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Last updated: January 2014

Mellow Mood in 2013

Mellow Mood is a Reggae band from Pordenone (Italy), which has started playing in 2005.
In April 2008, they won the regional selections of Italia Wave, one of Italy's most famous competitions.
In January 2009, they released "MOVE!" their first full-length album, produced by Paolo Baldini.
In May 2009, they Won the Rototom Sunsplash Italian Reggae Contest and rank 3rd at the European Reggae Contest.
On 18th May 2012, they released the new album "Well Well Well".
In these three years after the debut's album, Mellow Mood have come a long way, becoming in the meantime one of the best Italian reggae band. Their music has found new fans in Latin America, Mexico and Guatemala. Currently, the page with their discography is the most visited of our blog. (70 visits everyday).
Our opinion:
"Well Well Well" is a great album that highlights: talent, energy and vitality and artistic expression of all the young band members. it's an intense and elegant album, with songs fast and positive, immersed in a musical texture with many nuances. The production is still by the great 'Paolo Baldini'.
In September 2013, the band released the new single " Dig Dig Dig".


1) Demo CDs:
.2006 - Dem Crazy Jah EP
.2006 - Live @ Esat Studio

2) Official Albums:
.2009 - MOVE!
.2012 - Well Well Well

3) Singles:
.2011 - Inna Jail - [Alambic Conspiracy]
.2013 - Dig Dig Dig - [La Tempesta International]
.2013 - Bun Vampaya - [La Tempesta International]
.2013 - "Extra Love" (Mellow Mood feat. Tanya Stephens) - [La Tempesta International]

See Photos and Music Videos:

Mellow Mood's Discography:

1) Demo CDs:
.2006 - Dem Crazy Jah EP - (Demo Cd)
.2006 - Live @ Esat Studio - (Demo Cd)

2) Official Albums:

.2009 - MOVE!
(Original Press):

"MOVE!" 2009 - (Original Version)
1) Tonight. 2) Only You. 3) Dance inna Babylon. 4) So Many Tears. 5) Brighter love. 6) How Many Rivers. 7) I’m not a Suffering. 8) Rock Me. 9) So Much Beauty. 10) We a Come. 11) Thanks. 12) Jah Keep the Truth. 13) Blaze it Up. 14) Sweet.
[Label: Alambic Conspiracy (Cd: 2009)(Digital Release: 2009)]

Buy Digital Release at iTunes

2012 - Well Well Well
(Original Press):
"Well Well Well" 2012 - (Original Version)
1) Inna Jail. 2) Something We Really Want. 3) Dat’s Me [No Remedy]. 4) Moses. 5) She’s So Nice. 6) Refugee. 7) Something So Sure. 8) Try Baby [Feat. Moymoy]. 9) Well Well Well. 10) Man A Express. 11) My Girl. 12) Cry Out. 13) Real Hot. 14) Immigrant Star. 15) Sunshine.
[Label: La Tempesta International (Cd: 2012)(Digital Release: 2012)]

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Buy Cd at La Tempesta International


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Mellow Mood feat. Tanya Stephens - "Extra Love" (2014)

Mellow Mood "Bun Vampaya" 2013

Mellow Mood "Dig Dig Dig" (Official Videoclip 2013)

Mellow Mood "She’s So Nice" 2012 - (Taken from the New Album "Well Well Well")

Video Song: "Moses" 2012 - (Taken from the New Album "Well Well Well")

Video Song: "Man A Express" (Acoustic Version) - Promo Tour 2012

Video Live: "Mellow Mood - Live @ Rototom Sunsplash 2009"

Video Song: "Only You (Official Video)"

Video Song: "Rock me"


  1. guys, you've really reached a high level of reggae music! Great, Keep it up, and best regards from the Croatian ras Lea Goluban! Bless!

  2. Hola !!! somos de Costa Rica ... no nada queriamos felicitarlos por su musica ... SON GENAILES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exc canciones "DANCE INNA BABYLON" y "ONLY YOU" bendiciones ... ¡ PURA VIDA !

  3. mellow mood lo máximo, se pasaron cabros y dance inna babylon es un tema que me puso los pelos de punta la primera vez que lo escuche ;) (Y) éxito y sigan así

  4. Keep it up sooth to my ears Reggae Muusik

  5. you guys are awesome...i love mellow mode,keep it up guys,im your no.1 fan here in philippines,god bless..muah!!!

  6. Buen reggae seguido de un buen royo incréible.
    Os felicito desde EspAña!!

  7. Genial en todos los aspectos,muy buen reggae!
    Os felicito desde España!

  8. one of best reggae band you guys are... best wishes from people of india.. we support you guys...

  9. Вы просто молодцы! с уважением из России!