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Anthony Leonard Pierre "We Arrived (57)" - Song Credit (translator)

"We Arrived (57)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "We Arrived" - Cd: (6/2/2014)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"We Arrived (57)" - Song lyrics (translator):

The Birth is
the beginning of
the Death
Death gives way to
the rebirth - so
a new day is
the end of the end
of yesterday’s beginning
I see things by
the means and ends
as to be ready for
the rebirth of
the new beginning.

in this world

Fearing the mortality

called LIFE
was meant
to be -- SHARED.

Came -- by Womb birth
Life rebirths Itself
in the security of Its Womb
seeing - knowing
and evolving Herself
Life permeates a FEAR -- that
all THIS must
live - to the DEATH
so, an unconditional caring
a sanctity - concern and wanting
in realizing
the dropping into scrotum

has reproduced the evolution
of Herself upon Self
a male - being accordingly
Self can germinate a likening of Itself
mortality It seeks to defeat
this is called - Existence!

Don’t mind the pain She cries
it’s the MIRACLE to procreate
that gives One an’ One
an existence called - lineage
We multiply within and without
in an environment - severed from placenta
to be a product of said environment
called Individuals
the selfishness of this evolution
breaths envy, greed and jealousy
for what We see of Self
is Our Own doings
Our Own genetic evolution --
none can say or is truly - a TWIN
as there is but
only one holy~fuck!

Self-esteem separates
Man from beast
the YOU - Man in being
through its Own evolutionary demise - lacks it
hence, We fall to the grace
of envy, greed and jealousy
note: the good of EVIL
Mankind seeks - to gain a Self-indulged edge
as His “God”
has turned a back - on Him
She wants from Man
what She did not procreate - nor did She
impregnate for and from Herself
a femininity She would
sacrifice to Man’s
standing prowess longevity - so instead of
an aphrodisiac smile - She the only female who ...
She cries a double standard hurt
in the mating ceremony.

They need for company
in the insecurity of this environment
so been envious of the Other
They then give to greed
why then jealousy takes
so many lives
if Man again worship
will “God” forgive Man His “phobiatic” fears
and resurrect to His ordained glory?
is it why - SHE
loves to bow in churches
hiding Her face - claiming praying is worshiping?
fearing Man will find Her for whom
She really is and has always been.

Instinctively for We to do
drink, eat, sleep and reproduce
not necessarily in that order
but, reproduce, eat, sleep and drink
is all Nature intended
Life-forms in Their - lifespan.

Multiply is all We have
in common
this DEATH gives birth
to a new beginning
by ‘this’ -- de’Akkompong will
evolve to the fading - inquisitive memory of Mankind
the Akkompong tilts Its axis - and
Life forms are then extinct to present state
We evolve knowledge-less
and reproduces a weaker Race
are We extinct-able
from Our Own creation - as
this Life is not the Man
We first had been
We are weakened by the deeds of Our Own creations
is this Life then a mockery.

The only time
the Life rebuilds itself
is the time
of conception to delivery --

with the birth of placenta
the cycle of Self-suicide - continues
is it a cruel act - or
does mortality ends this eternity?
what is it that formulates
the behaviour called - “HUMANS” ... as
this cannot be
the conclusion of evolution!

It’s one of THE miracles
of “God”, that CREATES the evil - DEATH
the cause - She is envious
of Man’s promiscuity
that She Herself craves
to prove - yes! - She can withstand - AND
brings to a perspiring stance
whenever She stands
sideways, back ways or front ways - BUT
because She is limited in conceiving
after every beginning
the Man She creates must not be
greater or stands above Her “shehood”!
why then She creates
a beauty in -
within and of - Herself
and gives Man
the gift of vision
and the ability to be in need of
and lust Her temptations
why is it that Man is ‘made’ ignorant
to maternal Life’s instincts
is it that - it is known - He would
have enough of this “God” and overthrow to
Her BLOODY extinction!
She gravitates to the cycle
of the Moon
in so doing CURSES  Herself
for not worshiping the king-ship of the Sun
She swore She created everything in
in perfect order
so why then it is She who needs
the reflection of the Sun’s cycle
to be seen - as monthly red.

Where Our Ancestry lives
to face the mystery
of Its unknown
the miracle is that
this Life
that transforms
Its beginning
the loneliness of this existence
We call Life
it seeks fulfillment
so in fear of losing - the battle - especially to She
Man creates “Gods” of His imagination
to company His loneliness
She ‘cycles’
hoping for the edification
even if it’s intangible
We are Our Own
“Gods” and “Devils”
by this
so We dwell
on de’Akkompong
a captive by the things
eyes can see
and Man can mold for Her idolization.

What it is - that We hear
is of Our Own experienced imagination
the sense of smell an’ touch
are enhanced by the
the inquisitiveness of how it is seen
in retrospect - so then NONE is truly deaf
if so, how is it they explained their “unheardiness”.

Realize that
this “Earth” is the grave
eternally - for the Souls
of YOU - Man
this FEAR is the realization
of loneliness
in the magnitude of the Universe
are We humans
or prisoner on “Earth”?

on this Mother “Earth”

into Her bosom

called Life -
was meant
to be -- SHARED
oh this precious Time
called Life
was meant
to be -- shared.

Birth is
the beginning of
the Death
this gives Life to
the rebirth
We arrived - We survived
We evolved as Womb
the Man an’ Woman
Life is a Woman
the Womb - Man
of every Man’s femininity
was separated by and for
the fondle of Man.

Life forms are from
a Mother and Father
each “Themself”
from two parents
each of which
is from two parents themselves
if it took eight
from three generations ago
to evolve ONE of present state

how vast is the bloodline generations
say ten thousand years ago
the mystery of this thought though
is the “Earth” of humane evolution reversing itself
have you realized that
your Life is but - a reincarnation - a reincarnation
a reincarnation of - ITSELF.

The Birth is
the beginning of
the Death
Death gives way to
the rebirth - so
a new day is
the end of the end
of yesterday’s beginning
has this evolution
reached its elasticity?
or - are We evolving
a new existence
I see things by
the means and ends
as to be ready for
the rebirth of
the new beginning - as ...

There once were two “Gods”
in the battle for self-gratification
cunningness won over prowessness - thus
She wants NOW to be worshiped
for Her fairness - as Their union
has re--produced a newer Race
will this evolution
holds its “presentness”
or evolve out into - two “Gods” - at war
for universal control - once again
We hold to this state
in FEAR of the DEATH to what We once were
least “God” takes more than ... a - one-rib
in the next Creation -- imagined in belief of faith:
then Man will truly be outnumbered
to the use of His prowessness standing
in all instances to produce at a beaconing temptation.

Hey Man-kind
Yourself is not
for Your becoming
least She justifies why
She refuses to succumb
to a masculinity
that’s responding to
to Her heatedness
as to the Man in the Home
the “Emperoriest” is a gift
from the “Gods”
if this union is ever to
evolve its Generations
She should never become to
fearing to cradle to
Your protruding stance
and end in frustration and justifying
to cradle Her feminine-self sensuality
making the “Gods” a-wrath
at You both - again - and
to come in fiery destruction
of brimstone, lightening an’ thunder
in the next evolution
imagined in belief of faith.

on this Mother “Earth”

into Her bosom

called Life -
was meant
to be -- SHARED
this precious Time
was meant
to be -- shared.

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