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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Mind Revolution (31) [Version 2]" - Song Credit (translator)

"Mind Revolution (31) [Version 2]" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "The Revolution Mind" - Cd: (3/30/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Mind Revolution (31) [Version 2]" - Song lyrics (translator):

Wo~o~y~o~o - Wi bound to ‘ave a’ Revolution
bound to a’ bloo~dy Revolution
Wi bound to a’ Re~volut~ion
(a’ bloo~dy - dead~ly Revolution ...)2x
The Revolution
We - will be fighting
is not against
yellow, red or whities
Our physical - natural enemies --
a sexual orientation
the religious affiliation
the prolonging POISED with promiscuity
or ones gender
is NOT a concern - as ...
enough of this state is sufficient to Our tolerance
enough -- is enough
Wi Revolutin’ for a cause
just because    of dat cause
dat old babylon cause
Wi bondin’ for a Revolution
bound to a bloo~dy conviction!

The Revolution
will not focus the going-ons of trivialities
on land-lords
A-GAINST land leasers - “lessers”
management or union heads
against the unrepresented workers
or on “upsurgeous”
gangs or klan attacks - NO!
not the haves
against the have-nots
the unemployable
the under-educated
malnourished, unwanted or the drug addict
against whom is noted
a system plotted -- NO
but a Revolution - destined
on the script of Black Survival

Not Mothers
against Daughters
nor Sons
against ... the entire Fam’ly
first, second or third ...
the class system
won’t - come - up
but - THE  REVOLUTION    a’ Re~volut~ion
IS - A - MUST.(a’ bloo~dy - dead~ly Revolution)2x

The boundaries based on
the remnants of
religious, geopolitical or educational compliance
crumble - the pages of mysticism pulverized
to the stroke of
store bought whiteouts
as ... in-sig-nificant
the rhetorics of religious submission
discarded as rubbish
especially those of
“Muslim” an’ “Rasta” convictions
We are NOT going to emancipate Self
dressed-up into pentecostal-baptism
from ONE isim of catholisim - to be
backsliding blindly into another skisim
of CULTISH submission - by
bowing to a derivative of
the beast’s shit~stem ... as
Liberation means
Our Black Eyes are NOW
a miracle - wide opened
to the rebirthing of theological converting intentions
seen - amen - alleluia - suh wha’ ... forging on
wid nuttin’ fe loose
and a Mind in earnest ...
Wi breaking down da parties
facin’-up to dat which
subliminally divides Wi
from the roman’s saxon
to the arabs’ doctrines
to the catholic’s canticles
none can stop Wi - aassss ...

No marching
in the streets
placards - bandannas
slogans or ideologies
draw no attention to
a Generation’s wants, needs or gap
a REVOLUTION without
planned bloodshed
or the on-slaughter
propagandized to be known as
“Black on Black - Black against Black ... crime”
no~o~o~o … disinformation champagne
to trivialize and lambaste the agenda ... as
the media broadcast
won’t know - what’s up
while this Revolution
will take place DELIBERATELY
in all:
major cities
small villages and
one - man - towns
as the Black Mind
for TENS of hundreds of years
has been
that of:
religious subjugation
political zoned segregation
and social “castation”
in stag-nant negativity
inna mental death
committing genocidal suicide - suh
fe Self Liberation
the MIND needs and in wanting … to be rescued - yet
before the politics of religion
SOAKS … a forever stance!
casting Generations of Progeny
to be subdued covertly - into
the religion of self-hate and enabled - incapable beggars
of grace, blessings and forgiveness.

Wi havin’ a Revolution
Soul searchin’ Rev~o~lution
with a con~scious conviction
just because    of dat cause
dat old babylon cause
findin’, believing and relying on Self
is Our charge - NOW!    Wi bound to a’ Re~volut~ion
(a’ bloo~dy - dead~ly Revolution ...)2x
From the city streets
to the smallest towns - FREEDOM    why?
resulting from - BLOODSHED    why?
de’action of - INSURRECTION    why?
de’bloodiness of - a revolt    why?
jobs will be given
and taken
apartments, shelters, jails
stores, cars to the corner shops
promises given and rejected
as his-story told
leaders voted in an’ ... in
soothing the wrath of Our vexation
Fam’lies divided -- a-cause some
will REFUSE the charge of this change
as Wi forge - relentlessly
giving UP the vices
complacency, apathy and fear - NOW
intoxicated wid jus’ ‘cause - accepting the repercussions
of THIS - an inevitable advance
by first dealing wid de’burials of casualties --
Blackness died innocently and blindly
in the integration process
so when We STAND in Liberation
many! many! many!
many more - willed have to die
the SACRIFICE to be given - why? why, why, why?
Wi disarming the tools
of common enemy ... ‘cause
Wi cannot continue to advance an outcry
armed within the weaponry of Our enemy

