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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Black Fruit (199)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Black Fruit (199)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Walk In The Rain" - Cd: (7/1/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Black Fruit (199)" - Song lyrics (translator):

So - before You pick
the Apple Of Life
You have to ... loosen
the noose
to pick
from the Tree Of Life
a Life taken
from Us.

The birds chirp
they carry a pollen
from here - to there
they hover
from tree - to tree
the Seed Of Life
from one Life
to birth Another -- Life
BUT - for the Black Fruit
Its Life
flew away to waste
It’s gone to Zion
before - Its due - time
oh Mi Brother … so~o~o
pon de’guinape, ackee an’ cotton trees ...
Black Flesh
hangs there
draped down
in Death’s pose
helpless - waiting to be
plucked down
waiting to be
cut down
swinging there
subliminal fear
subliminal ... apprehension
oh My Sister … yeah
pon de’sycamore, apple an’ mango trees ...

The Tongue
out - pointed out - DOWN
as if trying
to taste
Its last gasp
of air
‘ave You seen My Papa
heard from Mama … woo ..?

Man’s taste
no longer PRODUCES ... saliva
crud now forms
to seal the VOICE of One who now
stands - DEAD
the noose … through its tension
has taken the Life
out of One’s muscles
it now HOLDS ... the shell of a Body
that once homed
a Living Soul
‘ave Yuh seen Brother
heard de’cryin’ of Sis’ta
pon de’sycamore … apple an’ mango trees ..!

The foam that clusters
Lip’s corners
is the Life-pulse
that the BRAIN is yearning for
as it FIGHTS to keep
whole Body - ALIVE.

Shoulders … slouched - DOWN
gravity has taken over
the Nose is tighten
from LACK of resistance - and
the Nostril is no longer moist
from the Life that once
lives through
damn dem crackers
havin’ a pic - nic
an’dey picked … Sis’ta so~o~o …!

caught by the klan’s trap
unable to HELP ease
the weight - Body weight
on Its ... neck
It TALKS a symbol of defiance
has It CLINGS for Its Life
pon de’guinape, ackee an’ cotton trees ..!

In defiance … Fingers - the Fingers
jumps and jerks
knowing - They can do nothing - NOW
to feed and comfort the Body
They have cared for … ALL - Its Life
dance … Their final dance - They danced
before releasing Life
to the - atmosphere
pon de’sycamore, apple an’ mango trees ..!

Toes pointed D ~ O ~ W ~ N
down to the earth   down to ole’Akkompong
It once trod
pointing to where
Its BO~DY will finally lay
to fulfill - the Cycle
of Life.

The lynched - is
castrated away
from the collective
swinging there
invaded - mutilated
disgraced - raped
swinging in fear
swinging IN ... apprehension
so~o~o … before You pick
do loosen the noose!

The ‘apple’ tree - thought its vines
sucks minerals and water
from solid ground
to nourish itself
to bear its ‘apple’ fruit
for next harvest
but the isim of racism
burdens its branch
with the Fruit Of  A  Womb
a Womb whose child   o~Pickney~o
is now lynched   Pickannanie~o
so that the racist
can decrease Black Numbers
yes, Womb-Fruit is lynched ..!
two for the price of one
dey lynched da’pregnant Black Woman
lynching in Her latest trimester
killin’ Mamma an’de Unborn ..!

When the harvest has past
the birds and the bees
will carry on Nature’s Cycle
and the ‘apples’ will next season
be sweet - again
but BITTER is the taste of MAN’S saliva
when His last steps on mother earth    pon de’Akkompong
is hoisted up
by (the tension - of a - noose)2x

His Bowels pass
as His Shoulders give - in
to the TIGHTENING of colour-hate
around - His Neck
the SANCTITY of this - a Natural Ceremony
is jeered on - mock~ingly
by (the INSANITY of a - mob)2x
pon de’guinape, ackee an’ cotton trees ..!

The Innocence
of shame and pride
is ripped and torn
from Body
It soaks and colours
the fabric
the Soul once wore
so It drips
to fertilize ANGRY ground
brewing to rise - one
(thunderous - mourn - ing)2x
‘ave Yuh seen Papa
heard de’cryin’ of Sis’ta
feel de’mournin’ of Mamma
seems they’ve captured Brother ..!

