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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Isiah Mentor & Rub A Dub Band release two music Videos

Isiah Mentor & Rub A Dub Band release two music Videos

Isiah Mentor was born in Rae Town, Kingston, Jamaica. He started his musical career to singing at Tivoli Garden High School. From the beginning, he was noted for his vocal talent that led him to work in a short time with the best Jamaica's Sound Systems.

In the 80s, Isiah Mentor moved to St. Catherine, and became one of the top vocalist in the best dancehalls of the island, then he arrived at the court of King Tubby in the famous Fire House Crew in Water House, Kingston.

At King Tubby’s, Isiah recorded dub plate specials for sound systems worldwide. Sound Systems like Coxon, Saxon, Arrows, Stereo Malt, Wadat, Stur Gav, Unity and more. King Tubby was and still is one of the most respected producer in Jamaica. Most top Reggae Artists recorded for him and Isiah got the chance to meet and work with them. In 2009, Isiah Mentor released his first debut album 'Rasta Government'.

In 2014, Isiah met the Italians “Rub a Dub Band” during a trip to Ethiopia. Among them was born a friendship of great respect and professionalism.
Isiah's music finds its inspiration in Jah, and his universal messages are for Equality, Fraternity, Love & Peace. His Reggae Roots music is very AUTHENTHIC.

One God One Aim One Destiny: this is the reason that led the Rub A Dub Band to play Reggae. The band comes from different musical cultures and experiences and their new mission in music started at White Lion Studio a few years ago.

In Autumn 2014, the Italian band invited Isiah Mentor to record some songs in Italy. This project will bring the band to release their first album very soon. In March 2015, the first two songs of their combo “Smoke The Trees” and “Zion Train” have been released and backed by two amazing music videos on Youtube.
Reggaediscography invites you to watch the videos, to share them and leave your comments.
One Love

Isiah Mentor & Rub a Dub Band "Smoke The Trees" - (Official Video 2015)

Isiah Mentor & Rub a Dub Band "Zion Train" - (Official Video 2015)



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