when yuh run out’a bullets - yuh END
running to dem caucasians’ conference tables
wiped, ashamed, disgraced and distraught
lookin’ fe piece ... of saving grace
signing Birth-Life and Land -- away
in WHOSE peace treaty    inna caucasia’s treaty
putting Our Faith in the caucasians’
arsenals of destruction
will end-up to killin’ Wi - and
haven’t We knowledge of    cocaine, alcohol
of the effects of dem drugs    lsd, marijuana and aids
the chemical deployments - targeted
intentionally again Blackness - internationally
suh reckon - Self-reliance - awaking the weapon
of the Mind] a-charging for Its survival - IS
on whom We should TRUST a Revolution - as ... Wi’ll note
some a-lost Blacks
baptized in denomination-stupidity
finds religion’s crutch - and
the fork tongues of the black~petty~booshwah cowards
flipping the pages of political tunes
will be shouting constitutional spins
“We are all one people!”, “Oh god!”, Let’s vote on it!” AND
“We have come a long way, yuh know ..!”
and the downright traitors will be MARCHING
hand in hand - within enemies hands
taunting, “We shall overcome, thank god almighty, we ..!”.

Within all their confusions
and because of
there WILL be ... the reincarnation of
a new class
those with a mental assertiveness
negating the spoils of the devil’s clan
dem caucasians’
religions and poli-tricks] of constitutions ...
the renewed class of fighting Fighters for a change
to affirm -- BLACK!  BLACK!  BLACK  Identity!
Leaders of this Revolution    war~in’
THE  REVOLUTION  THAT - IS - A - MUST    war~in’
the Revolution to free    war~in’
A  MUST - a’ho~o~o!

Wi havin’ a Rev~o~lution
Black on Black Revolution
Black for Black con~front~ation
shakin’ - crackin’-up
babylon foundation
babylon’s rudiments!    Wi bound to a’ Re~volut~ion
(a’ bloo~dy - dead~ly Revolution ...)2x
The french, british
spanish to the american revolutions   world war 1 -- 2
had their cause and effect    an’ the cold war too
to which I am reluctantly suspect
the expert witnesses
university forums - to the tabloid newscasts
“asterned” of fear
in their callous ignorance of the PLIGHT of Blacks
willed to be caught - drowning
in the quick-sand of propaganda
while We FORGE a wild fire!
the Revolution Wi b’ fightin’
wid da’fire big
fire BIG stick
fire bun
bun-doung babylon
Wi burning a NEW  Groundation    bun-doung babylon
stakin’ a claim
of the value
of Our - Mind
and ownership
of - Birth-Land
fire bun ... in Spirit an’ veracity
bun-doung caucasia’s
institutes of enslavement - BAM!    bun-doung
theirs - a doctrine of leaving
for preservation - an empire of EVIL   bun! bun! bun!
willed - only to begot
other cloned evilish shit~stems
suh -- FIRE ... BUN    bun-doung babylon
the Mind - bound
to a psychological abuse
of THIS endangerment
needs to ‘look’ inward
within Self for Progeny’s Survival

riding Psyche of:
imperialism - emancipation - bussing
urbanization - [the urban plight]    urban plight
industrialization - integration
the BUSINESS of incarceration and abortion
the theology of spiritual enslavement and
the internationalization of - the
‘almighty’ dollar and the spread of a world order
trouble in this world - I say
SEEN! ... Wi forging onto de’sweets Liberation brings
wid nuttin’ fe loose
everyt’ing to gain - when the last bloodstain is wiped
Wi arming Mind with
the Revolutionary visions of:
Sis’ta Kompong Nanny, Paul Bougle and Ivan
Peter McIntosh, Angola’s Nzinga, Toussaint L’Ouverture
de’herbalist Bookman - first Liberationist of these times
livicate Yaa Asantewa an’ even D. Brown an’ Marvin G.
doung to Marcus de’Mosiah Garvey and Paul Roberson
Dem Spirit Warriors
laid a foundation - by Their Blood sacrifices
upon which
this Revolution MUST stand -- IRIE ...
enough is enough
enough -- is enough
Wi Revolutin’ for a cause
just because    of dat cause
dat old babylon cause
Wi bondin’ for a Revolution
bound to a bloo~dy conviction!

