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D'Eclectic - Discography:

(A Jamaican and Filipino duo touching hearts with their catchy melodies)

Garrette Simmonds

Axel Jed Alinsub

D'Eclectic - Profile:

Band: D‘Eclectic
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Genre: Urban pop/Reggae/R&B
Influences: Brian Mcknight, Usher, Backstreet boys, Beres Hammond and Sam Cooke

D‘Eclectic's Members:
Garrette Simmonds and Axel Jed Alinsub

D'Eclectic was founded June 19, 2012 by Axel Alinsub (Filipino) and Garrette Simmonds (Jamaican) both are prolific vocalists, songwriters, dancers and Executive Producers of all their songs. The name D'Eclectic derived from the fact that their intention is not to limit themselves with the type of music that they do, but will be experimenting with various genres such as; Pop, R&B, Reggae, and Jazz.

Their mainstream pop style amalgamated with the uniqueness and similarities from Asian and Caribbean backgrounds and influences of American culture as made them an excellent crossover duo for the U.S. and international market. They speak different language but they are able to make music together that has touched the hearts of many so far.

When "Escape" hit YouTube in August 2012 it brought about a shift in genre being that their first single was a gospel song called "Break me", but Escape quickly received loved by listeners near and far. Leading to raved reviews and a steady rise in the duo's popularity from their growing fan base. This has opened some doors with invitation for D'Eclectic to perform in various venues in the state of New York such as the famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe and headlining their own concert at the Payag Lounge and Resturant. In December 2012 D'Eclectic released their third single "Missing You", receiving worldwide attention, acceptance and positive reviews from fans, and radio djs. D'Eclectic has also been interviewed on multiple radios stations.

They also recently received a sponsorship from FIAT USA via Reverbnation due to being placed in the top 10 for pop music in the FIAT USA Band prix competition in America via Reverbnation for the single "Letting go". The sponsorship has provided world wide digital distribution of their first EP on major digital distributors as well their Electronic Press Kit, thus their future in music look bright.

D'Eclectic got an opportunity to produce a radio show called "D'Eclectic Synergy" The show will be heard on every fourth Friday of each month. The station is owned and operated by Miss Anika Ayanna.

The duo is set to release their Official EP called "Forever and a day" in the summer of 2014 with the lead single S&S (Scream and Shout), which has received raved reviews. The video for S&S has been released May 30, 2014 on YouTube. D’Eclectic has a lot to offer and will be making music to touch mind, body and soul of all those who come in contact with their sound and humble personalities.

 D'Eclectic - Official Discography:

1) EPs:
.2014 - D'Eclectic Singles EP
.2014 - Forever And A Day EP

2) Singles:
.2012 - Break Me - [D'Eclectic]
.2012 - Escape - [D'Eclectic]
.2012 - Missing You - [D'Eclectic]
.2014 - Letting Go - [D'Eclectic]
.2014 - S&S (Scream and Shout) - [D'Eclectic]

See Photos and Music Videos:

 D‘Eclectic - Discography:

1) EPs:

.2014 - D'Eclectic Singles EP
(Original Press):
"D‘Eclectic Singles EP" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Missing You [Feat. Sammy British]. 2) Escape. 3) S and S (Scream and Shout).
[Label: D'Eclectic (EP Digital: 2014)]

Buy EP at iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon - Emusic


D'Eclectic - Contacts:
YouTube Channel
Garrette Simmonds on FacebookTwitter - Instagram
Axel Jed Alinsub on Facebook - Twitter - Instagram 

For bookings and information please contact:
Name: Garrette Simmonds

For press/media inquiries please contact:
Name: Garrette Simmonds

D'Eclectic - "S&S (Scream and Shout)" - [Official Video 2014]

D'Eclectic "Letting Go" 2014

D'Eclectic "Missing You" 2012

D'Eclectic "Escape" 2012

D'Eclectic "Break Me" 2012


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