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Monday, September 9, 2013

KEN BOB - DISCOGRAPHY: (Reggae Singer)

Ken Bob at Tobago Jazz Festival


Singer: Ken Bob
Job: Singer, Songwriter and Producer
Location: Jamaica
Genre: Reggae, Roots, Lovers, Soul
Influences: John Holt and the Paragons, Ken Booth and Motown Records.

For years Ken Bob has been associated with sweet harmonies and conscious lyrics. Nothing unusual considering the time spent in the studio flexing with luminaries such as the legendary Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown and Ken Booth. As a result of those associations, Ken Bob has received harmonizing and production credits on several albums released by the above mentioned artist, he also replaced Cornel Campbell as the lead singer in the group,The Eternals.

Ken’s style has been compared to that of Beres Hammond, due in part to the similarity of their subject matter, in addition to Ken’s lyrical prowess and sweet, harmonizing vocals. Ken’s style is definitely “lovers rock” while simultaneously roots and culture in appeal.
His subject matter encapsulates the life of the layman; his concerns about his woman; the need for brotherly love; the crisis of oppressed people and of course his love for The Almighty. As a result, Ken Bob’s sound is distinct yet mellow. His vocal styling is tender enough to evoke emotions, with easy warmth that caresses your spirit.

“I sing about love of Jah, love for my woman and sisters, and brotherly love among mankind.” says the St. Catherinite, who has spent his years living among the people of Spanish Town, Jamaica’s first official capital city. “Up in the hills I’m able to be inspired by the Almighty to write and compose this music;” he adds, “I’m only a servant of the Lord, a vessel through which this music flows. Needless to say there’s a magnanimous level of spirituality which emanates from this devout, yet humble Rastafarian. “My life mission,” he offers, “is not about material possessions, but about spreading the message of the Almighty.”
Ken Bob’s uncanny ability to sing not only in falsetto range, but also in tenor, is quite unusual for a Reggae artist.
“That has a lot to do with my love for the Motown and Philadelphia sound of the sixties and early seventies” Ken Bob smiles and continues, “I just enjoy listening to Smokey Robinson, The Stylistics and those artist from the era.” A self taught guitarist, Ken also plays the piano and the drums along with other percussion instruments.

Ken’s incredible musical prowess is evident in his vocal styling and also in his production skills. Not only does he write his own material but he also produces himself and has released several tunes including “In Danger”, “Lovely Lady” and “A Chapter a Day” from his Reggae Rider album on his own Asher label.
Ken has also released his album “Emergency” on his own label which is filled with thirteen conscious, uplifting tunes that stimulate the listener both mentally and spiritually. Radio friendly songs such as “Emergency”, “Yes I” and “I love Jah” reveal Ken Bob’s talent as a gifted song writer and accomplished vocalist. This album is now available on iTunes.

Ken’s numerous appearances in places such as the U.K., Calgary, Canada, Connecticut, Seattle, Washington, cities all over Japan, Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival sharing stage with artists such as, Alicia Keys and Michael McDonald amongst many. His “Emergency” tour in Germany and Austria, cemented his name and uniquely rich sound in the minds of reggae enthusiasts worldwide.
Ken is currently working in the studio on a project with Sly and Robbie. One of the songs that was produced by them is ‘Tracks of my tears’ which was nominated for the 2011 grammy. ‘Good things come to those who wait’ and its only a matter of time before this Reggae rider takes his rightful place on the stage of stardom.


1) Albums:
.1995 - Reggae Rider
.1995 - Heng On In Deh
.2010 - Emergency

2) EP:
.2011 - 2 For 2 EP - (Jimmy Riley & Ken Bob)
.2019 - Roots Natty Dreadlocks

3) Singles:
.1979 - For Vanity Your Heart Cry - (Ken Bob & The Heptones) - [Winston & Riley Records]
.1984 - In Danger - [Asher Label]
.1984 - Chapter A Day - [Harmony House Label]
.1987 - Never Let You Go - [Abintu Label]
.1987 - Over Yonder - [Taxi Records]
.1988 - On My Guitar - [Secret Weapon Label]
.1989 - Style - [Jwyanza Label]
.1992 - 100% Of Your Loving - [High Times Records]
.1992 - Yes I - [Midas Music]
.1993 - Look For Love - [Asher Label]
.1993 - Wonder Why - [Ugly Man UK]
.1994 - Under The Raibow - [Leggo Label]
.1994 - Just One Smile - [Leggo Label]
.2006 - Forget To Be Your Lover - (Feat. Sanjay) - [Black Mangena Label]
.2010 - The Say - [Taxi Label]

Ken Bob's Discography:

1) Official Albums:

.1995 - Reggae Rider
(Original Press):
"Reggae Rider" 1995 - (TDK/Japan)
Reissue: "Reggae Rider" 2000 - (Asher)
"Reggae Rider" 1995 - (Original Version)
1) Reggae Rider. 2) Heart Of Stone. 3) Hey Girl. 4) The Rain Kept Me Away. 5) Lovely Lady. 6) She Knock Me Out. 7) In Danger. 8) Storm Night. 9) Chapter A Day.
Cd Bonus Track*:
10) Reggae Rider Mix.
[Label: TDK/Japan (Cd: 1995), Asher (Cd: 2000*)(Donald Bennett (Digital Release: 2015)]

.1995 - Heng On In Deh
(Original Press):
"Heng On In Deh" 1995 - (Original Version)
1) Come On Come On. 2) Your Eyes. 3) Love Is Not A Gamble. 4) Hey. 5) Lover Man. 6) Crazy People. 7) Missing You. 8) Heng On In Deh. 9) Deep River Woman.
[Label: Tappa (Lp: 1995)]

.2010 - Emergency
(Original Press):
"Emergency" 2010 - (Original Version):
1)Long Way. 2) I Am The One. 3) Prodigal Son. 4) Lily Of My Valley. 5) Vanity. 6) Love Is Not A Gamble. 7) Crushing. 8) Moment Is Right. 9) Yes I. 10) Emergency. 11) Style. 12) Your Love Man. 13) Rock My Soul.
[Label: Asher (Digital Release: 2010)]

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Ken Bob "Lilly Of My Valley"

Ken Bob & The Heptones "For Vanity Your Heart Cry"

Ken Bob "In Danger"

Ken Bob "On My Guitar"

Ken Bob "Better Place" - Music Video


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