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Friday, February 21, 2014

Dubkey Net Label releases the album "Zion Chant" by Unitone Soundimentional

Dubkey Net Label releases the album "Zion Chant" by Unitone Soundimentional 

Dubkey Net Label releases the crucial roots/steppers/dub album by UK producer Reuben Addis. A highly respected veteran of the British roots scene, Reuben gives us 10 glorious tracks, ranging from classic one drops to heavy digital steppers.

The main singers on the album are longtime Unitone collaborator Zebby Blax, the Junior Delgado-influenced Hatta Benji, and Reuben's own daughter Dinah. Maltese melodica specialist David Magro (Mind's Eye Dub) appears on the splendid 14-minute-long TROD MOUNT ZION CHANT extravaganza.

Another Maltese connection on the album is Manwel Tabone's old Reggae Club Radio Malta show which provides us with 2 exclusive Unitone dub plates from 2003.

Nuff intricate dubscapes spice things up throughout this spiritual offering, the experience enhanced by a mystical ETHIOPIAN DAWN photo by Niall Crotty on the cover.
You can download the album for FREE at

Unitone Soundimentional "Zion Chant" 2014
01) Zebby Blax "Chatty Mouth"
02) Unitone Soundimentional "Chatty Dub"
03) Unitone Soundimentional "Dub Guide"
04) Hatta Benji "What You Gunna Say"
05) Unitone Soundimentional "Gunna Say Dub"
06. Unitone Soundimentional "Message Dub"
07) Unitone Soundimentional "Unitone Dub"
08) Sis Dinah "Let Jah Be Your Guide (Reggae Club Dub Plate)"
09) Zebby Blax & Mind's Eye Dub "Trod Mount Zion (Reggae Club Dub Plate)"
10) Mind's Eye Dub "Zion Chant"
Album mixed and produced by Reuben Addis
Label: Dubkey Net Label

Album FREE download at

Sis Dinah "Let Jah Be Your Guide (Reggae Club Dub Plate)"

YouTube Channel

For information please contact:
Name: Manwel Tabone

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