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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Gone Visit Di Ghetto (224)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Gone Visit Di Ghetto (224)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Row" - Cd: (4/17/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Gone Visit Di Ghetto (224)" - Song lyrics (translator):

Run little Children run   Git-it on up an’ rum
Your Innocence WILL   Young-Bloods - flash it
blind You
lead You down da
cause You to blow-up
Your Brains
steal Your Life
from You
as the ‘failure’ of society
is blamed
to be burdened
on - You.

lick, lick
sip, sip
pull, pull
another Black Brain
down, down
in vain
an’ de’Mothers - Black Mothers
societies say - NOW d’wyans to be blamed.

Renders pullin’
a track here
a track there
da’sled - sleddin’ everywhere
track dem
a line there
a line here
everywhere Yuh turn
there are tracks over there
across de’tracks
santa is headin’ South
he got da’white blanket out - COVER - teck cover, teck cover
who in da’Fam’ly fallen to be taken - out.

Santa is busy
passin’ through
the elves
have given a-count
of the census count
of the numbers
of You -- SO
time to ‘GIVE’  Black Progeny
a dose
of whitie’s privileges
suh, he’ll visit You
twenty-four-seven - anytime a’de night
from November
to the middle a’ July
he got de’paraphernalia enticing You - to
get HIGH from the problems … facing You
sey Yuh can’t afford
much less ‘ave chimney
don’t worry, beeeee … livin’ in “Hoods” or suburbia
he’ll find You - AND
he’ll ‘smoke’ down the pipe
so fast
‘IT’ will BLOW
Your wooing Mind - BLOW.

Not santa - NO
but’a You
who will be
passin’ ... de’vices
pushing de’pipes of temptation
from one Brother - to another
from one Sister - to another
from one Father - to another
from one Mother - to another
from one BLACK - to Your Self-destruction.

Santa is HERE
he got da’tools to
blow a’brains out an’
destroy a Fam’ly or’da
an’ depends on who is who
dat “motherfucking” VICTIM
could be You - could be who ..?

For de’privileged
it’s the aphrodisiac of choice
when abused
to epidemic proportions
it’s then dosed to drugs of destruction
in Black Neighbourhoods
santa gets from the whom
and gives to whom ...
or is it “Robin Hood”
who coverts?

Yes - he is all for choice
“It’s a choice of a - new generation!”
a~ah - a-fooled portion - the disenfranchised
of the population, de’Black population, de’Black population.

No more
fairy tale mysteries
time to TAKE  BACK amendments
and PUSH  BACK advancements
time to PUNISH fe Yuh
Mama and Papa’s involvements
in Civil Rights!
hope Yuh didn’t think dem caucasians
would let that era go - unpunished.

Prisons are built
and precincts can now -- ‘PUSH’
the sale of confiscated items
at state wide auctions
so I guess
the judges, cops and border patrols - dem dutty babylinians
really want to ‘STOP’
the importation of ...
the distribution of ...
the sale AND consumption of
their ILLICIT products
no wonder in “de’Hoods” of any city, county or state
there is a liquor-gun bar holdin’-up every corner
and the patrolling elves
cruises by on their turf watch
with holster unstrapped
wavin’ a smile … like santa.

Git-it on up an’ rum   Run little Children run
Young-Bloods - flash it   Your Innocence WILL
blind You
leads You down da
cause You to blow-up
Your Brains
steal Your Life
from You
as the ‘failure’ of society
is blamed
to be burdened
on - You.

How dat stuff - GOT
under Yu’r pil~low
up Your ventricular nose
blowing … Your Mind - HOW?
e~ea~sy - dey advertising ‘IT’
“Coke is it ... AAAHH!”
pepsi is only a competitor
made - from - ‘IT’
addicting with
“Nigger” - killin’ - portions.

