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Thursday, August 11, 2011

RUFF SCOTT releases new album "Roots And Culture"

RUFF SCOTT releases new album "Roots And Culture" 

Ruff Scott is a Reggae Singer, He was born in Manchester (Jamaica), has been involved in the Reggae music Industry for more 20 years.
He has performed with some of the biggest stars in Reggae gracing the stage with the likes of Yellowman, D. Brown, M. Griffith, Sugar Minott, Bennie Man and...
Today , he releases the new album "Roots And Culture" produced and released by "Cool Breeze Records" from New York.
The lyrics are very inspired, they talk about culture, of Jah and of universal love. All 18 tracks having been produced by "Julien C. Paul".
This Album features a stellar cast of musicians such as "Fred. McCondichie" on the drums and "Aya Kato" on the keyboards, "Sherrad Harris" on guitar, while the Background vocals was performed by "Espress Idama".
The entire album was recorded at "Que's Crib" in Brooklyn.The first official Video of "Roots And Culture is "Tell Dem Fi Gwaan".

RUFF SCOTT "Roots And Culture" 2011
(Original Press):

1) Roots And Culture. 2) Forward Ever. 3) He Is Real. 4) Make You Smile. 5) Tell Dem Fi Gwaan. 6) Don't Saste My Time. 7) Crying. 8) Steal Your Joy. 9) Action. 10) 4 Seasons Lover. 11) Food Consumption. 12) Blaze Up. 13) Red, Gold And Green. 14) Zoom [Get De Broom]. 15) Good Vibration. 16) Miss Fantastic. 17) She. 18) Tell Her Again.
[Label: Cool Breeze Records (Cd: 2011)(Digital Version: 2011)]

Ruff Scott - "Blaze Up" 2011

Ruff Scott - "Action" 2011


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