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Saturday, February 14, 2015

I-NOAH - DISCOGRAPHY: (Reggae Singer)

Last updated: October 2015


Singer: I-Noah
Job: Singer & Songwriter
Location: Jamaica
Genre: Reggae
Influences: Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Sizzla Kalonji

Jamaican roots Reggae artist I-Noah’s musical mission has been a real journey, riding the waves of change, and maintaining a steady ship throughout. He is now set to sail on the tides of good fortune with his ark finely tuned. I-Noah, real name Clayton Heslop was born to parent, Margaret Hallcock and Caswell Heslop on the 4th of November, 1981. He grew up as the youngest of five siblings in the quiet rural district of Orange Hill, St Catherine before moved to live in the Watermount, where he attended the Point Hill All Age School from 1987 to 1997, to developed the foundation of his education.

At a very tender age Clayton’s passion for music emerged rapidly which enthused him to participate in musical events at church and community shows. People in the surrounding areas were always enthralled by his high pitch smooth sounding vocals, which attract enthusiastic supporters who turned out in appreciation anytime he performed. This was evidential that at the age of eleven yrs old he was appointed as lead chorister at the Little Bethlehem Pentecostal Church Youth Choir.

During his teenage years Clayton concentrated on creating music that portray his positive vibes and cultural enlightenment which he took to stage shows right across the parish. Known to many as I-Noah, he categorized his style of music in the same genre like those great musicians who have inspired him over the years, such as the Legendary King of Reggae Bob Marley, Crown Prince of Reggae Dennis Brown and Sizzla Kalonji.

Introduced by his close friend Gregory, to the House of Love recording label, I-Noah recorded his first single “Rise From The Slum” in 2007 followed by “Gwan So Fah”, “One of A Kind”, and “Battle Field” which connect him to an enthusiastic and faithful fans base, who has motivated him in dedicate more time and effort to produce songs that eventually see him appearing on the billing at popular shows in Portmore, August Town and Judgement Yard.

His singles “Gwan So Fah”, “Friend Enemy” and Poverty Line” was released on iTunes worldwide. I-Noah also won the Pepsi Rebel Salute road show competition in 2010 which earn him his first Rebel Salute performance in 2011.

In 2014-2015, I-Noah connected with Edwin Limburg and Ray Jansson of Riddim International Soundsystem and Reggae Promotions in Holland and New York “Producer of the Year 2012/2013” Fitzroy Francis of Mightyful13 Records.

On March, 10, 2015, I-Noah releases his new single “Selassie I Rule” through Mightyful13/VP Records on the “Rhythm13 Acceleration”
The sky is beyond the limited for this very talented musical warrior as he brings messages of love, righteousness and fullness to keep the emblem of roots Reggae flying high worldover.
In September 2015, The singer released the new single "TIME".


1) EPs:
.2014 - The Journey EP

2) Singles:
.2007 - Rise From The Slum - [House O' Love Records]
.2009 - One of A Kind - [House O' Love Records]
.2012 - Fren Enemies - [Stone Age Productions]
.2012 - Gallis - [True Loyal Records]
.2012 - Battle Field - [Unique Supermix Productions]
.2012 - Gwan So Fah - [Unique Supermix Productions]
.2013 - Poverty Line - [Unique Supermix Productions]
.2015 - Selassie I Rule - (Riddim: Rhythm13 Acceleration) - [Mightyful13/VP Records]
.2015 - Time - [CVR Records]

See Photos and Music Videos:

I-Noah - Discography:


.2014 - The Journey EP
(Original Press):
"The Journey EP" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Gwaan Suh Fah. 2) Never Be Free. 3) The Journey. 4) World Change.
[Label: Unique Supermix Productions (EP Digital: 2014)]

Buy EP at  iTunes - Google Play - Amazon


New Singles:

.2012 - Gwan So Fah
(Original Press):
Artist: I-Noah
Song: Gwan So Fah
Format: Digital Single
Label: Unique Supermix Productions

Buy Single on  iTunes

.2013 - Poverty Line
(Original Press):
Artist: I-Noah
Song: Poverty Line
Format: Digital Single
Label: Unique Supermix Productions

Buy Single on  iTunes

.2015 - Selassie I Rule
(Original Press):
Artist: I-Noah
Song: Selassie I Rule
Format: Digital Single
Label: Mightyful13/VP Records

Buy Single on  iTunesGooglePlay - Amazon - Emusic

.2015 - Time
(Original Press):
Artist: I-Noah
Song: Time
Format: Digital Single
Label: CVR Records

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Bookings and Contact:
Edwin Limburg and Ray Jansson of Riddim International Soundsystem
Management. Fitzroy Francis of Migtyful13 Records {13474765882}

Europe & UK: 
Riddim International Soundsystem
Email: info@riddiminternational.com

Jamaica & USA:
Fitzroy Francis of Migtyful13 Records
Email: mightyful13records@gmail.com or mightyful13@gmail.com

For the press and media inquires:
Mightyful13 Records or Riddim International Soundsystem

I-Noah "Time" 2015

I-Noah "Poverty Line"

I-Noah "Gwaan Suh Fah"

I-Noah "Mama"

I-Noah "African Princess"

I-Noah "One of A Kind"

STAY FIRM (Jamaican Short Movie) featuring I-Noah
Directed by Amaziyah The Great

I-Noah "Rebel Salute Interview"


In This Page..... I-Noah

Photos by I-Noah

Biography by I-Noah

Discography by Marco Weststar

A huge thank you to Riddim International Soundsystem & Mightyful13 Records


  1. Big up I-Noah!! respect to the fullest, dun kno!

  2. I think you are the greatest singer with your fantastic voice and the greatest songs I have ever heard yeh Mon ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