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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aima Moses 'Can't Stay' - New Single

Aima Moses 'Can't Stay' - New Single 

The beautiful island of Dominica is known for its unspoiled natural beauty. But its musical offerings have also made this tropical island one of the more popular among Caribbean nations.
Reggae artist Aima Moses is quick to point out that music has always been a source of refuge for him.
“I am a musical person and I love all genres of music. Growing up in a poor family I got introduced to a lot of different genres from through my parents”, Aima explained.

The talented artiste has his sights set on making a name for himself in international music circles.
‘Musically, I am bringing a breath of fresh air to the table. More food for thought and this is one of the things my fans have told me over and over again. More righteousness in the music”, he said reassuringly.

Born Amaziah Moses, he got the name Aima as a nickname while he was still a child. He was quite active on his school’s choir and honed his musical chops, preparing himself for the musical journey that he would later embark on.
“I was involved in choirs during my primary and high school years. I see every artist as having a gift from the most high which we should all use for the benefit or our nation and the world”, Moses explained.

He has been recording professionally since 2005 when he made his debut with the single 'Fire Fire'. That same year he released his debut album 'No Barriers'.

Among his better known songs are, 'Lady You', 'Come Closer', 'All the Same', 'My Love', 'No place and Keep it Real'.

Aima Moses has worked with a number of producers in reggae music not only across the Caribbean but across Europe.
“I have worked with producers including DeYoung Norville, Black Kings, Gold Cup Records from Italy, Red Boom, Mani Bwoy and Harmoney from Jamaica; Ras Bruno from the UK, and Ayun Productions from Miami”, Aima revealed.

The artiste recently signed with Donsome Records to take his career to the next level.
He is currently working on an album for Donsome Records. Some of his current singles include 'One in a Million' on the Queens rhythm and 'Can’t Stay'.

Aima Moses 'Can't Stay' - Music Video  2012

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