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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Was Once My Home (260) [Version 2]" - Song Credit (translator)

"Was Once My Home (260) [Version 2]" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "The Revolution Mind" - Cd: (3/30/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Was Once My Home (260) [Version 2]" - Song lyrics (translator):

Was once
here, there
and ALL a~round
My artifacts
these territories
My fables told
a~bout past, present and future --
was, will and forever
be here
these are the places where
once Skin roamed
I am ALL a~bout
dust ... now covers
Bones to evidence
I - the Melanin Man dwelled
time carried Spirit
to the depths of unknown
to tell it is I  Ancestors
who speak ... through the elements.

I am never to be intimidated
by the occupier’s faith
in their religions of destruction
until I again - forcibly
drive them and their customs - OUT
to be owners of My Own
they will never be without fear - to live freely
upon My Home
the famines, earthquakes, lightening - thunder
to the flooding of them crops and dwellings
My Ancestral at wrath
they are in laboratories
I have knowledge of them Spirits
will NEVER succumb - till
My nails are discoloured
by the dust of My Soil.

The “Americas”
“the middle east” and the “Mongolias”
are My stolen legacies
these man made boundaries
a capturer’s territory
note - Nature and I
once tracked in harmony
the Akkompong replenishes
to My “a-culturalled” appetite
as it is I
whose feet and hands
roamed and mold(ed)
My piss and shit
watered and fertilized
this Land called “Earth”
is accustomed
to I
We had evolved
to a perfect Creation
and in envy of this
instilled Conception
the occupiers invaded
to force their disunity upon I.

I want to
go ‘Home’
want back
My ‘Home’
have long since proven
this vast growing planet
Mine - of My imaginations.

east-west ... encompassing the
“America’s” an’ the “Europe’s” east and west
the “Africa” and all “Asia”
from pole to pole
these are the places
Blacks - once roamed
was once - ‘Home’
to those who are skinned - to form
in the highest Melanin wool.

From the plateaus
of “Tibet, mount Everest, Blue Mountain”
Kilimanjaro” or the “Appalachies”
to the valley caves
hidden below
the “Carib” reefs, “Antarctica”
“Arctic ocean, “Atlantic
Ethiopian” to the “Indian” oceans
time preserves My marrow
to feed LIFE into tomorrow’s uncertainty
to the dumbfounding of “Azania, Uganda” - to
“Turkey”, the “Western Sahara” - “Zaire”
to “Somalia” and “Madagascar”
ALL  My ‘Home’
over which Black Skins roamed
now in subjugation of
the theological indiscretion of an invader.

The occupying forces
might win the stated battle
believe they won a started war
but there is a ... but
I’m never to be forgetting
as with I
there will NEVER be
a melting pot
no matter the occupier’s “trojaned”
integration plots
separate I
for I survival and
the revival of old Akkompong.

and you will find
a legacy
for Generations to see
these vastnesses
Spirit Elders roamed
are where the Villages
of My Black Bones called Home.

Ask Time --
I - am older
than indigenous
I am
so discovery
date or predate Me
fables cannot tell
the kind
of Me
the cracks and crevices
tell the placing
of Home
We placed
this place - ‘Home’
‘Home’ fe’Mi ‘Home’ ... ‘Home’.

It is I memories
stored in de’Akkompong’s minerals
that citizens now
live by
cherish and die for
in their wars of wars by wars
to keep I subservient
by and to what
is truly Mine
YES - de’Akkompong and all Its minerals
was once ALL  My ‘Home’!

Sand by sand
man to man
one with one
from the Red Pain Man to the Obeah Man
We - Black Nomads
will rise - triumphantly
while fertilizing Akkompong’s thirst
with the BLOOD of the invader’s kids
We will break
to tell Our carefree, giggling Pickaninnies
of the occupier’s faith
in fables.

not to forget
the “natives”
over time
tracked - from where!
whether it - be
by flying or sailing
the discovers came
by invading vessels
space an’ sailing ‘ships’
seeking refuge for a
sickly - debased
inoculating - embarrassed state
and by so:
their citizenry
to My once living space
as the wickedness of their ingenuity
was nurtured back - to alive
by My compassionate hands.

If it be
by spirits - monuments - graves
or imaginary tales
I am always
I am
that which
I came from -- de’Akkompong
indestructible --
so the pages fade
the walls of libraries and museums crumble
to reveal
even you know
I am - for REAL in Melanin “sustainess”.

Everywhere discovery
dis-covered I
I am ‘made’ to be
a ‘class’ in theological “castness”
placed in a space -- second, third even fourth
on the rungs of - class citizenry.

The “Africa” - the “Europe”
“Australia” - “the middle east”
“Asia” and “Canada”
from “Alaska” to “Argentina”
“Azania” to “Mongolia”
“Brazil, “Yemen” to an’ “Sri Lanka”
check the parable an’ oral histories
negating indigenous to discovery as
this - the living planet
was once (all MY  ‘Home’
where Black-skinned roamed.)2x

I want to
go ‘Home’!
I call
this place
that place
any place ... ‘Home’!

Spun the pages of his-story
to where Black greatness
was without religions
and in I quest
for My “againness”
My shields wound of determination
withstanding the might of the swords
My Melanin’s porosity thickened to
slick-off the chemical attacks
My spears will again be sharpened with
anger and none-forgiveness
the devil within I - awakened
piercing at invader’s heals
as they run to constitutional laws
claiming convention’s treaty ...
upon the sand
sailing by the wave’s crest
and flying away
hidden in the winds
then I will remind them
to say alleluia and amen
as Akkompong is reddened
with their last words.

I gloat
to a limit
knowing [to preserve
for My Children’s unknown
as this was once
MY  ‘Home’
here, there
and ALL a~round
My artifacts
marked these territories
it is only I who is “wooled”
to dwell naturally upon-within third planet’s
vast ever-changing environment.

I seek or have no desire
to conquer
any space -- beyond
I am content
with the relationship
I’ve established with de’Akkompong
as it’s
My ‘Home’
where Spirit Elders roamed
Nomadic is My heritage
ever at defense
the conquistador’s quest
am at content with de’Akkompong
with the relationship.

By the very nature of survival
the longer the invaders
overstay the welcome
the more savage
We will become
at their a-scared heels
as they paddle
to save grace and dignity
waist high in the heat of
their pouring blood ...
am I being heard amongst drums thundering
I want back ... My ‘Home’
want back ... My ‘Home’.

Was once
here, there
and ALL a~round
My artifacts
marked these territories
but in fear - you invader
the closing communities
it will lead you to face-up to
and conference the cruelty of
your fore parent’s hands
as your guilt STILL live to
exploit the prowess
they encaged upon - against I
and STILL you indoctrinate
your future to
point guns and detainment centers
at the resurgence of I ... I an’I --
I have a plan for
the traitors amongst I
so this a warning:
its full time
you plan an exit strategy - as
I want to
go ‘Home’
I want back
My ‘Home’.

I am - from
the third planet
from the Sun
Melanin - Man
I am - from
the third planet
from the Sun
Melanin - Man
Melanin - Man
it is I whom ... IS
(the BLACK  MAN.)2x

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