His Eyes
pulp - out … dazed-like
taking Its final look - at
the DEVIL and his klan
as the whole Skin
becomes moist
It loses
Its bright - radiating - life-luster
the Blood is dying - as
It flows … but to the noose’s tension
It STARVES for oxygen
so the Lips - just jesters
flatters and jesters.

The Tear is dried
It flows to a STOP on deaden flesh-skin
the wind carries
Its moisture - away
as it comes to claim
the Life ... hanging.

He shivers cold sweat
the Body is fighting to CO~OL a dying Body
but Life IS ... giving in to --
It’s out-numbered by hate
so all that drips - NOW
is time.

An’ Breath goes
suffocating back
resurrecting BACK ... to where
It ONCE began
so the whole Body - co~o~o ... It collapses
as Life goes - flying
It poses DEATH’S stance
waiting to be
plucked down
waiting to be
cut down
swinging there
subliminal fear
subliminal ... apprehension
‘ave Yuh seen My Brother
de’crackers are havin’ a pic - nic
an’ dey’ve trapped Sis’ta
seems they’ve captured Mamma
‘ave You seen Mi Papa
pon de’guinape, ackee an’ cotton trees
de’sycamore, apple an’ mango trees ..?
There is a still - stillness
silence has TAKEN its place
when One is hanging
from the TENSION of a noose
(- the staccato utterances -)2x
so it is ‘They’ who sing
the happy song
down by the riverside
down by - the River’s side
de’crackers … dey killin’ Mamma and Pickaninny
submiliminally kynching I an’I ..!
The motion of Her Body
swings from the fighting of a Warrior
resisting the EVIL of babylon
to the trumpet sound
of Those past - gone before
summoning Her Soul
proclaiming BLACK to Zion
down ... down from the sycamore tree
down from de’sycamore, apple an’ mange trees …

When it’s Your LAST breath
it’s a fight - no orderness to it
“aghastation” the body language
of the lynching … is stapled on the crucifix
where the gods, goddesses, lords and the maidens
laid there
in body AND sweat sacrifice
for the devil’s mockery
to them - the mob
that bedevils
it’s a feast in
in ENVY of Black Flesh.

From the atlantic to the pacific
including mexico’s gulf
Blacks’ Souls hang there
subliminally for historical documentation
though taken for granted
as the Life fights
to live in apprehension
Black Life the victim
of the Life - It lives
from the canadian alps
the american - united appalachies
to argentina’s southernmost foothold
coast to coast along its coasts
there - Black Lives
were and forever crucified
so the invading - debased - a-plagued racists can
enjoy an order of self-jollification
onto celebrating
their bloody-sacrificial religions.

This they do
attempting to ridicule Man(’s Jehovah)
who has transcend
this GIFT of sacrifice
that this now humbled Black Token
willed have - eternal Life
so in envy of
this “Man-God” relationship
crackers whip at Its Flesh
as Blacks go beyond - to perpetual utopia!

An’ as We realize - that
that this is NOT the method
by which Melanin dominance
should travel - the Human Cycle
the Warriors BLOW  Their trumpets
calling the Assembly
to plan a confrontation
for (there is but one - high Ia)2x - AND
no matter how many times
they try an’ crucify I
at the picnics of their religious sacrifices
Black Souls … armored in Melanin stoutness
(will rise - reincarnated Souls
triumphant - in battle.)2x

Have You ever seen
the Body
swinging? - well!
It strikes a toll
subliminal fear
subliminal ... apprehension.

So -  before You pick
the Apple Of Life
You have to loosen
the noose
to pick
from the Tree Of Life
a Life taken
(a Life STOLEN
from Us.)2x

---- just as how they have replaced their “illegal” supremacy organization - the ku klux klan, which sprang up after reconstruction, with their “legal” judicial forces of the central intelligence agency, the federal bureau of investigation and the special police forces; so have they replaced the noose by the more sophisticated and organized ‘tools’ of r. j. reynolds, the centers for disease control, the drug task forces, the abortion issue champagne and the “propagandize” media, etcetera.

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