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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hailee Araya 'Diaspora Blues' New Single out August 2012

Hailee Araya 'Diaspora Blues' New Single out August 2012

Hailee Araya is an Ethiopian Swedish singer songwriter born and raised in Lund.
Hailee's new single 'Diaspora Blues' is an Afro jazz influenced song conscious content and describes a longing to connect with ones African Roots. As a Diaspora from Ethiopia born and raised in Sweden, this is a song very close to Hailee's heart.

She wrote the song with her mother Rahel Haile and says her little brother Abel inspired the power and strength in it.
'Diaspora Blues' has been produced by South African producer Mambo faceless, Brian Beatz and Hailee Araya.
Her first debut album 'My Silence', will be released at the end of this year.
The new Song "Diaspora Blues" is available in Digital format on Amazon and Itunes.

                                     Video: Hailee Araya "Diaspora Blues"

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Hailee Araya "Diaspora Blues" - New Single
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New Single:
1) Diaspora Blues
[Label: H Araya Entertainment  (Digital Release: 2012)]

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