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Singer: Cuffy Nevinson
Job: Singer and Songwriter
Location: Dominica and France
Genre: Reggae, Soul, Cadencelypso.
Influences: Bob Marley,Bunny Wailler, Jacob Miller, James Brown, Michael Jackson.

Cuffy Nevinson was born on the island of Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica) located in the Caribbean archipel. A reckless and unruly child, he quickly understoodthat his life would be dedicated to music and that he would have a message to deliver.

 At 12 he was already known as “The Man of Golden Voice”. His powerful and charismatic voice surprised those around him. Groups on the island and local producers couldn’t get enough of him. At 19 he gave his first professional performance. Nevinson’s career continued to rise in subsequent y ears performing with such groups as, “Fourth Generation”and “Second Chapter”, the best reggae band on the island at the time.

In 1998, under the nickname “Spraggie” which has followed him since his teens, Nevinson released in quick succession his first album “Blessing from above” (Kufe Records), then “Bad Boys” produced by himself in Dominica with the best musicians in Jazz and Blues of the island. That album affirmed his status as a reggae artist indispensable to his country and from there his reputation began to cross borders.

After participating in the compilation “Reggae X-Clusive” in 2005 with the single “Rub A Dub”(Sowan Records), he was sought out by many producers, DJs and beatmakers of roots reggae and electro dub. He tirelessly recorded his voice onto riddims offered to him and rocked every sound system. It was in this period that he signed and released the albums “Sunshine Country” in 2009 and “Feldub meets Spraggy - A So It Go” in 2010.

 But Nevinson wanted more. He wanted his project to be music that he chose, so he decided to start collaborating with producers Dave Kynner and Ann-So B. from the young label Akaz Entertainment. Together they gave life to the project “Rebirth”.


1) Official Albums:
.1998 - Blessing From Above - (Aka: "Bad Boys" 1998)
.2009 - Sunshine Country
.2010 - A So It Go (Feldub meets Spraggy)
.2013 - Rebirth

2) Single:
.2005 - “Rub A Dub”- (Sowan Records).
Song includes in the Compilation "Reggae X-Clusive" 2005 - Buy Single at GooglePlay

3) Collaborations and Guest Appearances:
A.V. "Reggae X-Clusive" 2005. This compilation includes the single “Rub A Dub”
Feldub meets Spraggy "A So It Go" 2010

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Cuffy Nevinson 's Discography:

1) Albums:

.1998 - Blessing From Above - (Aka: "Bad Boys" 1998)
(Original Press):
First Edition: "Blessing From Above" 1998 - (Kufe Records) - (It includes 10 Songs)
Aka: "Bad Boys" 1998 - (Wonderful Records) - (It includes 8 Songs)

"Blessing from above" 1998 - (First Edition with 10 Songs)
1) Bad Boyz. 2) Africa. 3) Blessing from Above. 4) Good in Loving You. 5) I Man Suffering. 6) Make It with You. 7) My Love Is Forever. 8) Talk This Thing Over. 9) This Is for Real. 10) Bad Boyz.
[Label : Kufe Records (Cd: 1998)]

"Bad Boys" 1998 - (Second Edition with 8 Song)
1) I-Man Sufferin. 2) Bad Boys. 3)  Wanna Make It With You. 4)  Only You. 5)  My Love Is Forever. 5)  Africa. 6)  Talk It Over. 7) This Is For Real.
[Label: Wonderful Records (Cd: 1998)(Digital Releaase: 2007]

Buy Digital Release at Itunes - CdBaby - Amazon

.2009 - Sunshine Country
(Original Press):
"Sunshine Country" 2009 - (Original Version)
1) Hail The King. 2) Bingui Man A Come. 3) Sunshine Country. 4) Living In The City. 5) Them Fighting War. 6) Forward To Africa. 7) A Good Man. 8) Seek Jah Love. 9) I Wanna Be Free.
[Label: Believe (Cd: 2009)(Digital Release: 2009)]

Buy Digital Release at Itunes - Amazon - GooglePlay

.2010 - A So It Go (Feldub meets Spraggy)
(Original Press):
"A So It Go" (Feldub meets Spraggy)" 2010 - (Original Version)
1) Reggae Feelin'. 2) Gedeon War. 3) Woodly Woodly Day. 4) Walking. 5) A So It Go. 6) Mister Herbman. 7) Faya. 8) Wanna See More Love. 9) The Burial. 10) Dub In It. 11) Open Up Your Eyes. 12) Change It.
[Label. Banzai Lab (Digital Release: 2010)]

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.2013 - Rebirth
(Original Press):
"Rebirth" 2013 - (Original Version)
1) Pray Jah. 2) Don't Wanna Make You Cry [Feat. Paula Ajala King]. 3) Lord Jesus Come My Way. 4) Spread a Little Love. 5) Put Down The Gun. 6) Toop Too Doo. 7) Hélé Nou Ka Hélé. 8) We All Need Somebody [Feat. Adele Holness]. 9) Heat Of The Struggle. 10) Give And Take. 11) Children Need The Fathers. 12) Make A Better World. 13) Rebirth.
[Label: Akaz Entertainment (Digital Release: 2013)]

Buy Digital Release at Akaz Entertainment  - Itunes - Deezer - Amazon


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Akaz Entertainment

Cuffy Nevinson bookings and information, please contact:
Name: Dave Kynner
Phone: +33(0) 6 74 802 362

Cuffy Nevinson "Pray Jah" - New Music Video

Cuffy Nevinson "Rebirth" album Teaser

Cuffy Nevinson "Love is all we need" (Live In Paris)


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Pictures by Ann-So B

Biography by Ann-So B

Discography by Dave Kynner & Weststar

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