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Sunday, December 15, 2013


MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy R Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


December 2013

THE VOICE {livicated to Tessanne Chin}

She is a sojourner
Travelling her merry way
From the land of wood & water
Looking her bread & butter
In the great U.S of A
Within the realm of her's thinking
And devotion with her music
She just couldn't refuse it
To sing her songs each day
Jah has send an angel
To uplift her fellowman
Humility and dignity
Keep her going strong
Rebirth, renew energy
Is the choice and chance she take
And just like a flawless diamond
She became THE VOICE of today. {FRF}


This love I had
She never knew
Take sadness away
Turn grey sky blue
The effervescent
Of a candid smile
Spontaneously seen
As an illuminating mind
Pure and clean all the time. {FRF}


Some are worry
About the end
Which no one dear
To come and tell
Easily flummoxed
By what the scientist said
Is distraction from the Irator way
Look in yourself
From deep within
To see if you commit any sin
Can only be
When you set your conscience is free. {FRF}



PERSISTENCY [Tribute to Tessanne Chin]

All things will be coming
Now victory is in hand
Rainbow progress
Females be strong
The 'I can' in you
And persistency
Will make you take a stand
That radiant light
Clear doubters mind
With joy of sweet delight
Ifiguration of the stars
Assemblage of onlookers
Travels near and far
Excited how they feel
Celebrating Tessanne Chin
Sensational win. {FRF}


I & I
I am...
I love....
I want...
I need...
I hope...
I will..
I did....
I don't...
I never...
I see...
I saw...
I come...
I go...
I give ...
I get...
I believe...
I'd like..
I were....
I was...
I think...
I can....
I know.... how the synergy flow!! {FRF}


I love you my dear
Is a compliment mostly share
Though it may sound physical
It's genuine and logical
Impossible to place your hand
In the hand of just anyone
When you desire so to do
Your spiritual hand
Is acquire
The Hand of Jah is require
Reach it wt your benediction of love
Like the blessing from above
It's not of body neither of age
Or the writing on the page
But the beauty of your soul
Will make love take control. {FRF}


The Wheel of change
Has kept on spin
From that day slavery begins
They gave Us a God up in the sky
While work us all to die
Dreams of freedom
Dreams of hope
Only comes when some see the rope
Divided from Love, Joy and Faith
As the slave ship reaches the gate
Torture whip
Shackles and chains
Iron fist
Gun butt of steel
Sub-human bondage is what reveal
When the Master walk the field
Leave cold,and naked
Raped shot and killed
Shall break the spiritual will
To see the sun, moon, and stars
Rising from a distance far. {FRF}


Some acted if they are more godly
Some acted perfectly pure
Preempting their place in Heaven
Feeling comfortable and assured
Some are self righteous
Some are over secure
Everything they are doing
Must be adore
We all have a life story
Written of Our past
Shared testimony
Of things that never last
Give Jah all the Praises
In all that we do
He is the radiant light
To guide and keep Us through. {FRF}


Death or life
We all wish to live.
Sickness or health
Guarantee to none
Wealthy or poor
Many are unsure
Married or single
Some want to mingle
Love is not a joke
Like doing a jingle {FRF}


How many times has you told
The trees thanks for the fruits they produced
The Sun, Moon, Stars
For the light they provide
The Rivers that runs
The Sea that sway
The Winds that blows
And the clouds that floats
The Rain that fall
The Rainbow in the sky
And all Minerals that lies
Why we shew Praises to what we never sees
And forget to give thanks to those whom we see. {FRF}


Good communication
Create good conversation
Good conversation
Create good reasoning
Good reasoning
Create good listening
Good listening
Create good learning
Good listening
Create good principle
Good principle is accepting the truth
Accepting the truth reveals real love
Real love is manifestation of Jah
Jah is the Irator of life
Life is the existence of living
Living makes all things possible. {FRF}


