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Last updated: July 2017
Original Sicilian Style in 2017


Band: Original Sicilian Style
Location: Catania (Sicily) - ITALY
Genre: Reggae / Roots
Influences: Elettronica

Current Members:
Vito il Principe - (Vox)
LaRizzo - (Vox)
Lorca Assassina - (Dj)
Maestro Garofalo - (Keyboards)
Marco Puglisi - (Keyboards)
Enrico Giuffrida - (Guitar)
Salvo Privitera - (Drum)
Salvo Seminatore - (Bass - Guitar)
Kim Baiunco - (Bass)

Original Sicial Style is a visual and musical project born from the encounter of three artists: Enrico Pellegrino (Vito il principe), Carmelo Mirabella (Meu), and Luca Lorca Assassina (Luca Rinaudo) .
These performers have been active for several years in the music scene of Catania, Italy.
Pellegrino, with Mirabella by his side, created the demential band "Vito il Principe e i Figghi Pessi" in 2006 and lasted well into 2011. Its achievements consisted of 4 recorded albums and several live performances all across Italy. Along its journey, the band managed to win several awards including: "Best MySpace Band" (voted by MySpace Italy in 2009) and "Professional Author" (created by R101 T.V.).

During a television show in the summer of 2010, Pellegrino and Mirabella teamed up with Rinaudo to create the band now known as OSS. Rinaudo's style offers a new chemical to the bands concoction, delivering a project based on reggae rhythm and beats. OSS, with its revamped style, has immediately accumulated great success with audiences and critics alike.
Their first single "Il Mio Sole" instantly became the hit of summer parties in multiple parts of Sicily in 2011 and was featured on the playlist of Radio Frequence K (Marseille, France) which was edited by DJ Raggapero of Agonie Sound System in May 2011. Shortly after, they created the event of the year: "The Sicilian Flow" enabling the unification of Old School rock with the New Generation of the Italian's Rap Panorama.

This event still holds the record in the Rap musical category in Sicily and in July 2011 they were awarded "Best Band" at the World Music Festival Pubs in Milazzo, Italy. By September 2011, "Il Mio Sole" made the Top 10 for two weeks on Radio Network in Milan, Italy.
OSS later collaborated with Mc Shark, 2Daze (veteran Dj from Rome's "Omega Zulu Maasai King Kong Posse"), and also with Signor Wolf (leading exponent of The Italian Funk) participating in his latest hit CD "Funkology" featuring the song "Time" released in 2012. Entering the playlist of reggae radio program in Belgrade (Serbia) - Vision Ital Sound Sistem, with the song "Parole" and recorded a song for Dj Reggae Papa Redcon "Dimmi comu fai".

OSS released the singles "C'รจ Qualcosa Che Non Va" and "Metto Tutto Apposto" by BlackRob and Noga; distributed in 2012 by Black Production. They have also guest starred on multiple TV programs to include "Twenty Digital", hosted by Ernesto Trapanese, and "Telecolorissimi", hosted by Ruggero Sardo. They also joined forces with Maestro Garofalo (Sud Sound System's keyboardist) on the hit single "Non Riesco" putting them into Radio Mediterranea's network "100 Passi of Palermo" in February 2012.
Their single "Parole" entered into the compilation produced by IRMA Record di Bologna Culturability promoted by Fondazione Unipolis. Since gaining popularity with communities, the group let their voices be heard in a campaign regarding road accidents promoted by Movida Shuttle against the victims of the roads.
In 2012, OSS released their Debut EP with their retro title "Original Sicilian Style", it includes 7 tracks produced at Studio Sinapsi in Catania.
In December 2013, they released the debut album "Island Vibration".
In May 2017 they band released the  album "Triskele", entirely recorded in Catania at Sinapsi Studio and mixed in Rome by Paolo Panella at Altipiani Studio


