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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Street Pharmacy's album "Free Delivery" 2014

Street Pharmacy's album "Free Delivery" 2014

Street Pharmacy's album "Free Delivery" is quickly becoming a staple album in reggae-rock. The album contains the singles "Welcome 2 tha Street Pharmacy", "Degenerate", "Sober State of Fame" and "Winter Coat".
In 2008, named Free Delivery one of the most impressive Canadian exports of Reggae-Rock to date and also named their follow up record "The Legacy of Rudy" the 18th most anticipated release of 2009.

In 2014, Free Delivery has received somewhat of a rebirth with a massive influx of downloads in Germany, England and Australia where the album is just being discovered for the first time. In light of this new development, Street Pharmacy has released Free Delivery with two bonus tracks "Empathy" & "Juxtapose" as well given the whole album a shinny new remaster.

The two new music videos taken from the album are 'Winter Coat' and 'Sober State of Fame'.
Winter Coat is a dark reggae track using the analogy of sailing on a sinking ship to express the harsh realities of a failing relationship whereas, while, Sober State of Fame is an up-beat party track discussing a young man’s struggle to pursue his too often intoxicated love interest.

Street Pharmacy "Free Delivery" 2014
1) Welcome 2 Tha Street Pharmacy
2) Sober State of Fame
3) Crazy Gunner
4) Figure It Out
5) Winter Coat
6) It's Better That Way
7) Degenerate
8) Two Brothers
9) Hey Elizabeth
10 Broken Compass
11) Go It Alone
12) This Life
13) Empathy (Bonus Track 2014)
14) Juxtapose (Bonus Track 2014)

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Street Pharmacy "Winter Coat" - [Official Video 2014]

Street Pharmacy "Sober State of Fame"- [Official Video 2014]

Street Pharmacy "Welcome 2 tha Street Pharmacy" - [Official Video]

Street Pharmacy "Degenerate" - [Official Video]

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