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Friday, May 2, 2014

MIGHTYFUL13 - POETRY: (December 2014)

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


December 2014


They will wrong your right
And weaken your strength,
They will make evil look as if it's good;
And deal treacherously wt the upful.
They will weary your word of prayers unto Jah,
But don't give up; and don't give in,
Jah blessings is store for the faithful.
Never ask thy self where is the justice of Jah
Because you will become a victim of their sins.
Hold steadfast and lose not hope


Living alone was very lonely -
So long without a real home was 'un-homey.'
I tried my best reaching out to many ladies,
But my best was only a tale of fairies.
Now That I've found myself a wife,
There's a brand new meaning to this life.
You know,a man in his mind will feel very strong,
Yet the truth really is,he's sometimes very wrong.
As I trod this merry way,
Trying hard not to stray,
I learn that things I do everyday,
Must fulfill Jah's essence to which I must obey.
For those of you who were in my path,
I pray that you will never, ever wrath.
Because none of you were brave enough to give I your loving heart,
To create this brand new start.


A woman love will shampoo a man's life
Wt natural condition to rinse away the strife.
She kept her silence all through the years While wiping away the many tears of fear.
What she felt no one knew
And revealing it may seems new.
But to herself she has to be true
So things can be right in going through. {FRF}

November 2014


Don't be broken hearted,
The name of Jah Lord is mighty and powerful than that of men. Exalt it above all things; shout it over land, Air, Sea and Universally. Know that, it is thy refuge, rod and comforter.
When distress and desolation arise...
it will keep you alive,
In darkness as a neon light.
Sing praise unto the name of the Most High Jah;
And the gate of life will be open wide as the clear morning sky.
Blessed be his name,
Worthy to be praise.{FRF}


From the vastness of life
comes the nearest of things.
For Jah love and graciousness
We all sings.
In all aspect of life
His glory...
He is in everything living things.
The perfect accord,
The perfect idea,
Of the perfect Iniverse,
gives peace, power and abundance of blessings from within.{FRF}

October 2014


This lonely traveling man
trodding to and fro through this land
of waste, of want, and dreary desert sand.
Suddenly, a drip, a drip... an Oasis!
A woman, a fresh drink of water to fulfill his thirsty plan.(FRF)

May 2014


I kept the things that they want
And give them what they need
Jah who is thy Shepherd
Guide I from envy and greed
He is thy comforter
The essence of thy seed
Amid all obstacle
Relieving all tears and grieve. {FRF}


No one is compel to read what I wrote
Nor obligate to speaks the things I quote
You have the rights not to like my post
You did no wrong hating the most
My time is of no importance
And I life is not your concern
I'm heat, I'm air and I'm water
I'm the word
The energy of time
I'm contemporaneous as like the SUN
I'm here b4 time began
I will itinue
Wt no end
Creating waves
Wherever I transcend. {FRF}


Life is good
Living is great,
Sharing love is not a fake.
There are always ways for us to communication
For us to advance and be prosperous
There has to be a I-servative effort
To abolish the enslavement of distrust
By the proximity
Of our love from the heart. {FRF}


A mirror shows that you are opaque
Lack of information make you vague
Clairvoyance is for the Sage
Who sees things in all age
Don't be bitter or be in rage
Life and time has its change
Give your best in every stage
The day has come to be on the front page. {FRF}


Memory eidetic
Keep frenetic
Looks aesthetic
Vibez energetic
Ability athletic
Mind noetic
Very poetic
It's genetic
Wt no cosmetic. {FRF}

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