The Mind
We fight for - is
more than the gold, farm and grazing Lands
and precious waterbeds
more than
the Fam’lies
Dreams and Memories We lost
the Mind
We must first RECOVER
We revolt - to recover

We do need and do know
to UNDERSTAND what it is that
We are FIGHTING for
noting that ... the wars forging for
freedom, justice and “iquality”
must NEVER be signed
sitting complacently
in the plains of imperialism
signing for acceptance
on their ... constitution’s charter --
for when We win
this - the final Revolution
many - a - treasures
the fruits of Our long-sufferings
will be Ours -- FOREVER.

a FREE  Mind
- ALL - IN - ‘ITS’ - PATH -
mental emancipation
a Liberated - Black Nation
why is it We have to war - iee!
war ‘gainst Self
war ‘gainst Fam’ly an’ Friends
Wi warring ‘gainst everybody - else
except de’bloodstains of common enemy
as Wi Minds are locked in FEAR of
of what RESULTS - Black Liberation brings
one such is bloodshed -
Our Own Blood will be massacred
anoder is burning destruction
of what little We survive by
as a purifying sacrifice to and for the ownership of Land
and a Mind with Self sustaining ideologies
this will revive the battle
for Self-destiny - is Our forge - in this war
that’s why: Wi bound to have a Revolution
bound to a bloo~dy Revolution
Wi bound to have a Re~volut~ion
(a bloo~dy - dead~ly Revolution.)2x

The Revolution
to free the “BLACKMAN’S  MIND”
cannot be copied - MUST be original
Its attack forthright
to Its intent(ion) ... as
Its result IS  Liberation A  MUST!
for once, We’ve taste
the blood of Our enemies
the venom will never cease
till a thirst is quenched.

Some prefer freedom - but I steadfast
loyalty to the envisioned Liberation of I an’I
some marching for justice
I affirm for Lib~er~at~ion
some vote for equality - dem dey votin’ fe “iquality”
I never givin’-up - LIBERATION
result of this Mind Revolution.

What IS  Liberation
why is the NEED for a’ Revolution --
Mind Revolution that begins the Liberation from ...
institutionalized - continuum of oppression
if You don’t FIRST correct the wrong
within the illiteracy of Mind-Self
how do You intend to free
intend to free
THIS - it’s called Self-elevation
how do You intend to free

The Mind
We fight for -- IS
the Ancestry of the Human
Heart of the Soul
if You do not ‘LIVE’  TO
and BUILD  Your Own Society
based on Your OWN  Mental Aspirations
doing THIS on
Your Own Land - then
You are ‘DEAD’ and Your Pickneys

born into mental enslavement
functional - brainwashed illiterates
the shackled footstools
that dominance WILLED to be used
the Revolution - then
is to free the Mind
this will in turn reclaim the Land
and Liberate the ‘Man’
whom in turn BEQUEATH to rebuild a Nation
a Nation for His Progeny -- a'hoo ...
Wi breaking down da parties
facin’-up to dat, which divides Wi.

Morant Bay Rebellion
Green Bay Massacre
de’planned annihilation of
the Black Panthers
Mau Mau in Kenya
the Soweto Uprising    the MPLA
Movement - Popular for the Liberation of Angola
Cuban - Mexican - Haitian Revolutions
de’Maroons of Jam-Doung to the u. s. civil war --
these and other Revolutionary - Rebellions
left I-storical lessons from which Each MUST stride
Wi de under-classed
of all caste ARE
rebellin’ for class status
revolting for religious, economical an’ social
say-so and freedom
rebellious for cultural - Generation expressions
revolting for sexuality for identity
rebellin’ - ‘gainst you and Me
revolting for just being apart
of a revolt --
note: his-story has stated that
a revolution is mostly
a statement of the under-classed!
what I’m a’ advocating
THIS - the Revolution of the Black Mental Psyche
must stand - unconditionally ... alone and apart
never allowing Its agenda
to be tarnished
by a foolish thought ... IS

a Revolution realizing
the Drama
of the Living Soul    enough is enough
a Revolution Liberating
the Mind
of the Soul --    enough -- is enough
realizing the Drama    Wi bondin’ for a Revolution
Liberation brings    bound to a bloo~dy Revolution
forging onward to    bound to a dead~ly Revolution
ownership of Land and baptismal of the living Mind
the Mind -- IS
the Ancestry of the Human
Heart of the Soul!
suh Wi bondin’ for ...     a’ Re~volut~ion
(bound to a bloo~dy - dead~ly Revolution.)2x

IS - A - MUST ... a none-compromising MUST
an’ it is so damn easy
once One an’ One realize the power
of doing nuttin’ - cripplin’ the shit~stem in its stride
it’s not Self-indulgence
but My Young Bloods MUST know - why
Father’s Face is scared to smile
as Wi showin’-up wid something in Wi ‘ands
an’ o~o~o’ to the devil of-a-man
whose jugular will flow
the Liberation of My Land.

Now - I’ve thrown the pebble
will You - My Peoples … sit-back an’ waste the ripples?
wo~o~y~o~o - Wi bound to have a Revolution
bound to a bloo~dy Revolution
Wi bound to a Revolution
a bloo~dy - dead~ly conviction
enough is enough
enough -- is enough
Wi Revolutin’ for a cause
just because    of dat cause
dat old babylon cause
Wi bondin’ for a Revolution
bound to a bloo~dy conviction!

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