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Thursday, May 9, 2013

PercezioneSestoSenso releases "Koinè" New Album out Now!

PercezioneSestoSenso releases "Koinè" New Album out Now!

PercezioneSestoSenso is a Reggae band from Abruzzo (Italy), which started playing in 2009.
The band immediately showed a real aptitude for the live performing in numerous tours throughout Italy.
Initially, they had began to have some small success playing in small gigs and performing cover songs in various clubs. Later, the band gained in popularity and began working on their original songs.

On April 27th, 2013,  the band released their first debut album "Koinè" through the label "HisTricks Records".
The album "Koine" is not directed only to fans of reggae music, it's also dedicated to those who seek originality of the sounds and good musical arrangements. Their song lyrics are recognizable by the depth of their human and sincere messages.
Their first single "Sai" began to receive heavy airplay on the Radio in Europe.

The album has been recorded and mixed by Bruno Avramo at Studio Formadonda, in Rome. It has been  mastered by Massimiliano Nevi and produced by Flaminio Cozzaglio and Bruno Avramo  through "HisTricks Records".
"Koine" is now available at

PercezioneSestoSenso "Koinè" - New Album out NOW!!!
(Original Press):
"Koinè" 2013 - (Original Version)
1) PercezioneSestoSenso [Feat. Alex Ricci].  2) I Man. 3) Sole E Polvere. 4) Nind D Mal [Feat. Giulio Ferrante aka “GiulioBass” outta Radici Nel Cemento].  5) Il Pane Dei Potenti. 6) Colpo Di Cannone. 7) Com S Fa [Feat. Alberto Anello]. 8) Vele. 9) Sai. 10) Preghiera. [Feat. Gian Maria Melchiorre Ricci].
[Label: HisTricks Records (Cd: 2013)]

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Percezionesestosenso "Sai" - New Single 2013

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