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Friday, August 8, 2014

DON GOLIATH releases album "Calling On Jah" as FREE DOWNLOAD

DON GOLIATH releases album "Calling On Jah" as FREE DOWNLOAD

‘Calling On Jah’ is a compilation of Don Goliath tracks that first appeared on his ‘Rootsstep To The World’ albums. The singers and DJs on this set - all of them praising Jah Rastafari - are Idren Natural, Shabeel, Masta Jay, DJ Muzikal, Wayne McArthur, and of course Don Goliath himself.

The don is a versatile singer, musician, producer, and remixer with each song here followed by a melodica and a dub version. He has managed to create a unique sound (or style). Roots reggae is the base, but this is relentless sound system music with dubstep influences and auto-tuned vocals that give us a dynamic updated version of the original Jamaican genre.

Check out the rootsstep giant, Don Goliath - big, heavy, and loud, without any apology!

Don Goliath "Calling On Jah" - Album Free Download 2014
01) Ever Praising [feat. Idren Natural]
02) Ever Praising (Melodica Cut)
03) Ever Praising (Dub)
04) Calling On Jah [feat. Shabeel]
05) Calling On Jah (Melodica Cut)
06) Calling On Jah (Dub)
07) Hail Up Jah [feat. Masta Jay]
08) Hail Up Jah (Melodica Cut)
09) Hail Up Jah (Dub)
10) Honour HIM Name [feat. DJ Muzikal] 11) Honour HIM Name (Melodica Cut)
12) Honour HIM Name (Dub)
13) Sing Thanks And Praise [feat. Wayne McArthur]
14) Sing Thanks And Praise (Melodica Cut)
15) Sing Thanks And Praise (Dub)
Label: Dubkey Net Label

Album FREE download at

Don Goliath & Idren Natural "EVER PRAISING" - (Official Video)

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For information please contact:
Name: Manwel Tabone

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