy Radikal’. Tuffy Radikal always take his singing seriously, and is ready to take the Universe by storm, utilizing music. He often said, “It is a blessing to know that I am one of the elected few, celestially projecting an Authentic Rastafari vibe”. His motto is “music is an ambiance for living”.

The multitalented Artist has also appeared in a number of featured films, but says immediately that music is and always will be his “mainline profession”. He has appeared in the Movie Rockers, Bad Influence, and TV show Tales from the Crypt, Knots Landing, an ESPN commercial (Bricks) for the sports network promoting the NY Nicks, as well as a number of Bob Marley music videos. Growing up as a youth in and around the Bob Marley camp on 56 Hope Road has kept and nurtured Tuffy Radikal’s appreciation for good music and has brought him inspiration to continue in the footsteps of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Black Uhuru and Burning Spear.

Tuffy Radikal has completed a very original and innovative album titled, ’Untouchable Melody’ The album has an organic vibe and natural flavor which gives a breath of fresh air. Not too digitalized or watered down. His music is about preserving the acoustical order, and Ras Tafari’s tradition of Reggae music.

In collaboration with Mightyful13 Records, the single ‘Rags to Riches’ from the Album ‘Untouchable Melody’, was released and is gaining great response. ’Rags to Riches’ made it debut on the NY Foundation Radio Network Top 30 music chart, and Song of the Week at ReggaeDiscography Magazine in Italy all within weeks of its release. The single was made available digital worldwide via VP Records Vpal Distribution in June 2015.

When not playing his guitar, piano, or writing songs, Tuffy Radikal fuljoys swimming, playing soccer, and spending time with his family.
Tuffy Radikal is now focusing on maximize his current single and laying tracks for his sophmore album. LOVE AND HONOR DUE TO THE OMNI-POTENT ONE OF ETHIOPIA, H.I.M. HAILLE SELASSIE I, JAH RAS TAFARI WHO LIVETH AND REIGINETH IN THE HEART OF HEARTS FOR I-VER AND I-VER.


1) Tuffy Radikal - Discography: (2006 - Present)
Upcoming Album:
.2015 - Untouchable Melody

.2015 - Rags to Riches [Mightyful 13 Records/VP Records]

2) Bitter Roots - Discogarphy: (1993 - 2005)
.1995 - Buffalo Soldier Talk - [Pyramid Int'l Records]
.1997 - Cool It Off - [Bitter Roots Internationial]
.2002 - Out Of Control (Jah Thunder & Bitter Roots) - [Vikings Production]
.2005 - Give I A Talk - [Lions Den]
.2005 - Revelation Time - [Lions Den]

3) Ruffy & Tuffy - Discography - (1984 -1992)
.1988 - Climax - [Black Star]

.1984 - If The 3rd World War Is A Must - [African Unity Productions]
.1985 - Take One Step - [Rockers International]
.1989 - Harm No One - [Rockers International]
.1990 - Danger Zone - [Rockers International]
.1992 - The Day After (Ruffy/Tuffy & Iration) - [Mission 101 Records]

See Photos and Music Videos:

Tuffy Radikal - Discography

Tuffy Radikal - Discography: 


.2015 - Rags To Riches
(Original Press):
Singers: Tuffy Radikal
Song: Rags To Riches
Format: Digital Single
Label: Mightyful13/VP Records

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Ruffy & Tuffy - Discography 


.1988 - Climax  (Ruffy & Tuffy)
(Original Press):
"Climax EP" (Ruffy & Tuffy) 1988
1) Behold. 2) Version. 3) Climax. 4) Version. 5) Believe Me Girl. 6) Version. 7) If The Third World War Is A Must. 8) Version
[Label: Black Star (Lp: 1988)]



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Tuffy Radikal Rags To Riches" 2015

Tuffy Radikal (Aka: Bitter Roots) "Revelation Time" 2005

Ruffy & Tuffy "If The 3rd World War Is A Must + Version" 1984

Ruffy & Tuffy "Take One Step"


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Photos by Tuffy Radikal aka Bitter Roots

Biography by Tuffy Radikal aka Bitter Roots

Discography by Marco Weststar

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