Saturday, October 5, 2013

Green Apples Riddim (EP)

Green Apples Riddim (EP)

California's Gorilla Status and Skinny Bwoy Jamaica have joined forces to remake and release the classic "Little Green Apples Riddim" by Dennis Brown.

A limited number of songs, (only four) were recorded over the track so as to keep from over-saturating the market and losing the integrity of the original Reggae recording.

The featured vocalists are Sadiki, Tripple Beam and Helen Rogers. "Green Apples Riddim" is currently available at iTunes and all fine online music retailers.

Track List: 
1) Tripple Beam "Little Green Apples"
2) Sadiki "Roses For Mama"
3) Helen Rogers "Faith For Love"
4) Sadiki - Lonely Night
5) Gorilla Crew "Green Apples Riddim"
Label: Gorilla Status/Skinny Bwoy Jamaica (Ep Digital: 2013)

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Green Apples Riddim Mix


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