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Garreth Rippas Smith


Record Label: Rippas Production
Location: Spanish Town, St Catherine
Country: Jamaica
Date Established: 2011
Record Producer: Garreth Rippas Smith
Genre:  Reggae/Dancehall/R&B and Hip Hop

Rippas Production is located in Spanish town Jamaica. And has recorded eleven Artist some of them are; Don Frisco, I-bel, Lingwa, Dainjah kid,sashae just to name a few. Rippas production is quickly developing a following, already there is a buzz on the street. And there is the anticipation of one day becoming a musical entity to be reckoned with. Rippas Production is known for recording and producing conscious and cultural music.

When asked his intentions for the next ten years, he will tell you it is to produce bigger and better Artistes and Music – When asked his advice for the youths today he said, "it is in their best interest that they should cease following the crowd and develop a mind of their own". Garreth also went on to express his interest for empowering and uplifting the youths, through positive Music. “I think it’s imperative the we show the young people of the world there is always light at the end of the tunnel, I searched for a long time, but soon it became clear. I have to make music.”


1) Official Albums:
.2013 - "A New Day" by I-Bel - (Rippas Production and Warbass and P.A.F)
.2013 - "Love Connection" by Don Frisco - (Rippas Production and Rameda)

2) EP:
.2012 - "Growing EP" by I-Bel Campbell meets Duble Dilla - (Rippas Production)

3) Singles:
.2012 - "Family Roots" by I-bel - (Rippas Production)
.2013 - "Tape Measure Riddim Instrumental" - (Rippas Production)
.2013 - "Cry fi Di People" by Don frisco ft I-bel - (Rippas Production)
.2013 - "Summa Feva" by Frass Child ft Amanda Vibez - (Rippas Production)
.2013 - "No Weapon" by Frass Child - (Rippas Production)
.2013 - "Dum Dum" by I-Bel - (Rippas Production)
.2013 - "Be Yourself" by Don Frisco - (Rippas Production)
.2013 - "Money Man" by Mikitonik - (Rippas Production)
.2013 - "Don" by Mikitonik - (Rippas Production)

4)  EPs Free Download:
.2013 - A.V. "The Problem Riddim EP" - (Rippas Production)
.2014 - I-bel "Champion Bubblas EP" -  (Rippas Production)

You can Listen and Download to Rippas Production's music at Soundcloud 
You can enjoy the music at Rippas Production’s Soundcloud account, where you can listen to the playlists, comment in the timeline of the actual tracks, and share the tracks on Facebook & Twitter, etc.

Rippas Production's Discography:

New Single:

2013 - Be Yourself by Don Frisco
(Original Press):
Singer: Don Frisco
Title: Be Yourself
Year: 2013
Label: Rippas Production

Buy Single at iTunes - Amazon - Emusic


EPs Free Download:

.2013 - The Problem Riddim
(Original Press):
"The Problem Riddim" 2013
1) Don Frisco "Dirty Mind". 2) Honey K "The Root". 3) Dainjah Kid "Heart Beat".
[Label: Rippas Production (EP Free Download: 2013)]

Download EP for Free.....HERE


Facebook Fan Page
Youtube Channel
Skype: garreth smith
Phone: 18765430075

Check out Rippa's Productions From Jamaica and Click a Like and also check out the Artistes/Riddims & Pictures From The Rippas Productions Team.
IF you all need Artistes on Shows, Dub plates,jingles,Recording also Mixing & Mastering and also Promotion, Rippas Productions is the one you should contact asap ok.

Mikitonik "Don" - New Rippas Productions

Amanda Vibez "Di System" - (Rippas Production & Amjs Beats)

I-bel ft Lingwa "School Girl" - (Official Video Rippa's Production)

I-bel "ROOT OF MAN" - (Official Video Rippa's Production & Offoner Dub)

Don Frisco "Battlefield" - (Official Video Rippa's Production & Rameda)

QBE "Mama Cry" - (Rippa's Production)


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