Thinking of the demography
Each day as I live
Government rules all ages
Preacher are not sage
Archaeologist digging worldover
Anthropologist seeking for truth
Psychologist are confuse
Too much to refute
Atheist are not concern
They don't want to discern
As I look for the oasis
In desolation and drought
A tune plays in my head
Jah is alive; and not dead
I rejoice, and I sing
Of the happiness from within
Knowing the infinite and Omniscient Being. {FRF}


Educating the youths is key today
Grooming the future powerhouse
Is the only way
Labor for learning
What my parent would say
Wisemind, Knowledge and Overstanding
Mothers, Father, Teachers,Preachers
Provide the tools for the seeds to grow
Prime environment cause
A child's self worth to overflow
Leaders of the world
Look beyond war and crime
Help the youths in this time
Turn the battlefield into play ground
Give them space and room to run around
Truths and rights to keep them on solid ground
The little one, the little ones
Yes they are
Upful and bright
Sprouting like a rising star
It's a duty to show them far
Instilling education
Is the positive start. {FRF}

ONE LIFE {Tribute to all Children born wt HIV/AIDS}

Life is not what you see
Life is what you live
So when you hear about HIV/AIDS
You better think positive
Having sex is good
Having sex is joy
Without the use of condom
Sex can destroy
Some people look so healthy
Some look so strong
But when they take the test
It create an instant stress
Hoping their result
Come out to be the best
Children are born with virus
From parent carelessness
Who refused to be educated
And indulge in unprotected sex
HIV/AIDS respect no one
Your own fate is in your hand
It no matter who want screw and vex
Whenever you are having sex
Make sure you have your Durex. {FRF}


Be careful of the songs you sing,
It might be the reflection of how you live.
Be careful of the books you read,
It might be the direction of what's in your head.
Be careful to how you speak,
Feeling strong to be so weak.
Be careful of the things you said,
It can determine if you live or dead.
Be wise in all you seek,
There are many things in life for the meek.
Be careful of whom you go around,
In eyes of many you can be a clown.
Be careful of the food you eat,
Go for health to fuljoy wealth.
Be careful of what you don't forget,
It will lead in much regret.
Always know to forgive,
The ill stench of living you don't want to give.
Acknowledge the good who comes around,
They might be the one to place you on solid ground. {FRF}


Some are powerful
Some are thankful
Some are fruitful
Some are joyful
Some are beautiful
Some are wonderful
Some are soulful
Some are hopeful
Some are faithful
Some are merciful
Some are forgetful
Some are awful
Some are spiteful
Some are neglectful
Some are ungreatful
Some are deceitful
@ the end of it all
I'm happy to be MIGHTYFUL13. {FRF}


Winter come
Summer is gone
Ran away with the natural warmth
It's cold outside
With freezing wind
Temperature falls
Decreasing low
Altitude when not high
Accumulates ice and snow
From the sky
Shacking hands
Shivering feets
Hoody,Sweater and comfort sheet
To keep you warm
From the raging winter storm. {FRF}


Haters hate
Blinded eyes
Love is life
They can't see
Open your mind and take look
Few are facts
Fiction books
With misleading context
Misguiding path
It's best to have a natural laugh
The Elected
Are so few
Been rejected
Is nothing new
Then and there you will know
Human sanity has lost it glow. {FRF}


A place to go
A place to stay
From atrocity and pain
A place of honor
A place of joy
From disturbance and unfastidious day
A place to fuldure
And conquere fear
No insult or burden of insecurity
A place of no negative
A place to be strong
Jah shield us from all evil He is the Almighty one
A save Haven in all existence
Open doors
No limit moment or time
The entry is open
You don't need a token
Come in and feel free
In the place you wanted to be. {FRF}


Sex is a powerful emotion
Satisfy desires
Sex is a dangerous addiction
Attracts by physical attention
The dependency that exist
And the part it play in our being
It dominate, manipulate
Over ride the thoughts and mind
Sex is the root of many disorder
When improper utilize
Most of us are born of sex
But few birth out of LOVE! {FRF}

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