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Monday, July 27, 2015

African Artist in America: Uniting Through Music

African Artist in America: Uniting Through Music

Rebel Sound Records presents: "African Artist In America". It's a various artists compilation of African and Reggae music. All artists on the album are African and now living in the United States.

Executive producer, Shola Lewis from Gambia, is also one of the stars showcased on the compilation. The album also features "Sophia", a high energy track from Cameroon artist Ebeny Amstrong and the reggae anthem "Africa" by Senegalese artist, Papis Samini.

These 15 songs shine as a well-selected compilation for everyone.The album is now available at iTunes, GooglePlay & Amazon and all leading digital stores.

A.V. "African Artist in America: Uniting Through Music" - 2015
01) Ebeny Amstrong "Sophia"
02) Papis Samini "Africa"
03) Papacee "Thanks and Praises"
04) Shola Lewis "Marion"
05) Kofi Kapitano "Burnin Up"
06) Ebeny Amstrong "Talk of the Town"
07) Papacee "No Guns"
08) Kofi Kapitano "Light My Fire"
09) Ebeny Amstrong "Thinking About You"
10) Shola Lewis "Reggae Music Jamming"
11) Kofi Kapitano "No More Drama"
12) Papis Briane "Beguell"
13) Shola Lewis "I Don't Understand"
14) Papacee "One by One"
15) Papis Briane "Give It Up"
Label: Rebel Sound Records (Digital Release: 2015)

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