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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Last updated: June 2015


Singer: Marquis Melody
Job: Singer and Songwriter
Location: Oakland, California
Genre: Roots Rock Reggae
Influences: Bob Marley, Barrington Levy, Taurus Riley and Sugar Minott

Marquis Melody stands at the crossroads where authentic roots reggae meets world beat. The Oakland California based singer is a sponge that soaks up myriad influences but squeezes them out in the form of solid roots rock reggae.

With his latest release Roots Party he is set to take center stage after recording and performing for close to a decade. The single is a hard hitting composition with the lyrical quest of searching for that place of satisfaction which Marquis describes as a "roots party". Found on the same riddim as Sizzla's - Why Shoud I it is the title track for an EP to be released shortly on VP subsidiary VPAL.

He is of Jamaican heritage but was born in the United States. During his adolescent years he briefly lived in the island in the Manning Hills area. He always knew that music was calling him and learnt to play the guitar at an early age. Attending University of California he became quite popular performing on campus.

Making frequent trips to Jamaica he embarked on a recording career working with some of the islands top musicians. Taking up residence in studios like Anchor and Tuff Gong the result was his debut album Straight From The Heart. The nineteen track opus distributed through CD Baby featured the single Sunshine. With videos for Sunshine and another song Hearts Of Fire, and steady airplay Marquis began to gain a small but loyal following on the west coast and in Europe. So successful was Sunshine that it was even in the early running for a reggae grammy in 2009, though it fell short of the final list. He also made the runs of various clubs and festivals from Seattle to Los Angeles.

Now with a renewed focus Marquis secured the services of manager Roger Grant in order to make a serious push towards greater recognition. Grant is the former manager of Natural Black and explains his reason for taking on Marquis, "his sound is unique and his approach is very professional."

With a music video in the works and a marketing plan in place the only way is up for Marquis Melody and the artist says "Im ready for it".
In March 2014, Marquis Melody releases the new EP "Roots Party" through VPAL Music, while in May 2015 he released new single "Show Me"


1) Album:
.2006 - Straight From The Heart

2) EPs:
.2014 - Roots Party EP

3) Singles:
.2008 - Misarable - [Skank So]
.2009 - Do You Know - (Do You Know Riddim) - [Skank So]
.2011 - Hearts Of Fire - [Shank So]
.2013 - Roots Party - [Skank So]
.2015 - Show Me - [Cd Run]

See Photos and Music Videos:

Marquis Melody's Discography:

1) Album:

.2006 - Straight From The Heart
(Original Press):
"Straight From The Heart" 2006 - (Original Version)
1) People Get Ready. 2) Sunshine. 3) I Need To Know. 4) Tree Of Life. 5) Call We Foolish. 6) Night Shadows. 7) Reunite. 8) Lift Your Head Up [Feat. LazaRas]. 9) Calling Rastaman. 10) Give Me Love. 11) Judge Not. 12) Jam Skank So. 13) Straight From The Heart. 14) Straight From The Heart-Dub. 15) Unruly [Feat. Murdac]. 16) Unruly-Dub. 17) Sunshine-Dub. 18) Give Me Love-Dub. 19) Reunite-Dub.
[Label: Skank So (Cd: 2006)(Digital Release: 2007)]

Buy Album on  iTunes Amazon - GooglePlay - CdBaby

2) EPs:

.2014 - Roots Party EP
(Original Press)
"Roots Party EP" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Roots Party. 2) Hearts of Fire. 3) I Know. 4) Tell Me. 5) Give Me Love.6) Sunshine (Remix). 7) Sunshine.
[Label: Skank So/VPAL Music (Ep Digital Release: 2014)]

Buy EP on  iTunes Amazon - GooglePlay CdBaby


2) New Singles:

.2013 - Roots Party
(Original Press):
Singer: Marquis Melody
Song: Roots Party
Format: Digital Single
Label: Skank So

Buy Single on  iTunes Amazon - GooglePlay CdBaby

.2015 - Show Me
(Original Press):
Singer: Marquis Melody
Song: Show Me
Format: Digital Single
Label: Cd Run

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Youtube Channel
Website: www.marquismelody.com

619 Entertainment Group
Website: www.619entertainmentgroup.com
Email: musicgroup619@yahoo.com

Roger Grant  (Managing Director)
Website: www.619entertainmentgroup.com
Email: organicrecordsus@yahoo.com

Marquis Melody "Show Me" - (Official Video)

Marquis Melody "Roots Party" - (Official Video)

Marquis Melody "Hearts Of Fire"

Marquis Melody "Peaple Get Ready Live"

Marquis Melody "Sunshine"

Marquis Melody "Do You Know"



Photos by Marquis Melody

Biography by Roger Grant

Discography by Weststar

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