Ironic how, “Ghetto” Peoples
can’t afford food
or a proper restin’ place
but can find
and afford ‘IT’
knows when an’ where
to sooth a ‘FIX’ - yet
Wi can’t find the courage
fe‘elp Wiself
to help the Chil~drens
but can help santa - KILL
Future a’Wi
it’s a choice of a
a disenfranchised portion
of a population
a-lost on a ‘FIX’.

Santa has come to “de’Ghettos
Shanty Towns and Settlements”
ho! ho! ho!
givin’ de’Yout’s
real machine guns
action packed
and packaged
for convenient use
batteries included
or cheaply acquired
to fire-up
at the push or pull of
a … switch
ZOOM - sending Black Future
down “ignorance grave”
at least: if not for DEATH
for possession
You will be CHARGED.

An’ da’doll
yes -- it’s a “white bitch”
feel her l~o~n~g blond hair
an’ fill her ease-droppin’ ears with
neighbourhood’s mannerisms and tactics --
then - amending
Your constitutional rights
with a warrant
by blondy’s dad
the “pigs”
are in Your Village
hunting “Livestock”
to auction
on the court yards
of twentieth century’s need
to relieve
its FEAR of Black’s Population
that is forever on the increase
dat’s on de’ - ATTACK
the census statisticians
have gotten ‘wind’ of a fact - suh at Blacks
the cdc attacks - the cdc - attacks.

Counter measures
the “Think Tanks” report
their white-washing plans
so “Niggers”
do the FEAR dance - da’FEAR dance
FREEZE!  FREEZE! - Baby~lon on the prowl
wantonly to keep the castes of Black Nation down
cops - captain cops - top cops
real - life - stories
ain’t no t. v. -- see
You are whitie’s MOST  WANTED
assuming da’position
bending over
to be -- ‘LASHED’ into submission
and da’doll goes
BACK - blondie is undercover … on her duty
to be … re-cycled
for another “Nigger-dick”
santa has his plan
an’ is out - to
fulfill it
an’ depends on who is who
dat “motherfucking” VICTIM
could be You - could be who.

Dey a rum bar
dey get tipsy
ov’a Tom Shop
gettin’ high
so down, down an’ “distraught-ed”
puffin’ a blunt, a pose wid a cancer stick, or
in desolation, alone an’ fearing eternal DEATH
a’ memorizing
mohammed’s koran or king jame’s bible
pointin’ fingers on You who is
caught trapped
on whitie’s witchcraft
them hypocritical jackasses
dumbfounded in their a-lost state
are unable to envision
the devil’s PLOT

which is the annihilation of
the resurgence of -- BLACKS
self-hate is manifested
in the hurting words
these ‘drunkies’ THROW - de’Young-Bloods way
Black Reassurance note: He is a chantin’ - chantin’ to You!
alcohol - A  TRAP
dem’a drunkardness a’fe stop
an’ fulltime   be realized a plot
cigarettes - A  TRAP
cancer-stick marketed at I
wid a definite   destructive plot
marijuana - A  TRAP
doped out, down an’ out
nu’use to   de’Revolution (all) about
religions - A  TRAP
a’de hoax dat brainwashes all believers
into beggars an’ followers, - how long must We continue
to be deceived by this plot
the FLESH of caucasia’s children - A  TRAP
if is love
why don’t they first love (dem) self
these things - every “sin-gular” one of them
is a ‘sword’
this - intentionally is driven a-wedged
into the fabric of Our bountiful Black Immunities
watch where Yuh place Your steps
Young-Bloods -- Your Rite Of Passage - IS
being ROBBED from You - in the name of religion too!

Pull on
his lilly-white beard
get down
on all fours an’ trace the tracks
santa’s sledge is tracking
lines here - lines there
never meeting
to agree on a common point
confusion the reward
behind santa’s painted face
have a sip to quench Your thirst
then You are definitely
one of the victims!

