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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Singer: Max Adioa
Job: Singer & Songwriter
Location: Paris, France

Maxidilick Adioa (his real name) born in Dakar (Senegal) in the years 50's. He is a Reggae singer, musician, storyteller, a poet who uses music to deliver positive and pacifists messages.
His career has developed in the renewal of contemporary African music.
His repertoire is inexhaustible manifestation of the original African style, put together by harmonic reggae compositions.
Son of a mother Peule and a father Fulah Mandingo, he learned and absorbed, since his tender age, the different musical cultures of Africa, as Jazz, Blues and Rock.

In 1968, he began playing drums and guitar. He formed his first group, "Blues System" for which he wrote his first songs, the group participated in various musical events in Dakar, Bamako and Abidjan.
In 1980, he moved from Senegal to Paris, where he still lives.
Max Adioa founded in 1986, the Reggae group "Adioa" (African Dimension Of Soul I and I). In 1987, their first single has been "Toubab Bile". In 1988, the second single has been "Buma Done Yene".In 1990, Adioa released their first album "Soweto Man" on Mango/Island Label.

The album has received numerous awards in Africa and Europe. The fans have started to follow his music. In 1996, their second album has been "Waxe".
In year 2000's, Max Adioa returned to writing new songs.
At the end of 2011, he reformed his band. In the next months, he will return performing live in Europe and Africa.
In February 2012, with the help of friends and fans, he launched his new website "".
Currently, Adioa is recording his 3th album, it will be released in the coming months.
Welcome back Max!


1) Albums:
.1990 - Soweto Man
.1996 - Waxe

2) Singles:
.1987 - Toubab Bilé
.1988 - Buma Done Yene

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Adioa - Official Discography:

1) Albums:

.1990 - Soweto Man
(Original Press):

"Soweto Man" 1990 - (Original Version)
1) Jiggen Bu Nul. 2) Sama Yone. 3) Toubab Bile. 4) Soweto Man. 5) Reggae Musik. 6) N'deye Loye Joy. 7) Freedom For The Black People. 8) Buma Done Yene.
[Label: Island (Lp: 1990)(Cd: 1995)]

.1996 - Waxe
(Original Press):

"Waxe" 1996 - (Original Version)
1) Liberty. 2) Jubbo. 3) Waxe. 4) Le Roi Sans Couronne. 5) Rastaman Soul. 6) Konimase. 7) Afrika. 8) Sarah. 9) Soppe. 10) Rastaman Wake Up. 11) Toubab Bilè [Version Originale]. 12) Rastaman Soul [Dub Version]. 13) Waxe [Dub Version].
[Label: Max Adioa/Rbm (Cd: 1996)]

2) Singles:

.1987 - Toubab Bilé - (Maxi Single)
(Original Press):

"Toubab Bilé" 1987 - (Original Version)
Side A: "Toubab Bi le".
Side B: "Fatelikul [Version]".
[Label: Safari Ambience (Maxi Single: 1987), ...]

.1988 - Buma Done Yene - (Single)
(Original Press):

"Buma Done Yene" 1988 - (Original Version)
1) Buma Done Yene.
[Label: Blue Moon (7": 1988), ...]

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Max Adioa  "Soweto Man (Version Acoustique)"

Max Adioa "Afrika"

Max Adioa "Soweto man" 1990

Max Adioa "Freedom for black people" 1990

Max Adioa "Soppe" 1996

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