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Saturday, July 12, 2014

'DEMONACRACY' by ZION TRAIN ft. Wufer, Tizla and P. Ali

'DEMONACRACY' by ZION TRAIN ft. Wufer, Tizla and P. Ali‏

This track and the subsequent music video are dedicated to all the immigrants who tragically lost their lives attempting a nearly impossible voyage across the Mediterranean from Africa to the small Island of Lampedusa (Italy).

Only the most horrid living conditions and a pervasive sense of hopeless desperation can compel a human being to abandon their home and everything they know to confront such a perilous voyage. The tragedy of Lampedusa can’t be ignored and easily forgotten because it is insane that we live in a world and a culture that thinks it’s fine to consider and label some human beings ‘illegal’, as if their lives were automatically worth less compared to others.

Are we evolved enough to be able to put ourselves in the mindset of a person forced to risk their life and the lives of their loved ones because an unjust and heartless world social-economic system founded on greed, power, indifference, pollution, air raids and brutal civil wars passed off as ‘Arab Springs’ has decided his fate for him in its objective to export and impose so-called western style ‘Democracy’ abroad? We have given a new name to this concept, Demonacracy. Brace yourself of the ride.

ZION TRAIN feat. Tizla, WsW Wufer & P. Ali "Demonacracy" - (Official Video 2014)

African Routes To Europe Map

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