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Friday, November 16, 2012

'Question Riddim' An Excellent Compilation by 619 Entertainment Group

'Question Riddim' An Excellent Compilation by 619 Entertainment Group

It is rare for a one riddim compilation to maintain a level of quality throughout but The Question Riddim various artists album has achieved this feat.
The collection features some familiar stars of the cultural side of reggae; Luciano, Turbulance, Lutan Fyah, Jahmali, Natural Black and Mark Wonder. Some of these stars paired with newer acts in the case of Lutan Fyah with Hefla Nyah on one of the leading tracks "Lies & Tricks" and Luciano with Princess Thundah on "Global Warfare".

This new release reminds many music critics of the nineties compilation 'Lalabella' on which every song proved to be potent and stood up on its own in spite of being on the same instrumental track. On the Question the song-writing is first rate and all of the fifteen compositions deliver strong messages. Chrisinti's "Trust Me", Chukki Starrs "Prepare", Prophecy's "How Could I" and the aforementioned "Lies & Tricks" takes on the political establishment and chides them for poor leadership and dishonesty. Mark Wonders "World Crisis" and "Global Warfare" highlights the chaotic state of the world while Andy Livingstons "One Shepherd" tackles the futility of divisions caused by religion. Asfa's "Not The LIfe" and Jahmali's "What To Talk" mirrors the artist's own personal frustration with injustice while Robert Sutherland, Mikey Tan Ya and Ras Bogle touches on topics of relationships and personal morality. Natural Blacks "Question", the title track, is an anthem for the burgeoning groups advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

The compilation never gets mundane and the general production is good with producers Roger Grant and Bentonn Dunn being careful in not allowing the melodies of the different songs becoming homogenous, The riddim came by way of hired guns Donald Bassie Dennis and Paul Wrong Move Crossdale and the mixes by top flight engineers Rohan Dwyer and Delroy Fatta Pottinger. Background vocals were handled by Carol Dwyer, Carl Morrison, Earl Smith and Marie Smith. The production label is 619 Entertainment and it is distributed by VP Records through its subsidiary VPAL and was released in October on all major online stores.

"Question Riddim" (Various Artists Compilation) 2012
1) Natural Black "Question".
2) Luciano Feat. Princess Thundah "Global Warfare".
3) Lutan Fyah & Hefla Nyah "Lies And Tricks".
4) Prophecy "How Could I".
5) Asfa "Not The Life".
6) Turbulence "Poor Mans Cry".
7) Chrisinti "Trust Me".
8) Mikey Tanya "Treat Me Right".
9) Robert Sutherland "Only A Fool".
10) Jahmali "What To Talk".
11) El Feco B "Dem Can't Stop Yu".
12) Andy Livingston "One Shepherd".
13) Chukki Starr "Prepare".
14) Mark Wonder "World Crisis".
15) Ras Boogle "Give Thanks For Life".
[Label: 619 Entertainment/VP Records (Digital Release: 2012)]

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