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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Last updated: July 2015


Band: Sola Kamba
Location: Wallis / Switzerland
Genre: Roots Reggae Dub

Current Members:
Eric Posse Drums (Drums & Percussion)
Gaëtan "El Chouka" Morard (Drums & Percussion)
Justin’James (Bass)
Mr. B (Piano, Organ)
Jean-Denis (Lead, Rhythm Guitar)
Lionel (Lead, Rhythm Guitar)
Nicolas Devènes (Trumpet)
Michaël “Miké” Roux (Saxophone)
Zak (Flute / Saxophone)
Amandine (Chorus)
Sani Passenja (Vocals)
Ian Grant (Singjay)

Born from the meeting of musicians based in Valais, Switzerland. Sola Kamba plays a conscious, powerful and melodic reggae. Founded in 2009 the band meets artists from several horizons around a common project : sharing of music.

In Summer 2011, Sola Kamba meets Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, the most prolific Jamaican drummer from the golden age of reggae music, this quickly leads the group to create its first album. The album is mixed at the Small World Studio by Gaylard Bravo and mastered at Anchor Studio by Spiderman.

Local Jamaican artists appreciate Sola Kamba's music, like the well-known DJ Big Youth who records an original version upon one of Sola Kamba's riddim. Fortified by these experiences and more than ever determined to share its music, Sola Kamba releases its album "Wallissically" in September 2012.
This release is accompanied by a tour in Switzerland ( Montreux Jazz, Case à Choc, Cactus Saloon, Bar King, Hacienda,....).

In March 2015, the band releases the new 12" vinyl on the riddim "Wallace inna Wallis Riddim". 4 cuts of Wallace inna Wallis Riddim with Big Youth, Cédric Myton, ... In June 2015 they releases "Related", second studio Album for Sola Kamba, as the first one, it has been recorded in Switzerland , mixed and Mastered inna Jamaica by Bravo and Spiderman.

This Album contains some serious Guest: U Roy, Prince Alla, Cédric "Congo" Myton, R. Zee Jackson and of course the Legendary Drummer and Movie Star Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace. On stage the band rises to its own dimension, each musician together in harmony for an explosive result.


1) Albums:
.2012 - Wallissically
.2015 - Related

2) EPs:
.2015 - Wallace inna Wallis Riddim
[Sola Kamba With Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace / Big Youth / Cedric Myton / R. Zee Jackson / Sani Passenja]

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Sola Kamba - Discography:

1) Albums:

.2012 - Wallissically
(Original Press):
"Wallissically" 2012
1) Present Train. 2) Red Blood Family [Feat. Ian Grant]. 3) Moment Of Life [Feat. Cedric Myton, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace]. 4) Feel Irie [Feat. Leroy Horsemouth Wallace]. 5) Wallissically. 6) Rolling Time. 7) Mommy Nature. 8) We The People [Feat. Cedric Myton, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace]. 9) Red Dub Family. 10) Moment Of Dub. 11) Dubbissically. 12) Rolling Dub. 13) We Sing Nyhabingi Song [Feat. Cedric Myton, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace].
[Label: Sola Kamba Production (Cd/Digital: 2012)

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Buy Cd on   www.solakamba.ch

.2015 - Related
(Original Press):
"Related" 2015
1) Natural Feel. 2) Celebrate. 3) Related. Give Thanks (feat. Prince Alla). 5) Relié (feat. Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace). 6) Time & Space (feat. Cédric 'Congo' Myton). 7) Better Place. 8) Lively Light. 9) Ska Remenecing (feat. U Roy). 10) One Take (feat. Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace). 11) Music. 12) Initially Free (feat. Ian Grant). 13) Like a Journey. 14) Thankfully. 15) Love (feat. RZ Jackson). 16) Dubber Place. 17) Give Dub (feat. Prince Alla).
[Label: Grooveharmony/Sola Kamba Production (Cd/Digital: 2015)

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Buy Cd on   www.solakamba.ch


2) EPs:

.2015 - Wallace inna Wallis Riddim
[Sola Kamba With Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace / Big Youth / Cedric Myton / R. Zee Jackson / Sani Passenja]
"Wallace inna Wallis Riddim" 2015
1) R. Zee Jackson "Chanting Sola Kamba". 2) Sani Passenja "Now We Stand". 3) Big Youth "Chant Down Babylon". 4) Cedric Myton "We The People"
[Label: Sola Kamba Production (Vinyl 12": 2015)

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Sola Kamba - Wallace Inna Wallis Riddim feat. Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace - [2015]

Sola Kamba live at Montreux Jazz Festival

Sola Kamba "We the People" (feat. Cedric Myton & Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace)

Sola Kamba - Wallissically - Tease

Sola Kamba "Red Blood Family" 2012


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