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Monday, March 3, 2014

MIGHTYFUL13 - POETRY: (March 2014)

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


March 2014


Sing a song of lullaby
Make she smile
And never cry
Soothe her wt the wind of change
Real true love
Can't rearrange
Listen her voice
So suave and smooth
Honeyed susurrant
Keep you in the mood
Treat her well
And don't be rude
By thinking
Just to get her nude
Shows her that you cared
Act polite
And be sincere. {FRF}


The Warriors fought the battle
The Leaders got the praises
The Artists/Musician created the music
The Distributors make the raise
The Authors wrote the books
The Publishers get the fame
The ones who are creative
Often times gain less from the game
Now I see the blitz coming
Wt the Tsunami change. {FRF}


Don't look friend
Don't buy friend
Don't beg friend
Don't seek friend
Don't need friend
Don't friend friend
Because once those who would be your friends are real,
The power of friendship will never sink in the ocean of life.{FRF}


Some will
Some wont
Some can
Some don't
Some try
Some never
Some help
Some impede
Some promote
Some slander
Some behold
Some a ponder
When they should overstand
JAH Rule, Reign and Conqueror.{FRF}


The things one do
And the things one say
Will never disappear
Or go away
Intoxicated by consciousness
Implicated in righteousness
Be pervasive
The goodness of your soul
Exult in Jah ways br /> His epoch is indisputable
An allusion of evidence
Compass to measure the orb
Every erg has to be added
We all are apart of the count.{FRF}


We are old as creation,
We are young as the morn
We have no begin
We have no end
We are incarnated
We transfigure
We attain knowledge, wisemind and overstanding
We pray
We work
We play
We copulate
We reproduced
We nurture the children
We instill family values
We educated
We create
We professionalize
We conjure wealth
We practice good health
We increase in size
We all realize
We will demise
We transmigrate
We leave legacy of life
Where we all go
No one knows
Some will say heaven
While others will say hell
One thing I'm sure
In JAH all things are secure. {FRF}


I am energy
I have no language
I speak in all tongue.
I communicate telepathically wt all living things
I converse wt those who will comprehend
I live today
I know not the morrow
I give praise for life
I see no sorrow
I live for I & I
I am the WAYFARER of time
I journey through this dispensation and age
I will write a new page
I gain this plusperience from the ultimate Iivine. {FRF}

The Book of Life is not Written by Hands

The Book of life is not written in scroll
And that's the reason
Why the half is never been told
This is the book no one can read
If they lack the divine seal
The pages are not written by hands
But by thoughts,words, deeds and actions
That which is written by hands
Is transient
And will disappear like an illusive plan
The memories of life
Must not be short live
Remember the authors
And the message they gives
The laws of life is not printed on page
So never live in rage
In everyone there are a stage
Which will elevate them
Like the sage. {FRF}

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