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Saturday, May 2, 2015


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Name: Reality Souljahs
Member: Selekta Gold & El Indio
Sound System: Reality Sound System
Location: London UK
Genre: Roots Reggae & Conscious Muzik

Reality Sound System was founded in 1990 as the youth sound of Entebbe Sound System, both hailing from North London, UK. Reality SoulJahs were founded in 2005,originally a Quartet, recording dub plates for their Reality Sound System, their first release "Runaway" featured on Conscious Sounds, produced by Dougie Wardrop. They went on to record their second single “Everyday Reality” on the Melody Muzik label, produced by Dawit Menelik Tafari which lead to recording of first album "Everyday Reality" featuring Kashta Menelik Tafari (RasItes) Hughie Issachar, Dean Frazier and Nambo Robinson.

After the departure of two members, Reality SoulJahs continued to seek out musical inspiration and collaborated with Kibir La Amlak productions, recording their third single “Book of Psalms”. The fourth single was the long awaited “Jah Pon Mi Mind” a sort after dub plate which had been getting a lot of sound system airplay throughout Europe, premier release for their own Reality Sound System label. Their second album "Roots Salute" followed a few years later in 2010, recorded at Conscious Sounds and produced by Dougie Wardrop. Alongside the two albums, Reality SoulJahs have numerous singles released on many different independent record labels and with songs like "Born Again” Blackboard Jungle/Rock Dis, “Africa will Rise” Storm & Break/Hatman, “Come Along” Roots Hitek.

In 2011, in between recording, the Reality SoulJahs took their musical message to Europe performing at Salento Dub Club (Italy), Ostroda Reggae festival (Poland), Dub Station Rototom, Sunsplash,(Spain) Hotel Jamaica, (Belgium), Dub Gathering, (Germany) plus performing throughout the UK.
2012 has so far seen various singles from Reality SoulJahs, “Jah Bless Me” Indica Dubs, “Happens Every day” Foundation Sound and “Time is Now” DubZone Records, “Iron Shirt” Jahimsa Records, ”Stomp” Dub Conductor Records, “Lawful Rebellion” Free King Music , “Jah Provides” Descendant Music, with performances at Play Fest, Love,(UK) Dub Community, Montpellier Dub School, (France) Rennes Dub Club, (France) as well as other bookings throughout UK and Europe.

2013. Reality SoulJahs put their main focus into the writing and recording of their first live band album with the Rockers Disciples, produced and mixed by Blackboard Jungle, which all took place in France.
They also performed at Time is Now, London, (UK), Festival 2 Funky, Leicester, (UK), Passing Clouds, London, (UK), Garance Reggae Festival, (France) and Time is Now 2 Leicester, (UK).

2014 saw the release of their third album, (live) with the Rockers Disciples band, produced by Blackboard Jungle, both hailing from France. Also releases with Amoul Bayi, (France), Tuff Scout (UK), Dub Skrollz (UK),Roots Youths (UK), Black Redemption (USA) Alpha Steppa (UK) .
They also toured UK & Europe extensively , Garance Reggae Festival (France) and Unity Fest (Belgium)with the Rockers Disciples band, Dub ReVolution (Belgium) Dub Station (France) Dub Academy (Spain) Hootannany (London) United Nations of Dub (Wales) too many to mention. Reality SoulJahs have become serious artists within the UK reggae/dub scene.


1) Albums:
.2011 - Roots Salute (Reality Souljahs Meets Conscious Sounds)
.2012 - Everyday Reality
.2014 - Blackboard Jungle Showcase, Vol. 1 (Reality Souljahs & The Rockers Disciples)

2) EPs:
.2013 - Happens Every Day EP (Reality Souljahs & Leroy Horns - [Foundation Sound]
.2015 - Reality Check (Alpha Steppa, Don Fe & Reality SoulJahs) - [Steppas Records]

