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Friday, January 2, 2015

E-MAJOR - DISCOGRAPHY: (Reggae Singer)

Last updated: May 2016


Singer: E-Major
Job: Artist
Location: Sunrise, Florida
Genre: Reggae, Pop, R&B, World
Influences: His Mother, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Donny Hathaway, Sugar Minnott

E-MAJOR is refreshing, enlightening and ready to claim his place on the World’s Stage. After countless efforts to establish a name for himself in the Bahamas where he was born, E-MAJOR traveled to Miami on an invitation to perform at a Concert. Shortly after, he became the Lead Singer for Jahapostle’s Band (one of Jamaica and South Florida’s top Backing Bands.)

His exemplary works lead him to perform and record with Inner Circle whose claim to fame is the “Bad Boys” anthem from the hit Television Series “Cops” and the hit Single “Sweat, A-la-la-la-la-long.” While touring with the group, E-Major visited 48 US States, the Caribbean, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe.

E-Major has shared the stage with the likes of Jose Feleciano, Barry White, Jerry Butler, The New Platters, Third World, Steel Pulse, Aswad, Shabba Ranks, Marcia Griffiths, Nadine Sutherland, Marcia Ball, Hopeton Lindo, and Radiance just to name a few. He released his first album “My Love Letter To You” on the Upstairs Label as Endel-I. After releasing two well received singles “I Want Your Love” and "Didn't I;" he followed up with three more, and is now preparing to release his most versatile album yet, “Everlasting” on the Working Class Music Label.

E-Major embarks on a mission to inspire love and consciousness; touching the hearts and souls of people worldwide. Influenced by various musical genres, he delivers a style that is unique and inspiring. This creates an undeniable universal appeal. You will be enlightened by the soothing and exhilarating voice of this promising artist. Penetrating your heart and feeding your consciousness. With his dues paid and a foundation laid, the sky is no limit for the unmistakable voice of E-Major


1) Albums:
.2005 - My Love Letter to You (Endel-I)
.2014 - Everlasting (E-Major)
.2016 - Contribution (Endel-I)

2) EPs: 
.1997 - Stanpipe &  Endel I (Stanpipe & Endel-I) - [Dub Doctor]
.2012 - Full Moon (Endel-I) - [Upstairs Music]

3) Singles:
.2005 - Summer Breeze (Endel-I) - [Upstairs Music]
.2006 - Glen Washington "Brotherly Love" / Endel-I ‎"Leave That Man Alone" - [Upstairs Music]
.2011 - I Want Your Love/Didn't I (Endel-I) - [Upstairs Music]
.2012 - Since You Came Into My Life (Marcia Ball & Endel-I) - [Rhythmax Records]

See Photos and Music Videos:

 E-Major - Discography:


.2005 - "My Love Letter to You" by  Endel-I
(Original Press):
"My Love Letter to You" (Endel-I) 2005 - (Original Version)
1) You Can Get It. 2) Don't You Worry. 3) Reggae Sound. 4) Summer Breeze. 5) Stay. 6) My Love Letter 2U. 7) Liberated. 8) Oh Jah. 9) Come and Get It. 10) It Must Be Magic. 11) No Nu Look. 12) Love Is In My Heart. 13) Cream of the Crop. 14) Summer Breeze Part 2.
[Label: Upstairs Music (Cd: 2005)(Digital Release: 2006)]

.2014 - "Everlasting" by E-Major
(Original Press):
"Everlasting" (E-Major) 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Everlasting Love. 2) Pull Up (Dancehall Nice) [Feat. Papa Biggy]. 3) Changing Times. 4) Rest of My Life. 5) For Love. 6) Friends. 7) Love for Family. 8) On A Mission. 9) Life. 10) Things That You Taught Me.
[Label: Working Class Musik (Cd: 2014)(Digital Release: 2014)]

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.2016 - "Contribution" by Endel-I
(Original Press):
"Contribution" (Endel-I) 2016  - (Original Version)
1) I'll Wait for You. 2) You'll Never Know. 3) Love Is a Personal Thing. 4) Blessed to Be Loved. 5) Contribution. 6) Main Target. 7) A Part of Me. 8) Place of Peace. 9) Never Give up on Love. 10) Didn't I. 11) I Want Your Love. 12) Full Moon. 13) Your Society. 14) Justice (feat. Mr. Pinnacle). 15) It's Not Over. 16) Steady Love.
[Label: Upstairs Music (Cd: 2016)(Digital Release: 2016)]

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.1997 - Stanpipe &  Endel I (Stanpipe & Endel-I)
(Original Press):
"Stanpipe &  Endel I" 1997 - (Original Version)
1) The Place To Be. 2) The Place To Be (Rhythm). 3) Coming Up Love. 4) Coming Up Love  (Rhythm).
[Label: Dub Doctor (Cd: 1997)]

.2012 - Full Moon (Endel-I)
(Original Press):
"Full Moon" 2012 - (Original Version)
1) Full Moon. 2) Never Give Up On Love. 3) Love Is A Personal Thing.
[Label: Upstairs Music (EP Digital: 2012)]



For bookings and information please contact:
Paul Bent aka Rasvirgo
Email: Shymane@aol.com
Email: emajor.management@gmail.com

For press/media inquiries please contact:
Email: emajor.management@gmail.com

Working Class Musik "The Making of Everlasting Love Album 2014"

E- Major "Radiance"


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Discography by Working Class Musik

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