Yu’r going ‘Home’
but the billboards - everywhere
are telling, “It’s a season to be merry!” - and
as the circus provides
temporary laughter
Your ‘monkey’
dance order
he needs - a ‘FIX’
before he jumps off
Your head
Your shoulders
to have You ‘dance’
for santa
and if You are not DEAD
from shock
a bullet attack
You will be locked away
in ‘wonderland’
stamping out the ‘toys’
for santa’s
capitalistic shit~stems
a modernized “slave”
producing the tools
of a democratic
imperialistic society.

Git-up an’ rum   Run little Children run
flash de’area   Your Innocence WILL
blind You
leads You down da
cause You to blow-up
Your Brains
steal Your Life
from You
as the ‘failure’ of society
is blamed
to be burdened
on - You.

Body heat escapes
from abdomen
from head
from BLACK
as oxygen mixes
with the water of Life
and runs down Progeny’s drain -- RED
realization an’ emptiness
take over
suh, Yuh look DOWN
on Your ‘toy’
there is blood
as those ‘toy’ guns
now ‘GROWN~IN’’
in Your hands
needs a fix, but
it’s Your Mother
dat’s crrry~ing
de’Life of another Black
causes bawlin’
those g.i. joes
have joined forces
with battery cops
blood … is flowing
didn’t know that bullets
would be coming from those guns - one day
the heat of blood
You’re a-frighten hands
pointing at Self - it stains
an imprinted conviction
You are a statistic
of the
do not now
be a victim of the dungeons
where another ‘DEATH’ of rape - to SMACK the forbidden fruit
(awaits … Your Innocent stalwart Flesh.)2x

From virginia to its west
north to south carolinas
a wildfire should I spark
will these murders ‘LIVE’ the smoke
that residues thereafter? -- and note also
probation was lawed
to destroy de’Black’s Foundations
as corn-liquor under any taxation
is still drunkardness, definitely
fe Fam’ly willed, to be forever destruction
check it: on a cross - amending the script
santa liberally ‘GIVES’ the ‘flesh’ of his women
as inter-marriage he promotes
however, the devil he becomes to
prevent the structuring of Black Self-Government
he indoctrinates his kind of
of the supremacy ideologies an’ to serve a “God”
call - the mighty “GUN”
least I an’I seek compensation in the form of
Land and reprisal - bloody vengeance
Bloods - Young-Bloods
a Village devastated -- IS
is willed to the mental dependencies of drugs
and internalized frustrations - on the other hand
the enemy zoned to gated communities over there
if he and his “law and order”
ain’t around
in fist reach - THEN
it’s on ‘Self’
DE’PUNCHES will ‘land’
and if We don’t make it
a conscious effort of resistance and change
Ancestors’ ordeals will go
unnoticed, not appreciated and to forever - waste
Pickneys - don’t meck dem
dem raas-cals lie to Uno
de’inscription pon Solomon’s grave
in any language declared
“Here - lies - a - dead - man!”
now, explain dem DRUNKIE’S intent
to have Your Innocence
down the cesspool of drug addition
likened unto their a-lost state

it is clear de’love of misery
and Self-hate a noose on Blacks
in their depredated, depreciated - degraded minds
willing to LEAD their own Pickneys
into oppressor’s dungeons --
Children - it is not only for Your Self-Survival
but theirs also
that You MUST  Survive their “cultish” rubbish
suh wid
a knowledge of Experiences
a Will to live and a Progeny to preserve
You do ... whatever it will take.

Run little Children run   Git-it on up an’ rum
Your Innocence WILL   Young-Bloods - flash it
blind You
leads You down da
cause You to blow-up
Your Brains
steal Your Life
from You
as the ‘failure’ of society
is blamed
to be burdened ...

“Johnny don’t take Your gun to town!” - and
“Oh Johnny was ...”
“Johnny Bwoy don’t take Your gun to town!” - and
“Oh Johnny was ...”
the lyrics of dem mourning songs
sadly, another Black now understands
do We think
the addiction of any form can
march, fight and much less win a Revolution - THUS
for Self-Survival
We must BREAK the bond
stained in - unto the Mind.

Run little Children run
buggie-man after You
suh run, to figure what to do
(run little Children ... run!)4x

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