3) Singles:
.2006 - Reality Souljahs "Run Away" / Singer Blue "Run Come Come" - [Conscious Sounds]
.2006 - Dawit Menelik Tafari "Hallelujah" / Reality Souljahs "Everyday Reality" - [Melody Muzik]
.2010 - Reality Souljahs ‎"Jah Pon Mi Mind" / "War And Peace" - [Reality Sound System]
.2010 - Reality Souljahs "Book Of Psalms" / Ilodica "Psalms" - [Kibir La Amlak]
.2011 - Reality Souljahs "Africa Will Rise" / Hatman "Africa Will Dub" - [Storm & Break Records]
.2012 - Reality Souljahs "Iron Shirt" / Patty Ft. Humble O "Youths Of Today" - [Jahimsa Records]
.2012 - Reality Souljahs "The Whole Thing" / Sta'Sax "Magic Blow" - [Tablet Records]
.2012 - Forward Onto Jah (Reality Souljahs & Credential Roots) - [Trensum International Records]
.2012 - Tena Stelin "Rasta Ancient" / Reality Souljahs "Come Along" - [Roots Hitek]
.2012 - Reality Souljahs "Jah" / I-lodica "World Of I-lodica" - [Kibir La Amlak]
.2012 - Reality Souljahs "Keep Silent" / Kibir La Amlak "Mental Freedom" - [Jah Militant Records]
.2012 - Reality Souljahs "Time Is Now" / Singer Blue "Lift Me Higher" - [Dubzone Records]
.2012 - Reality Souljahs "Jah Bless Me" / Tenna Star "Glory To Jah" - [IndicaDubs]
.2012 - Reality Souljahs "Stomp" / Dixie Peach "Power Of Rastafari" - [Dub Conductor Music]
.2013 - Lawful Rebelion - [Sugarbeat]
.2013 - Reality Souljahs "Naturally" / Jah Marnyah "I'n'I Nah" - [Amoul Bayi Records]
.2013 - Prince Jamo "Love Jah" / Reality Souljahs "Symbolic Symphony" - [Rootikal Warriah Music]
.2013 - Cornell Campbell "Too Much Confusion" / Reality Souljahs "Jah Provides" - [Descendant]
.2014 - My Eyes Can See - [Tuff Scout]
.2014 - Mention Africa (Reality Souljahs & Donovan King Jay) - [Reality Sound System]
.2014 - Reality Souljahs "Born Again"/Afrikan Simba "Ark Of The Covenant" - [Blackboard Jungle]
.2014 - Reality Souljahs "Please Officer" / Ras Tuffy Irie "Trodding Out Of Rome" - [Dub Skrollz]
.2015 - Reality SoulJahs/Ashanti Selah "Road To Deliverance" - [RSS Records]
.2015 - Reality SoulJahs/Ashanti Selah "Jah Golden Pen" - [RSS Records]
.2015 - Reality SoulJahs/Ize Redd "R.A.S.T.A.F.A.R.I" - [RSS Records]
.2015 - Reality SoulJahs "Tales of Babylon City - [Pressure High-Japan]

Listen & Buy Reality SoulJahs's Music on  www.rssonlinestore.bigcartel.com

See Photos and Music Videos:

Reality Souljahs - Discography:


.2011 - Roots Salute (Reality Souljahs Meets Conscious Sounds)
(Original Press):
"Roots Salute" (Reality Souljahs Meets Conscious Sounds) 2011
1) Roots Salute. 2) Dub Salute. They Don’t No. 4) No Dub. 5) War And Peace. 6) Peace Dub. 7) Your No Good. 8) Good Dub. 9) Runaway. 10) Runaway Dub. 11) Prince Of Peace. 12) Peace Dub. 13) Father Soon Come. 14) Father Dub. 15) Big Brother. 16) Brother Dub. 17) No Regrets. 18) Regret Dub. 19) Life Song.
[Label: Conscious Sounds (Cd: 2011)(Digital Release: 2011)]

Buy Album on  iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon

.2012 - Everyday Reality
(Original Press):
"Everyday Reality" 2012
1) Genesis. 2) I'm Married to This Music. 3) He's Coming. 4) We Have Fi Stand Strong. 5) Symbolic Symphony. 6) Everyday Reality. 7) You're My Queen. 8) We Keep On Building. 9) Rise Up. 10) A Voice for the Voiceless. 11) Hallelujah Songs. 12) Marcus Garvey. 13) Self Esteem.
[Label: Melody Muzik (Cd: 2012)(Digital Release: 2012)]

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.2014 - Blackboard Jungle Showcase, Vol. 1 (Reality Souljahs & The Rockers Disciples)
(Original Press):
"Blackboard Jungle Showcase, Vol. 1" (Reality Souljahs & The Rockers Disciples) 2014
1) The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. 2) Western Dub. 3) Regardless. 4) Regardless Dub. 5) Give Jah The Glory. 6) Never Walk Alone. 7) Never Dub Alone. 8) Good News" (Disco Mix). 9) Good News. 10) Good News In Dub.
[Label: Blackboard Jungle (Lp: 2014)(Digital Release: 2014)]

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For bookings and information please contact:
Reality Sound System
Email: www.realitysoundsystem@yahoo.co.uk

For press/media inquiries please contact:
Reality Sound System
Email: www.realitysoundsystem@yahoo.co.uk

Reality Souljahs "Babylon Within" - (Official Video)

Reality Souljahs "Jah Golden Pen" 2015

Reality Souljahs & RockDis "The Good The Bad & the Ugly & Western Dub"

Reality Souljahs "Keep Silent"

Reality Souljahs/Rock Dis "live at Rouen Dub Station #1"

Reality Souljahs & The Rockers Disciples "Good News" - (Live at Dubstation 1)

Reality Souljahs & The Rockers Disciples "Jah Pon Mi Mind" - (Live at Dubstation 1)


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Reality Souljahs are:

Selekta Gold
El Indio
Realirty Souljahs in 2015

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