1) Demo:
.2013 - DEMO One

2) Albums:
.2013 - Island Vibration
.2017 - Triskele

3) EPs:
.2012 - Original Sicilian Style - EP
.2014 - Summer Edition 014 - EP

4) Singles:
.2011 - Il Mio Sole
.2011 - Parole
.2011 - Mitra E Pallottole [Feat. Hi Kee]
.2011 - Non Riesco
.2012 - Quello Che
.2012 - Voglio Averti Qui
.2012 - Vola
.2012 - Il Gesto
.2012 - E Poi Basta
.2013 - Le Mani [Feat. Ossido Master]
.2013 - Sicilia
.2013 - Non Scappare
.2013 - Musica
.2014 - Reggae Revolution
.2014 - Ci Vuole Faccia
.2014 - Big Up
.2014 - Questa Estate
.2015 - New Summer
.2015 - Roma Capitale
.2015 - Autru Jonnu
.2015 - Sulu Suli
.2015 - Quartiere (Stufa & Original Sicilian Style)
.2016 - Cose che non ho (Reggae Version)
.2016 - Akkiana
.2016 - Gente laboriusa
.2016 - Aria di Scirocco
.2107 - Chi tene 'o mare (Reggae Version)
.2017 - Never More

All their music are available on   iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon
Listen to it on  Soundcloud

Original Sicilian Style's Discography:

1) Demo:

.2013 - DEMO One
(Original Press):
"Demo One" 2013
1) Dream (Feat. MarkOne). 2) Il Gesto. 3) Le Mani (Feat. Ossido Master). 4) Mitra e Pallottole (Feat. Hi Kee). 5) Sicilia. 6) Voglio Averti Qui.
[Label: Demo (Digital Reelase: 2013)]

Buy Demo on  iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon


2) Albums:

.2013 - Island Vibration
(Original Press):
"Island Vibration" 2013 - (Original Version)
1) Sicilia. 2) Mitra e Pallottole [Feat. Hi Kee]. 3) Voglio Averti Qui. 4) Non Scappare. 5) Le Mani [Feat. Ossido Master]. 6) Dream [Feat. Mark-One]. 7) Il Gesto.
[Label: Original Sicilian Style (Digital Release: 2013)]

Buy Album on  iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon

.2017 - Triskele
(Original Press):
"Triskele" 2017 - (Original Version)
1) Akkiana. 2) Aria di scirocco. 3) Cose che non ho. 4) Never more. 5) Chi tene 'o mare. 6) Palazzo di cemento. 7) Indica sativa. 8) Blazing fire feat. Mikilootzu and Tupie. 9) You come and go. 10) Unriflessionepersonale. 11) Akkiana remix.
[Label: Altipiani (Cd: 2017)(Digital Release: 2017)]

Buy Cd.....Here
Buy Digital Album on  iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon


3) EPs:

.2012 - Original Sicilian Style - EP
(Original Press):
"Original Sicilian Style - EP" 2012 - (Original Version)
1) Non riesco. 2) Poi Ti Basta. 3) Parole. 4) Il Mio Sole. 5) Vola. 6) Il Confine. 7) Figli Delle Stelle.
[Label: Altogodimento Production (Cd: 2012)(Digital Release: 2013)]

Buy EP on  iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon

.2014 - Summer Edition 014 - EP
(Original Press):
"Summer Edition 014 - EP" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Musica. 2) Reggae Revolution. 3) Ci vuole faccia. 4) Big Up [Feat. Hi Kee].
[Label: Pellegrino Enrico (EP Digital Release: 2014)]

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Original Sicilian Style "Never More"

Original Sicilian Style "Chi tene 'o mare (Reggae Version)"


Original Sicilian Style "Aria di Scirocco"

Original Sicilian Style "Gente laboriusa"

Original Sicilian Style "Akkiana" 2016

Original Sicilian Style "Cose che non ho" 2016

Stufa Feat Original Sicilian Style "Quartiere" 2015

Original Sicilian Style "Sulu Suli" - 2015

Original Sicilian Style "Autru Jonnu" - 2015

Original Sicilian Style "Questa Estate" - (Official Video 2014)

Original Sicilian Style "Big Up" - (Official Video 2014)

Original Sicilian Style "Ci Vuole Faccia" - (Official Video 2014)

Original Sicilian Style "Musica" (Official Video 2014)

Original Sicilian Style Feat. Hi Kee "Mitra e Pallottole" - Music Video



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