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Monday, March 9, 2015

MATTUNE's debut album "Strade di Paese"

MATTUNE's debut album "Strade di Paese"

Maurizio Verardi, aka Mattune, is a Reggae singer born in 1988 in Salento, Italy. He has been listening to black music & reggae since childhood. He began writing his first lyrics & music along with two friends, they formed the Wood Zone Crew in 2006.
He moved to Rome for his studies in 2007. He began performing as a singer in the most famous clubs, festivals and Social Centers (Centri Sociali).

In 2014, his two singles "Strade di Paese" and "Strane Mentalità" were selected by RedGoldGreen the ROME-BASED MOVEMENT and then inserted in the CD "Street Art" of La Grande Onda. Among Mattune and RedGoldGreen was born a friendship that brought the singer to realize his first debut album "Strade Di Paese" on January, 20, 2015

The album includes different musical styles such: Reggae/Dancehall in the tunes "Reggae Ambassador" and "Strane Mentalità", the rich groove funk of "False Voci" and Hiphop atmospheres of "I 12 Mc's". There are numerous collaborations with the top artists, singers and emcees that make this album very interesting and fresh.
Mattune has also released two new videoclips that are finding a large number of views on Youtube.

Mattune "Strade di Paese" - New Album 2015
01) Strade di Paese
02) Freedom Word
03) Reggae Ambassador (Feat. Virtus)
 04) Godi (Feat. Manlio Calafrocampano)
05) Strane Mentalita'
06) False voci
07) Per Te (Feat. Sickrock)
08) Dove Andrai
09) I 12 Mc's (with Special Guests)
10) In Crisi
Label: La Grande Onda (Cd: 2015)(Digital Release: 2015)

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Mattune "Strade di Paese" - (Official Video)

Mattune feat. Special Guests "I 12 MC's" - (Official Video)

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