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Monday, June 2, 2014

NICODRUM - DISCOGRAPHY: (Percussionist, Musician, Composer & Songwriter)

Last updated: July 2015


Name: Nicodrum
Job: Percussionist, Musician, Composer & Songwriter
Location: Paris
Genre: Reggae, Percussions, Nyabinghi  & Burru
Influences: Skully Simms, Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, Ras Michael, Alvin "Seeco" Patterson, & many more

Nicodrum is a percussionist from Paris. He released the instrumental album made with heart "Back To Fundehchan" in 2014.
The roots of this project can be found into traditional music. Traditional music is part of my day to day life. I wanted to share with you my love for this music, and offer you an album that I am pleased to name “Back To Fundehchan”. This album is my way to say give thanks to this music I love. We aim this project to an invitation to a musical journey. This project is lead by Nicodrum and 17 disciples. Every musician is master of his own discipline as this project goes from roots music from the 70s, to bossa nova, world music, jazz and more. No more than 12 tracks have been recorded.

Many instruments were used for the recordings, most of them were organics. To name a few we could mention flute, saxophone, melodica, horns section…and of course the full set of Jamaican percussions named Aketeh and many accessories such as guiro, cabassa... Bass and guitars are used on most of the tracks. This gives more audio homogeneity to the project. This project was recorded in two steps. We first recorded the core of each track. We often started with percussions, guitar, and keyboards. This allowed us to concentrate on rhythm and harmonies first before going to next step and record specific instruments for each track. Second step aims to provide the colour we wanted to get. That was a long process, that deals with searches and many listenings to approach as close as we can of what we wanted and how we wanted this project rings to your ears.

11 instrumental tracks, lead every time by two instruments plus the percussions and then another instrument that is there to answer (question/answer that’s how it is!) and to provide a colour too. This is 1 hour of music for your musical pleasure and your emotions. This project was recorded in a Parisian studio named Wise studio. This is a full analog studio that provides a warm and powerful sound. We decided to work with one of the best engineer in town, named Fabrice “Fabwise” Boyer.

Fabwise worked on different projects with famous bands as Jamaica All Stars, Pierpoljak, Von Gordon, Tu Shung Peng…). Fabrice recorded the takes, mixed this album including the dub track. We think that this music can be loved by many different people. When you hear the first single named “World” may be it will remind you Henry Salvador, may be not…but what we are sure it is a composition made by Nicodrum, Bim, Bost and Jimmy B and we name it : Rainy Days! A sweet but lively melody lead by Soprano saxophone followed by its horns section and accompanied by country guitar and organic piano without forgetting the percussions that gives this project sunny colours!

On June, 30, 2015, Nicodrum released new album "Reggae Experience", a new journey into the magical mystery of reggae music and its influences.
22 tracks composed and recorded by Nicodrum (credits include working with Capleton, Touré Kounda, Willie Williams) and featuring friends such as Thomas Cirade aka Mato (Lee Perry, Johnny Osbourne), Xavier Begue aka Kubix (Barrington Levy, Ijahman, Israel Vibration), Bastien Belmokadem aka Fayce (Pierpoljak, Tonton David), Sebastien Houot (Clinton Fearone, The Gladiators), Jimmy Zaccardellil (Horace Andy, Johnny Clarke), Max Livio, Thomas Join Lambert (Horace Andy, Sniper), and more!


1) Albums:
.2014 - Back To Fundehchan (Nicodrum & Friends)
.2015 - Reggae Experience

2) Singles:
.2014 - The Beginning (Live Nyabinghi Version) - [Tamtam production]

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Nicodrum - Discography:


.2014 - Back To Fundehchan (Nicodrum & Friends)
(Original Press):
"Back To Fundehchan" (Nicodrum & Friends) 2014
1) Rainy Days. 2) Akaschool. 3) Hills Story. 4) Double Barrel & More. 5) Back to Fundehchan. 6) Burru Man. 7) Méditation. 8) Reggae Is My Jazz. 9) The Beginning. 10) Guidance. 11) Fabwize vs Guidance. 12) Rainy Days -(Radio-Edit).
[Label: RFI/Tamtam production (Cd: 2014), Tamtam production (Digital Release: 2014)]

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.2015 - Reggae Experience
(Original Press):
"Reggae Experience" 2015
1) Rude Boy Skank. 2) Reggae Rockers. 3) Days of Oppression. 4) Dub of the Sugar Plum. 5) Viens on se barre (Just One Bar). 6) Reggae Experience. 7) Nyabinghi (Roots Mix). Nyabinghi (Trap Mix). 9) Dancehall Vybz. 10) The Good, the Bad, and the Rasta. 11) Dread at the Keys. 12) Burru (Roots Mix). 13) Burru (Trap Mix). 14) Kingston Gangsta Man. 15) Sunrise in Paradise. 16) One Drop of Sunshine. 17) Junior Jamaicans. 18) Bongoman (Roots Mix). 19) Bongoman (Trap Mix). 20) Back to Rub a Dub. 21) Lazy Day in Jamaica. 22) Tropical Xmas.
[Label: Parigo (Digital Release: 2015)]

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Facebook Fan Page
Website: www.nicodrum.com

For bookings and information please contact:
Tamtam production
Email: tamtamprod@hotmail.fr

For press/media inquiries please contact:
Tamtam production
Email: tamtamprod@hotmail.fr

Nicodrum "Reggae Experience" - Album Teaser 2015

 Nicodrum "The Beginning" - Live Rfi Radio

Nicodrum & Friends ..."Back to fundehchan" - Album Sampler


In This Page.....Nicodrum

Photos by Franck Blanquin

Biography by Nicodrum

Discography by Marco Weststar

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